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How to Measure Your Bra Size

Finding your bra size can be pretty much difficult especially because it takes a lot of time and effort. Anyone who has worn a wrong bra size knows full well that it is capable of making you feel uncomfortable and even goes further to ruin a perfect outfit. Hence, learning how to measure your bra size is very important. All it requires is to take your bust measurement with a tape measure and jot it down on your notepad for future reference should you be ready to go bra shopping again.

Measure Your Bra Size
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Learning how to measure your bra size doesn’t mean you should stop trying on a brassiere to know if it fits. Different lingerie brands have different bra sizes. A C-cup for brand A may be a D-cup for brand B, meaning that you don’t have to depend on the size you see on a particular bra. So if you try brand A which fits and go by the size you see on the label, you may be shocked to find out that same size wouldn’t fit when you try on another brand of bra. The best bet is to know your bra size by taking bust measurements using the measuring instructions in this article which will ensure a perfect fit in band and in cup.

Signs that You Are Not Wearing the Right Bra Size

To know if you are wearing the wrong bra size, watch out for these signs:

1. Slipping straps

2. A band that rides up

3. A bra that hikes up when you lift your hands

4. Underwire poking the sides of your breasts

5. Wrinkling in the cups

If you experience any of those signs, keep reading to know how to measure your bra size.

Measuring Your Bra Size

Step 1 —Measure your band size

Measure Your Bra Size
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To measure your band size, stand in front of the mirror while braless or wearing a non-padded bra and wrap the tape measure around your torso just below your bust where the band sits. Make sure the tape is firm against your body but not too tight or loose. If your measurement is an odd number, round it up to an even number. For instance, if you get 37 or 37.5 inches, round it up to 38.

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Step 2 —Measure your bust size

To measure your bust size, wrap the tape measure loosely around the fullest part of your breast. You can measure it at the nipple to get a more accurate figure. If you get an odd number, round it up to an even number and do not forget to take note of it.

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Step 3 —Measure your cup size

To measure your cup size, subtract your band measurement from your bust measurement. The difference equals your cup size. For example, 38 inches (bust) – 34 inches (band) = 4 inches. That’s a 34D.

To know more, check the bra size chart below:

Bust Minus BandUS
Cup Sizes

US Brands
Cup Sizes

EU Brands
Cup Sizes

UK Brands
less than 1″AAAAAA
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