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How to Glow like a Brown Skin Girl

A couple of weeks ago, Beyoncé and Wizkid wowed us with ‘Brown Skin Girl’ —the beautiful song they created to eulogize every African woman out there. As we would have it, the song’s title became a regular caption for almost every African girl’s photo and since we have brown skin girls all about us, wouldn’t it be nice to know how to glow like a brown skin girl?

Glowing should not be limited to the skin alone, you know. If your skin is just like pearls, then every other thing about you should glow too, including your attitude and charisma. Your face should glow, your clothes should too, your makeup should be lit and even the way you smell should glow. Whether you are a brown skin girl, a black skin girl or a yellow skin girl, there’s one thing in common and that is the beauty inherent in our African heritage. You should embrace and enhance it always. You definitely can with these few things you need to glow like a brown skin girl.

Flawless Skin


Price: N5,900

How about skin as perfect as the sun? A skin with zero blemishes and freckles? A skin you can boldly flaunt to any occasion because of its excess glow? Oriflame’s Optimal Hydramatte for all skin types is a good one. It protects against environmental aggressors, prevents and reduces oiliness and minimizes the appearance of pores. With this, your glow is inevitable.

Carrot Oil


Price: N1000

The benefits of carrot oil on the skin cannot be over-emphasized. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin, making it smooth and all bright. It increases the skin’s resistance to sunlight and also serves your scalp and helps your hair grow well. Click the handle above to give it a shot.

Strong Foundation


Price: N5000

Your makeup has to be on fleek for you to glow as a brown skin girl, you know. When choosing foundations it is good you know How To Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade and Great Foundation Brands To Step Up Your Makeup Game lest you should go buy something you’d regret. That withstanding, Tara is a good one, produced right here in Nigeria. The Tara powder above serves dual purposes. You can apply it with or without foundation. Applying the powder on foundation makes you look all dang and when you aren’t wearing a foundation, the powder still gives you a smooth, flawless look that’d make people wonder if you actually have a foundation on. You need this to glow as a brown skin girl!

Stick to the Lips


Price: N2,500

Imagine eating fruits and your lipstick doesn’t stain the fruit. Or maybe you blow a kiss and there’s no stain on your hands. As a brown skin girl, you need lipsticks that stick to the lips in your makeup kit and Zaron is one place you can find one. Shop the Matte Lipstick from Zaron today and have your lips glow with your favorite shade.



Price: N5000

Take a handbag from a woman and you leave her feeling empty. Beautiful quality handbags are wardrobe staples for you. They evoke style, class and add more glory to your outfit. You can shop the bag you see or any other beautiful one from Nina’s closet.

The Sole’s Home


Price: N12, 000


Price: N5000

What can you do without shoes (Sleep, maybe?) Shoes are the home of your sole. They are the crown that dresses your feet in majesty. Not just any shoes, but good shoes —beautiful, quality shoes. So strut like a queen that you are in the shoes that rock your feet.

Flawless Eyebrows

Brown Skin Girl


Price: N2500

How would you like to have your eyebrows carved so effortlessly yet flawlessly? The Flawless Brows affords you an easy way of shaping your brows. You don’t have to worry about razor cuts or wounds. Just turn it on and let it do the job while you hold it like a pen close to your brows. Every girl needs to have flawless brows, don’t you think?

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Smell Nice


Price: N4000

Enough with looking good. How would you look good and not smell nice? No one wants to be close to a beautiful girl who has a horrible smell. When you look good and balance it with an irresistible smell, you have the world at your fingertips. Shop the J’adore Dior from Liqe Collections and smell like the brown skin girl that you are.

Be Spotless


Price: N6, 490

Dark knuckles are a no-no and so are dark underarms and every other blemish or freckles on your skin. With the Milk and Honey Sugar scrub, you can say goodbye forever to these skin evils and glow like a brown skin girl that you are.

Hair Bonnet

Sharon C Ubani

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Price: N1000

Always waking up with a dry hair? Battling with tangles and knots on your curls? Then you need Sharon’s Satin Bonnets. You don’t have to go to bed with your hair bare. The bonnet helps you prevent hair breakage, reduces split ends and helps keep your hairstyle in position. You can wear it while working at home to avoid dust and other particles from getting into your hair. It’s a good one for your hair should you not want to go for hair nets.

Statement Earrings


Price: N700

Earrings are a plus to your outfit. They add glitter to your ears and help project your face. Shop a statement earring today and add more attention to your face.

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Sleek Weaves


The hair is the crown of every woman and as such, it should always be beautified. Beautiful tangle-free weaves aren’t just beautiful but are classy and sophisticated as well. You know your glow has to be from head-to-toe, so be sure to have your wigs and hair made with quality human hair. Just close up a bit and click on the handle you see right above this.



Price: N4000

Keep the sun away from your face with fashionable sunglasses like the one above. Is there any other better way to protect your face from the UV rays of the sun and slay at the same time? While wearing your shades, it’s important to know how to style them.

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These are just a few of the things you need to glow as a brown skin girl. Don’t forget to create your own style and make your own fashion statement. There is nothing as unique as being you.

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