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How To Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade

Foundation is one makeup essential that not only beautifies the face but also makes perfect all facial imperfections. When I say “imperfections”, you can guess I mean acne, blemishes, dark spots, scars and every other evil set out to mar the face. The essence of foundation isn’t to make your face brighter than every other part of your body or to make you look like you have ten layers of makeup on your face; it is to beautify your face while concealing its flaws. But the reverse happens when you either apply your foundation wrongly or use a wrong color match. To avoid that, you need to find your perfect foundation shade by testing it right.

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Foundation is actually one of the toughest makeup products to buy. There is a legion of shades in the market and this only could get you confused especially if you are not a pro or expert when it comes to makeup. To find the right foundation color match for your skin tone, you should first determine your skin tone and undertone but this article won’t tell you how to do that. I’ll just let you know the right parts of your body to test a foundation so you can get your accurate shade.

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Some people, when trying to find their perfect foundation shade, dab a bit of it on their arms or their hands. This isn’t always accurate and as such, many makeup professionals recommend you dab a bit of the foundation you are testing on your neck or jawline. This is because the skin at your jawline will be true enough to reveal your natural undertone and it will give you an idea of how the foundation will look against your neck.

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If you don’t want to look like you are wearing a mask, do not make the mistake of testing foundation on your cheek as most of the time, it is a completely different shade from the neck. The best place to test a foundation is the part of the body that doesn’t receive a high amount of sun exposure which is the jawline.

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So when next you want to get a foundation, choose a few shades that look closest to your skin tone then test them by dabbing swatches of foundation on your jawline. That is how you get the perfect foundation shade.

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