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5 Melanated Makeovers You Could Take A Cue From

It’s one thing to be dark-skinned, it’s another thing to have a facebeat that highlights your facial features and accentuates your melanin beauty. You don’t want to risk wearing a shade of powder/foundation that is totally different from your skin tone or a lipstick that makes you look lousy, do you? We just thought these melanated makeovers could tip you on the best makeup for a melanin skin.

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If you find pink or red lipstick too bold for your melanin skin color, take a cue from Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya, and try pale, earth-toned lips. This melanated makeover done by Dodos Uvieghara paired Beverly’s lip color with a matching hairdo, bold eyeliner and well-sculpted eyebrows.

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If you love to look moderate while giving your face a bold look, let Mercy Johnson-Okojie’s makeover inspire you. Her well-carved brows, mild eyeshadow and bold lipstick done by Omaa Beauty is worth taking a cue from.

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There is beauty in simplicity and Linda Osifo’s beautiful look by Annklair doesn’t belie this fact. A background check on this melanin goddess would reveal that most of the time, her melanated makeovers are usually simple and moderate with light-toned or nude lipsticks. You could let your black glow as you take a cue from her.

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melanated makeovers

Love pink lipsticks? Let Elsa Aririeri be your model for a melanated makeover with bold pink lips. Her facebeat by Kemy Brown surely leaves one allured by how lush the lips look on a well-beautified face.

make up for ebony skin

Need to look all bronze with two shades of eyeshadow, well-sculpted eyebrows and glossy lips? Take a cue from this beautiful melanin model, Ebimi Edolor as she rocks her natural hair while her face spells boldly the word, Serenity.

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