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What You Should Know about Wigs and Weaves

Hairs are very precious possessions of humans, especially ladies. Apart from being a natural covering for the women, hairs are aesthetic embellishments. Little wonder many women spend quite a fortune to buy and maintain their wigs and weaves.

Hairs are basically classified into two —natural and artificial. The artificial is an extra hair extension added to the natural to give the wearer another look. Wigs and weaves are examples of artificial hair.

Often times, women prefer the artificial hair which comes in wigs and weaves and attachments for their sleekness, texture, softness, and durability.

These hair extensions can change your look within seconds.

Some of them are natural hair gotten from donors in South America and they are highly resistant to the rays of the sun. They can even be ironed, dyed, washed and are equally versatile in styles.

Hair from: XrsBeauty Hair
Hair from: XrsBeauty Hair

Basically, these wigs and weaves are numerous but the most sought after in the market are the Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, Malaysian and Eurasian hair due to their durability and softness.

In fact, the virgin Brazilian human hair is the pride of every woman among other types of hair weaves. The virgin Brazilian human hair is naturally soft, has low maintenance, blends seamlessly and fits all body types and complexion making it the top choice for wigs and weaves.

These hair extensions are a luxury and cost a fortune depending on the length and texture. It comes in various forms —wavy, curly, straight, body wave, deep wave, loose wave etc.

The wavy textures are mostly about 10-30 inches long with loose curls rolling 3-4inches down to the tip. The straight textures are long pattern with light waves in it, while the curly ones have tiny or deep curls all through. Their wigs and weaves can withstand heat, blend well with natural hairs and are very durable if maintained properly with good moisturizer.

From Installed Weaves to Wigs

For the purpose of this piece, we shall be talking about the latest shift from the normal installation of weaves to wigs.

Wigs recently have become the easiest route out of the hair trouble. These days it is very easy to rock different types of hair extensions without having them sewn on your natural hair.

Wigs have made it easy for every woman who has little or no time to visit a hairdressing salon or patronize the hairstyling shop. These days, with the shift to wigs, all a woman needs is to place an order for any wig of her choice and have it delivered to her within minutes or hours.

Wigs can be made from different weaves depending on what the customer wants.  Wigs can be prepared in different types with a lace closure or normal closure.

For the 21st century woman who wants to slay and stand out in the crowd, I have carefully selected good lace wigs making waves in the market for your delight.

Keep reading to see them.

Types of Lace Wigs for Women

Below are the trendy 2019 lace wigs which you can conveniently rock with ease and class.

1. Brazilian Virgin Human Hair (Wavy)

Photo credit: DHgate.com

The Brazilian Virgin Human Hair (wavy) center-pattern closure is one hair that you can style in various ways. This hair extension with its softness and natural color can be worn by any black woman.

You can have it wrapped in a cornrow, all-back, pony tail or have it weaved to the side whether from the left to the right or vice versa.

This long wavy weave which is about 18-20 inches is a perfect hair extension for an office lady or women in the corporate world.

You can wear it for just any occasion with a mild or heavy make-over. The wavy long wig is a good hair extension for women with long and round face.

The good thing about the length of the hair is that it covers the shoulder region from sun’s ray, cold weather and hides the neck moderately.

So if you find yourself in a dilemma of what type of wig to buy, the wavy long Brazilian virgin hair is just the perfect choice.

2. Afro Kinky Curly

Photo credit: BestHairBuy

Afro Kinky Curly is another very beautiful type of wigs and weaves for every occasion and event.

You can never go wrong on an afro kinky curl. This hair extension normally comes in three pieces and is usually fuller when you wear it.

This hair is naturally a great beauty to every woman and for those with black or brown skin, the afro kinky is a perfect choice.

It can be styled differently as well, from center parting, side, or fringe. You can have them wigged beautifully to suit your face.

Furthermore, the Afro kinky is heavy and fuller if you exhaust the three pieces. It is recommended that when wearing a kinky hair extension, you have them weaved out with a good moisturizer or oil to keep it damp or dry.

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3. Brazilian Straight Wig

Photo credit: Maxglam

Straight weaves are very cool and sassy hair extensions to wear. The Brazilian straight weaves are most preferable because it is sleek, soft and has a natural hair texture.

The good thing about this hair is that the length does not really matter. Whether you wear the short, medium or long one, you can still slay pretty in it.

Also, if you’re slim with a long neck, straight wigs with lace frontal are a very good choice for you as they highlight your neck.

They are very easy to maintain and are also easy to style.

4. Brazilian Short Bob Frontal Wig

Photo credit: RosaQueenHair

Bob hair styles are very sensual and easy to wear with short straight coarse strands sitting on the neck or a little above the neck.

Bob hair styles are chic. They are prone to shedding but are very comfortable and durable. 

The volume of the hair remains the same because they hardly break and hardly tangle. You can easy comb or brush it due to its short length and they are very versatile for every lady.

The bob style can be a little longer than the one above. They can be straight bob with full fringe or side, long wavy with side fringe and dark roots or blonde or red wine depending on what you want. So whenever, you think of a very chic hair-do, think of the bob.

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Here are other bob styles you can slay comfortably in:

Long Straight Brazilian Dark Root Blonde Bob Wig

Wigs and weaves
Photo credit: Pinterest

Glueless Full Lace Bob Wig

Wigs and weaves
Photo credit: DHgate.com

5. Brazilian Full Fringe

Wigs and weaves
Photo credit: DHgate.com

The full fringe is another stylish hairstyle worn by American dancers, writers and corporate women.

This is one hair extension worn randomly. These types of hairdo are largely worn for special occasions and are very sexy.

They can be long or short depending on the choice of the wearer. They can also be bob, straight, or wavy.

The good thing about rocking a full fringe is that it hides some features of the face, while highlighting the nose and some part of the eyes. The fringe hair is just a good choice for you whenever you intend to slay in the corporate world. Wear them to parties, meetings, church, and just any event.

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6. Long Brazilian Deep Wave

Wigs and weaves
Photo credit: Tinashe Hair

This type of hair extensions is usually longer running from 18-30 inches and can be very expensive.

The longer the hair, the more expensive it gets. This type of hair is usually worn by celebrities and high-profiled women who can afford and maintain it.

Apart from being expensive, the long wavy hairs are a much priced hair extensions that are worn with pride and class. You can slay it anywhere with a high shoulder.

So, whenever you think of spending a fortune on any hair extension, go for the deep wavy long hair because they are naturally soft, tender, sleek, dense, durable and are very beautiful.

7. Curly Brazilian Frontal Wig

Wigs and weaves
Photo credit: Colodohair

Curly Brazilian hairs are more sensitive and delicate hair extensions that require proper treatment and maintenance because they can shed or tangle if left damp.

It is advisable to always leave out the tangles regularly by using the fingers to comb in between the curls to prevent tangles from gathering.

Although they are very beautiful hair extensions, they can also be quick to attract dust.

So, before you wear a curly hair, try to oil it with Olive oil, Serum or any hair booster to help keep the weaves free and shiny.

And if you ever find yourself thinking about what type of curly hair to wear, the long one is a very good choice for you.

Below are other types of trendy hairs you can wear with pride:

Ombre Brazilian Hair

Wigs and weaves
Photo credit: Beautyforever

Dark Root Brazilian Curly Human Hair

Unprocessed Brazilian Kinky Curly Wig

Wigs and weaves
Photo credit: ISEE HAIR
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