5 Protective Hairstyles For Natural Hair

One beautiful thing about natural hair is the ability to look transformed just by changing your hairstyle. The thick and dense natural hair of every African woman affords her tons of stunning hairstyles to choose from. Although maintaining our African natural hair may be a bit tiring, so long as you know the right hairstyles and the right treatments to use, you are good to go otherwise you may rue your decision to go natural.

 Whether on a long natural hair or a short one, whether you are a beginner in this natural hair thingy or you’ve been on it for long, you need the right hairstyles and treatment to protect your hair from hair maladies like breakage, dandruff, stunted growth, parchness, etc. It isn’t just about getting a really beautiful hairstyle; the health of your hair is very important and as such, choosing to do a protective hairstyle is paramount to the growth of your natural hair.

Ever wondered why you use a particular hair treatment but see no improvements on your hair? It’s probably because you aren’t doing the right hairstyles to reinforce the protection these treatments provide you. But not to worry for in this article, are five protective hairstyles for natural hair all by Eveh Ogban.

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twist out ponytail natural hair styles

Twist out ponytail

This hairstyle was achieved using Cantu argan oil leave-in conditioner and whipped Shea butter. Wet hair was twisted in small sections and left to dry overnight, unraveled and styled into a ponytail.

freestyle updo natural hair styles

Freestyle updo

For this, the hair was styled by tucking sections over and underneath each other using Bobby pins.

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twists natural hair styles


This is a popular protective style. Style can be worn anywhere from 1 – 6 weeks.

half-up half-down natural hair styles

Half-up half-down

This style was achieved by parting hair into 2 sections, securing the top with an elastic band, and fluffing the bottom.

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braids and beads natural hair styles

Braids & beads

Simple cornrows with extensions and beads attached.

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Hairstylist: @evehogban_

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