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How to Maintain Your Dreadlocks Without Stressing Yourself

Locs are beautiful protective hairstyles. If properly maintained, every other person who sees your hair would wish to lock theirs too. But when you don’t know how to maintain your dreadlocks, you end up looking unkempt.

If you’re currently on dreadlocks hairstyle and you want your hair to look admirable for as long as you wear it, keep reading this article.

lady wearing long cornrow dreads

We’ve included the best tips on how to maintain your dreadlocks. And they are quite easy to follow.

Read on.

How to Maintain Your Dreadlocks

1. Shampoo Your Dreadlocks

man with glasses wearing short dreads

It is important that you wash your locs regularly.  This will help to get rid of buildup on your scalp. You don’t have to wash it every day. Once a week is fine or you can as well do it every two to four days lest you should strip your hair of its natural oil.

2. Don’t Style While Wet

man wearing dreadlocks with double ponytails

Once you’ve washed your locs, Pat your scalp with a towel to ensure your hair is dry. You should only style your dreads or apply products on it when it is completely dry. This is necessary to prevent your hair from smelling or growing mildew.

In addition, don’t use waxy products on your locs. It can result in buildup and untwist your dreadlocks.

3. Moisturise Your Dreadlocks

lady rocking neat dreadlocks in ponytail

So long as you wash your hair weekly to get rid of buildup, go ahead and moisturise your dreads every day. This will help to prevent your dreads from looking dry and frizzy.

4. Retwist Your Locs When They Loosen

lady rocking dreadlocks

You should endeavour to visit your hairstylist to retwist your locs whenever they loosen. This will ensure your hairdo doesn’t look unkempt and uninviting.

man wearing plaited dreadlocks

However, this doesn’t have to be too frequent. Retwisting your dreadlocks every four to eight weeks is fine. And be sure not to twist your locs when they are dry. This way, you prevent breakage.

5. Wear a Satin Hair Bonnet

Besides retaining moisture in your hair, there are many benefits of wearing a satin hair bonnet. To make your dreads last longer and prevent products from staining your pillowcase, wear a satin bonnet or scarf to sleep.

6. Style Your Dreads

lady styling her dreads on top of her head

There are a number of styling options to choose for this hairstyle. If you don’t want to wear your dreadlocks naturally around your face, tuck a handful of locs behind your ears. Or better still, adorn them with hair accessories.

fine man wearing plaited dreadlocks hairstyle

You can as well wear your dreads into a bun or braid it.  This will help to keep your locs in order, especially in formal settings when you can’t flaunt your hairdo the way you’d like. It will also prevent your dreadlocks from breaking when they’ve been recently retwisted or tightened.

lady wearing black dreadlocks

If you don’t want to lock your natural hair and you love this hairdo, go ahead and install faux locs. But make sure the loc extensions you go for aren’t made of human hair. This is because human hair locs are prone to grow mildew.

guy wearing long weaved long dreads

In addition, you can as well ask your stylist to give you tips on how to maintain your dreadlocks. They’ll surely have a list of dos and don’ts for this protective hairdo.

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