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33 Latest Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

There was this lady who got tired of having to do her hair regularly yet she didn’t want to cut it. Neither did she want to let it be like that lest she should manipulate her hair at the slightest opportunity. She opted for dreadlocks hairstyles because she wanted to retain her hair length and have it grow longer.

She would have opted for other protective hairstyles but she had an afterthought. She’d still loosen them and go through the stress of installing another hairdo. So, she decided to wear one of the dreadlocks hairstyles for women and that was the solution to her problem.

What are Dreadlocks?

pretty lady with smile wearing long dreads

Dreadlocks are ropelike strands of hair formed by braiding, locking or matting the hair. They are otherwise known as locs or dreads. To achieve this hairstyle, your hairstylist first has to wash your hair without combing it. Then they go ahead to section and twist it while wet into coils, tight braids or ringlets hanging down on all sides.

lady wearing gold short dreads

There are other methods for achieving dreadlocks hairstyles. And a good hairstylist knows what to do to lock your hair.

In addition, dreadlocks aren’t for Rastafarians or music artistes alone. They are protective hairstyles that serve both men and women.

dreadlocks styled updo

Once you choose to rock this hairdo, you don’t have to bother about loosening it in two or three weeks. It’s permanent. You’ll only have to visit your hairstylist regularly to wash and maintain your dreads lest you should harbor dandruff and lice in it.

lady styled her dreads as a bun

Furthermore, even with your locs on, you can as well achieve another hairstyle. For instance, you may decide to dye your dreads, crotchet or install weaves and extensions to it.

Just get a good hairstylist to do this for you and you’d appreciate your decision to wear dreadlocks hairstyles in the first place.

However, there’s a drawback: The only way to get rid of your dreadlocks hairstyles is by cutting your hair. Other than that, this style is permanent.

History of Dreadlocks

Smiling Bob Marley with his long dreads

Naturally, if you leave your hair without combing or touching it at all, it turns to dreadlocks. Although this hairstyle is associated with Rastafarians, it is as well a fashionable coiffure.

Dreadlocks actually date back to 2500 BCE with the Dreadlocked Vedic deity Shiva and his followers. Furthermore, dreadlocks have a spiritual undertone. For instance, it is believed that Samson in the Bible had dreads. In the same vein, some spiritual organisations keep natural locs as a form of spiritual obligation.

Moreso, during the industrial era, dreadlocks hairstyles were mostly seen in India. However, in the aught of the 1900s, a socio-religious movement began among the black population of Jamaica.

The followers of this movement called themselves “Dreads,” to mean that they had a fear or dread for God. Their dreads were matted locks of hair which later on became known to everyone as “Dreadlocks”, the hairstyle of the Dreads.

And as popular culture grew, musicians such as Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Ras Kimono, etc., became an identity figure for long dreads.

Benefits of Dreadlocks Hairstyles

pretty lady rocking black dreadlocks hairstyle

Since dreadlocks is a protective hairstyle, it comes with all the benefits of protective hairstyles. That is, it retains moisture, requires low maintenance, spurs hair growth and protects the hair from heat, cold or the sun.

pretty lady wearing short black dreads

Furthermore, you don’t have to spend so much money to maintain this style. Simply shampooing your dreads once a week and going to the salon to relock is enough to maintain it. Even before you relock the dreads, they’d have stayed for two or three months.

lady wearing fat black dreadlocks

In addition, you don’t need many products to apply on your hair while rocking this style. Neither do you have to wear wigs or install other extensions unless you choose to. They are beautiful on their own.

Gorgeous Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

lady in short black dreadlocks

Dreadlocks hairstyles are quite versatile. If you want it short or long you can have it. If you also want it in your natural hair colour or you’d prefer to colour it, go ahead and do it.

lady wearing short colored dreads

And if you’d like it a bit wavy or curly, the ball is in your court. You can as well add cornrows to yours if you want. Just state your preference to your hairstylist so they can get it done for you.

1. Short Dreadlocks

pretty lady wearing short dreads

If your hair is short, this is the type of dreadlocks hairstyle you can achieve with your natural hair. And the good thing is that your hair will keep growing even as it’s locked.

smiling lady wearing short gold dreadlocks
beautiful lady wearing short dreads

2. Long Dreadlocks Hairstyles

smiling lady wearing long dreadlocks hairstyle

When you see this style who comes to mind? Bob Marley, maybe. But long locs aren’t for Rastafarians or reggae artistes alone. Go ahead and choose this style but make sure you take care of your dreads to have a healthy hair.

pretty lady wearing black dreads with gold endings
lady rocking braided dreadlocks

3. Coloured Dreads

lady wearing multi-colored dreadlocks

Dyeing your locs makes it look more beautiful too. You may choose to dye everything or just a part of your natural hair. Whichever way, just ensure the result is amazing.

lady wearing black dreadlocks hairstyle combined with brown
backshot of colored hair

4. Cornrows Locs

lady wearing cornrow dreadlocks hairstyle

This involves braiding a part of your hair into cornrows before matting it into locs. This type of dreadlocks hairstyles further bolsters its versatility.

lady wearing cornrow dreads

5. Curly/Wavy Dreads

pretty lady rocking black wavy dreadlocks hairstyle

Sometimes, a bit of curls is all you need to stand out. Go ahead and wear curly or wavy dread. They are playful yet gorgeous dreadlocks hairstyles for women.

lady wearing long wavy red dreads
lady rocking long wavy dreads

There’s practically no excuse not to try out this hairdo. Unless you fear you’ll have to cut your hair when you feel like getting rid of the locs. So, if you want to lock your hair, be certain you won’t feel like changing your style after two weeks. It’s a permanent thing, you know.

If you’re a barbershop operator, putting custom die cut stickers of dreadlocks on your walls or stickers of dreadlocks on your poster board is undoubtedly the easiest way to attract customers. You can also make some pigtail pattern stickers with your own barbershop logo for your clients as souvenirs.

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