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30 Chic Ankara Styles for Valentine

Imagine going to a Valentine’s party dressed in Ankara. Unusual, right? That’s because almost every lady will be clad in glittery red attire that isn’t made with any African fabric. But you don’t have to be “almost every lady”. You can rock any of the chic Ankara styles for Valentine and turn heads like never before at that gathering.

fair lady wearing ankara gown with white sleeves for Valentine

But hold on a second. Whoever said you can’t wear Ankara to a valentine’s occasion must have lied to you. This fabric is so versatile that it can be used to achieve any style for any occasion and Valentine’s day is no exception.

lady wearing ankara top and matching midi skirt for Valentine's Day outing

If you’ve got any event to grace this season, we’ve brought to you stylish Ankara styles for Valentine. Pick from the options in this post and show to your seamstress so you can look dazzling when you turn up this season.

Ankara Styles for Valentine

lady wearing ankara top and flare pants

It’s that season of the year when everyone has love and romance on their minds. From dinners to dates and all sorts of events, every sociable person is getting psyched up for Valentine.

If you also are getting prepared for that event, what will you be wearing?

Of course, there’s a wide array of outfits to choose from this season — red outfits we suppose.

And if you decide to wear red on Valentine’s day, why don’t you look unique by wearing the Ankara styles for Valentine?

Here they are:

1. Ankara Short Dress

lady wearing a short red ankara dress

If you like it skimpy and hot, a short dress made with this fabric will do the magic for you. This will enable you flaunt your beautiful legs and curves; especially if it’s a tight-fitting short dress.

2 ladies rocking beautiful ankara short gowns for Valentine's Day date

You can pair with heels for a standout look. And don’t forget your jewelry too.

lady rocking ankara short dress for Val

2. Ankara Long Dress

lady wearing ankara long gown for Valentine

If, on the other hand, you don’t want to show your legs, put on an Ankara maxi dress. Although, the length reaches your ankles, long dresses are statement pieces. They help you get that attention especially if the design is well detailed.

smiling lady wearing long ankara gown
lady rocking hot ankara dress for Val

3. Ankara Office Wear

lady wearing ankara gown to the office

If you love formal office wear outfits, that is, shirts with midi skirts or pants, you can as well rock it for Valentine. Just make sure the fabric has plenty of red elements in it so you can go ahead to look like the boss lady that you are.

smiling lady in a beautiful ankara office wear
smiling lady wearing sleeveless ankara midi dress for Valentine

4. Ankara Styles that Hide Big Belly

lady posing in ankara wrap dress

If you’ve got curves in the wrong places and you wouldn’t like to highlight them when you dress up, wear any of these styles. They include loose shirts, peplum, wrap dresses, etc.,and they are perfect for concealing belly fat.

lady wearing ankara peplum top with flare skirt
smiling lady wearing ankara losse top

5. Ankara Palazzo

lady rocking ankara palazzo with white top for Val

Red paired with white can as well be the dress code for Val. Grab a piece of red Ankara fabric and use it to make a pair of palazzo pants. Afterwards, pair it with a white shirt or make it a two-piece if the fabric is sufficient. Then don it and head to that event like the chic babe that you are.

lady wearing ankara palazzo with blue top
lady wearing bright ankara palazzo with black sleeveless top

You don’t have to pick and adhere to only one particular style among these. There’s enough room for flexibility with these Ankara styles for Valentine. So, go ahead and combine ideas to create that perfect look you already can envisage.

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