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How to Wear Red Outfits on Valentine’s Day

When you see the colour red, what comes to your mind? Danger? Stop traffic sign? Blushing? Blood? Love? Passion? It had better be love and passion because we just got into the month of love. And as expected, you’re to breathe and give love. But if you have occasions to turn up at this season of love, we’ve written a style guide on how to wear red outfits on Valentine’s day.

It’s the content of this article. Keep reading to see.

Why Wear Red on Valentine’s Day?

lady wearing red long gown for a Valentine's Day date

Red is the symbol of romance and since Val’s day is one of those days we show love to our immediate community, wearing this colour bolsters its essence.

Furthermore, psychologist say that this colour has the potential to boost one’s self-confidence. Before you even consider wearing it, you have to be self-confident because it is a loud colour. It also portrays you as sexually appealing, hot, vibrant and competent.

Rocking this colour on Valentine’s day shows you believe in this day and the positive notions that come with it.

Styling the Colour Red

lady in red and white active outfit

The colour red is a vibrant colour; one of love, passion and romance. It depicts glitz and glamour; the kind you find on magazine covers and red carpet shows.

It is a primary and also a warm colour. When you know how to wear red outfits, you’ll see how it gives you a slimming effect if you aren’t already slender. That’s basically what warm colours help us do.

In addition, this colour is a bold one for daring fashion lovers. If you have the confidence to pull it off, you as well pull some attention to yourself.

How to Wear Red Outfits on Valentine’s Day

slender lady wearing red short gown with heels

Since it’s the season of love, there are many events coming up to celebrate romance. Perhaps, you and your lover have a date. Have you thought about what you’d wear to portray the passion in your hearts?

If you haven’t, don’t stress yourself over it. Because we’ve worried for you and the result is what you’re reading.

As usual, get ready to save some images. The ones we have here are sizzling enough to inspire you on how to wear red outfits on Valentine’s day.

1. Wear an All-Red Ensemble

lady rocking an all-red ensemble

To do this, you either go monochromatic or analogous. To go monochromatic means to pick a single shade of red and stick to it. That is, your clothes, shoes and accessories have to be red. But since this may look boring if you aren’t careful, you may want to choose another colour that complements your red for your jewelry and other accessories. This way, you look more dazzling.

Beyoncé wearing an all-red with white polka dots outfit

In the same vein, going analogous simply involves wearing different shades of red. For instance, you could wear a dark red pants, a bright red shirt and perhaps, rouge for your shoes or blazers.

lady wearing red lingerie outfit

2. Pair with Other Colours

lady wearing dark-red, white and black outfit

Rather than go monochromatic with the colour red, you can as well pair with other colours. But since your look is for the season, ensure the colour you’re combining doesn’t outshine your red.

lady rocking red and white outfit

For instance, you can wear a red shirt with navy blue, blue, black or beige bottoms. You can even wear red bottoms with any mild coloured top.

lady rocking a red kimono on white top and jeans

Furthermore, you can as well blend with white. Red combined with white can serve as a good outfit for Valentine’s day. When doing this, your red should be the main colour while white only complement it.

3. Look Good in Other Aspects

Plus sized lady wearing a red gown

You shouldn’t focus on your clothes alone and forget about your overall grooming. In essence, your hair, body and makeup should be on fleek.

lady in a red outfit

It will be quite terrible if after looking good for your outing, someone comes close to you and realises you have body odour. To avoid such, pay attention to your body as you do to your clothes. Your body deserves perfect grooming.

lady wearing red and black outfit with a kimono

4. Don’t Forget Accessories

lady wearing red and black outfit with a black bag

Another tip on how to wear red is to use accessories. These add-ons are the small but mighty things that give more life to your outfit. Be it your handbag, jewelry, sunglasses, pocket fillers, etc., they deserve to be appreciated.

lady wearing an all-red outfit with white headwear

You may choose to make them all red or perhaps silver, black, white or gold. Whichever colour of accessories you choose, make sure it complements your main colour.

lady wearing red outfit with glasses

Now that you know how to wear red confidently, don’t just save the pictures that strike you. Put this knowledge to use by rocking this colour to any event you have this month; not necessarily on Valentine’s day alone.

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