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10 Must-have Accessories for Every Woman

It isn’t enough to know what to wear and how to wear it. Knowing the right accessories to wear is as important as knowing how to combine your clothes to birth a stylish look. Accessories elevate an outfit, adding more colour and life to it. There are many fashion accessories every woman should own but this article mentions only ten of them. If you hitherto never had any of the ten must-have accessories for every woman in your wardrobe, get ready to go to a store and shop them right in.

Now, let’s check out the top 10 must-have accessories for every woman:

1. Handbags

Show me a lady without a handbag and I’ll take you back to the 15th century. Handbags are accessories that express your personal style. These days, your handbag doesn’t necessarily have to match with your shoes. You can be dressed in an all-black ensemble, white shoes and strut with a purple handbag. Handbags carry all your essentials for the day. They usually come in different styles, forms and of course, designers. Whatever style you choose, it’s best you go for quality handbags so as to ensure they got your back come any season.

2. Waist belt

Belts are stylish wardrobe staples that were designed to help keep your jeans in place or make an oversized blazer fit perfectly. They are perfect for tucking your tummy and tightening your waist, giving you a great shape. Having a black or brown belt in your wardrobe makes you prepared for any outfit. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear any colour of belt of your choice. Go for varieties and watch how a simple belt gives your blazers, tunics, dresses, jeans, etc., a magical look.

3. Shoes

Shoes are must-have accessories for every woman. They are wardrobe staples that will never go into extinction. Every day, every woman wears shoes. There are different types of shoes for women in the market that can be used to enhance your wardrobe as well as your personal style. These shoes also meet their different functions. Wearing a pair of heels, places your confidence on another level. For those who do not feel comfortable walking in stilettos or other heels, wedges and platforms are there to save the day. Simply going on flats also retains your style while giving you comfort.

As activewear and athleisure have come to stay, it is important to have at least a pair of sport shoes in your wardrobe.  These include sneakers, trainers or canvas to keep you up and running while exercising or in the gym. Having these shoes in your wardrobe gets you prepared for fitness.

4. Sunglasses

Among the must-have accessories for every woman are sunglasses. They don’t just serve to protect your eyes from the UV rays of the sun alone; they add style to your look any day, any time. Knowing how to style sunglasses gives you an upper edge as there are different types of sunglasses available to help you boost your style.

5. Scarves

To make a boring outfit look alive, tie a scarf around your neck, your hair or even your handbag. A scarf can serve as that touch of colour to elevate your outfit. To achieve this, go for multicoloured or bright coloured scarves.

6. Jewelry

This includes statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The perfect pair of earrings give your face a good frame. Wearing a necklace makes the area around your neck beautiful. Some of these necklaces can be long enough to touch the top of your bustline. Bracelets throw some light to your wrist like a wristwatch would. Always remember that a piece of jewelry completes an outfit; even if it’s just a pair of statement earrings. No longer do you have to stick to either gold or silver jewelry — this fashion rule has long been broken — you can mix silver and gold jewelry together and look as elegant as ever. When accessorising with jewels, be careful not to make it too much. That is, if a pair of statement earrings is what you’re going for, then all other jewelry should be kept on a low tone.

7. Hat

When you are having a bad hair day and you need a remedy, remember there’s something called a hat. Hats don’t just protect your face from the UV rays of the sun; they pull around you an aura of confidence capable of making people stop to take a look. With the various colours and styles of hats available, no woman can look drab in it.

8. Hair Accessories

They come in handy when you want to add a beautiful touch to your hair. Hair accessories include barrettes to clasp your hair perfectly, beads to add beauty and drama to your braids,  scrunchies to hold your hair in place, etc.

9. Wristwatch

What says the time, please? A classic wristwatch, I guess. A wristwatch adds sophistication to your outfit especially if it’s a very beautiful and classic one. They come in different styles and looks. If you are always on the move, having a smartwatch keeps you going as all your notifications can be sent to your wrist without having to stop to check your phone. It is impossible not to feel great when wearing a good wristwatch.

10. Self-Confidence

What shall it profit a woman who has all the fashion accessories in the world but lacks self-confidence? Self-confidence is the most important of all the must-have accessories for every woman. It is that missing potion needed to give your outfit a great taste. There is nothing as sexy as a woman who steps into a room with self-confidence second to none. Polish your self-confidence with a smile on your face and watch everything fall into place.

Is there an item among the must-have accessories for every woman I forgot to include here? Let us know in the comment section.

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