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10 Yarn Braids Hairstyles You Should Try Out

Thinking of the perfect hairstyle to give you a different look? Have you tried yarn braids? They aren’t just beautiful but are also cool, chic, bold, versatile and do not cost much to maintain. Here’s a curated list of ten yarn braids hairstyles you should try out. You’ll definitely love them.

Yarn Braids Hairstyles

Yarn braids are hair extensions made from threads which you can add to your hair. They come with lots of benefits for your hair, two of which are to help retain moisture and protect it from damage. Yarn braids usually are of different colors and styles. This alone gives you ample room to try out different hairstyles just with yarn braids.

One beautiful thing about yarn braids is its versatility — you can accessorize your hair with fancy beads and what have you and style your yarn braids whichever way you want, be it long or short, twists or box braids, colored or black, etc.

Yarn braids suit anybody and just any type of wear. You can achieve a casual or formal look with yarn braids. Regardless of your hair length, yarn braids can still bring out the stylish beauty in you.

Below are ten yarn braids hairstyles you should try out on your hair if you haven’t already. If you never considered having some yarn braids on your hair, get ready to change your mind as these particular ten yarn braids hairstyles are super enticing.

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Natural Colored Yarn Braids

To achieve a minimalist yet stylish hairstyle, you can use a color that looks very much like your hair color. Using natural colored yarn braids helps give your hair a natural look.

Yarn Twists

Yarn twists are just another way to flex your yarn braids. Apart from the snaky look it gives the hair, it is pretty much easier to loosen. You can use any color you choose, any length you desire so long as it suits your taste.

Ombre Yarn Braids

You can try playing with your yarn braids by using the ombre effect. With different shades of a colour, preferably the mix of light and dark hues, your yarn braids would be super-duper lovely.

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Pastel Yarn Braids

Pink, peach, yellow, green, blue and lavender are pretty colors you should try out especially if you seek to make a statement with a bold hairstyle. Try some colorful yarn braids today but remember to go for subdued tones if your work environment does not permit vibrant colors.

Yarn Box Braids

Box braids are very common. You can have your yarn braids extension made into box braids. You can as well add some fancy beads, scarves and other colorful highlights to make it more alluring.

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Bob Yarn Braids

Bob yarn braids are versatile and are suitable for all hair types. To make it look sleek, add some serum to your braids.

Yarn Braids in a Bun

You can have your yarn braids all packed into a bun. All you have to do is to tie your braids into a ponytail and twist the hair in a clockwise direction to form the shape you desire.

Short Yarn Braids

If your hair is short, you can try out short yarn braids and look as beautiful as ever.

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Long Yarn Braids

Long yarn braids suit just any hair length. Long yarn braids give you a very striking look —the kind of look that turns heads. Imagine using a beautiful color to top up the game…Unimaginably beautiful!

Yarn Locs

You can go for yarn locs/dreads if you don’t want to braid or twist. Yarn faux locs are fun, low-maintenance and cheap.

Ready to try some yarn braids now? Show these ten yarn braids hairstyles to your hairstylist so s/he can give your hair a facelift.

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