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What to Wear When the Weather is Hot

Recently, almost everyone has been complaining about feeling so hot. Sometimes I wish we could all go back to the garden of Eden for one second and walk comfortably without clothes. But that’s just some silly imagination that doesn’t solve the problem. The important thing is to know what to wear when the weather is hot.

I know how rueful I felt when I made the mistake of wearing thick clothing when the weather was blazing hot!

All of a sudden, my clothes became damp because I was sweating without control as though someone had opened a tap inside my body.


When the weather is hot, we tend to dehydrate and rehydrate more often than normal.

During this period, the heat outside could make you instinctively contemplate going out without clothes. That’s not possible, you know, except you want to end up in an asylum. The best to do during hot weather is to know what to wear when the weather is hot and how to combine them.

Furthermore, dressing for hot weather can be somewhat challenging. This is because you want to remain as fashionable as can be but do not want to sweat profusely when the sun gets too scorching.

Instead of seeing the heat as an avenue to opt for sleeveless clothing all the time, why not harness it to add new fabrics, colour and style to your wardrobe.

And to help you scale through the difficulty of dressing for hot weather, I’ve curated a list of what to wear when the weather is hot with some tips on how to style them.

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What to Wear When the Weather is Hot

1. Apply Sunscreen

This is a very important one. Before leaving your house, always apply your sunscreen. The sun gets so scorching during hot weather conditions and you need to protect your skin from this.

Apply sunscreen to any of part of your body that will be exposed to the sun otherwise you stand the chance of experiencing skin-related problems.

2. Wear Lightweight Clothing

If you don’t know what to wear when the weather is hot, wear lightweight fabrics. They are the best fabrics to be worn during hot weather. This is because heavy fabrics stick to your body and accumulate sweat. Lightweight fabrics such as cotton, jersey or linen are great to help you remain cool when the weather is hot.

Go for dresses, skirts, shorts, T-shirts or shirts made of cotton or linen. Jersey fabrics also come in handy here. They help you feel cool even when the weather is blazing hot.

3. Wear Breathable Fabrics

When the weather is hot, it is important to allow air circulation so as to maintain a cool body temperature.

This therefore calls for breathable fabrics as they are among what to wear when the weather is hot.

Although polyester, rayon, silk, wool and nylons are good fabrics, they aren’t breathable fabrics. They trigger sweat during hot weather and tend to trap moisture. This could lead to your having body odour if care isn’t taken.

Cotton absorbs excess sweat and allows you breathe comfortably. Same as linen and other natural fibres. You should wear more of them during hot weather.

4. Avoid Tight Clothing

When considering what to wear when the weather is hot, do not make the mistake of wearing tight clothes. Instead opt for loose clothing as they do not constrain your body. They also create space between your skin and your clothes. You can wear crop tops that do not hug your torso, flare skirts or A-line dresses. They are loose-fitting enough.

5. Wear light coloured clothes

Dark coloured clothes are known to make you feel more heat during hot weather conditions. Try white, beige, pastels, grey, etc., colours when you are choosing clothing for a hot day. They absorb less sun than dark colours.

6. Go for Protective Clothing

It’s common to wear sleeveless tops,  short-sleeved shirts and shorts to allow air touch your skin when the weather is hot. However, these clothes offer less protection from the UV rays of the sun compared to long-sleeved outfits.

To prevent some parts of your body from looking darker than the rest, wear protective clothing. These include long trousers and long-sleeved shirts. Just make sure the fabrics are lightweight and breathable. Polo, T-shirts and short sleeves are good enough to prevent you from sweating during hot weather but they do not cover your arms and hands. If you spend about an hour walking outside, you expose your head, cleavage, neck, shoulders, and back to the sun.

However, if you choose to feel cool regardless, wear short skirts, shorts and short-sleeved clothing.

7. Sunglasses and Hats

Putting on a hat wouldn’t be a bad idea just so you can protect your face from the harsh rays of the sun. Hats also keep your body cool. Sunglasses shield your eyes from the sun. If you want to wear sunglasses, wear those with bright coloured frames.

8. Wear Breathable Shoes

When there’s so much heat, the sweat glands in your feet produce moisture capable of ruining your shoes. This, in turn, makes you have smelly feet as well as stinky shoes.  

To prevent this, wear shoes that will give your feet much room to breathe. Wear sandals if you have an informal outing. Wear mules to formal gatherings. If you are headed for the beach, wear flip-flops. Do not wear shoes made with leather or rubber. Instead, go for canvas or other breathable shoe materials.

9. Wear Perfumes and Deodorant

It’s important to look good. It is also important to smell good. Since we tend to sweat a lot when the weather is hot, always wear perfume and make use of deodorants as they help you smell nice even when you sweat. You wouldn’t want to be the reason someone gets disgusted, would you?

Now you know what to wear when the weather is hot. This list should help you boost your style as well as your skin conditions. Be sure to try them out as we experience the hot weather.

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