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Latest Hair Colour Trends that’ll Transform Your Look Instantly

Despite the fact that dyeing your hair poses disadvantages, it remains an indubitable way to look different yet attractive. Once your hair turns brown or gray and you don’t like it, your best bet is to dye it black. If you want to look daring, colouring your hair helps you do that easily. And if you want a shift from your natural hair colour, you’ll most definitely like the latest hair colour trends we’re about to show you.

man wearing white dyed hair

Days ago, we wrote on the reasons why you shouldn’t dye your hair. However, we knew there would be die-hard lovers of hair colouring who would never stop dyeing their hair no matter what anyone preached.

lady's hair dyed orange

And if you’re one of them, this post is for you.

So, why don’t you just save this page? It’ll come in handy when you’re with your hairstylist about to try on any of the latest hair colour trends for black men and women.

lady with the top of her hair dyed pure white

Latest Hair Colour Trends for Black Men and Women

man with grey dye at hair tips

The good thing about these latest hair colour trends is that they work for both your natural hair and your hair extensions. That is, if you don’t want to put your natural hair at risk with a hair dye, you can dye your human hair weaves/wigs and still look more beautiful.

lady wearing red dyed hair extension

Whichever one you choose, here are the latest hair dye trends to follow this year and beyond:

1. Colouring Mid-length to the tip

guy with gold dye at hair tips

Depending on the length of your hair, you may choose to leave your roots untouched and colour from mid-length to the tip of your hair. Since most of the time, African hair is usually black, this will help you achieve two colours at once. If your natural hair isn’t as black as you want, you can tint it black so it blends well with the colour you’re using for the tip.

lady wearing red dye at hair tips

You can go for any colour of your choice so long as it suits your personal style and your skin tone. You want bright colours or dark ones? It’s your hair and your money. Go for it.

Guy with brown dye at hair tips

Furthermore, you can as well opt for the opposite of this trend. For example, you colour the root of your hair up to the mid-length. And then, you leave the rest of your hair to be in your natural hair colour.

lady with orange dye at hair tips

2. Combine Different Hues

lady combining blue hues dye

You can also combine different hues to achieve two colours at once which could be ombre or any effect. For instance, you may colour your roots with a dark shade of a particular colour and dye the rest with a lighter shade of that colour. In addition, you may also dye the base of your hair with a dark shade while the remaining part of your hair silver, gold, blue, etc. This works better on wigs for women.

Beyoncé combining gold hues for her hair
lady combing hues for green and white
lady combining brown hue dye

3. Dyeing Everything with a Single Colour

man wearing pink dyed hair

If you’re on low cut or you just want to change the entire look of your hair, dye everything completely one colour. There’s a wide array of colours to choose from. You can go for common ones like gold, black, wine, red, etc., or other colours such as purple, green, orange, blue, etc. You’re at liberty to go for what you like so long as you can handle the attention it brings.

lady's short hair dyed bright red
smiling guy wearing gold dyed hair
smiling lady wearing silver dyed hair

4. Combining Two or More Colours at Once

lady wearing multiple color hair

You can as well use two or more colours to dye the strands of your hair at once. For instance, you can blend in gold and black to give you a mixture or go for different bright colours at once.

lady wearing orange and brown mixed hair dye
guy with gold mixed with black hair dye
lady mixing blue and purple dye in her hair

Rocking any of these latest hair colour trends is a beautiful choice. However, to maintain it healthily, you’ll have to spend money and time with your hairstylist. Unless you are a pro, do not try to achieve any of these styles yourself lest it should end up in a disaster.

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