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12 Top Fashion Hacks That Will Help You Save Money and Energy

Besides clothing, man has two other basic necessities — food and shelter. And if he spends all he has to meet his clothing needs, how then will he balance up other necessities? This is why you need these top fashion hacks. They’ll help you save the money you’d have used to replace a pair of shoes, clothes or bags.

They’ll further save you time and energy and allow you expend them on other important things.

Want to know what these top fashion hacks are?

Read on to see them.

10 Top Fashion Hacks Everyone Should Learn

When you’re stranded with your clothes and shoes and you don’t know what to do, use these top fashion hacks to save your face ASAP:

1. Shave Your Clothes When They Shed Threads or Wool

shaving fabrics

Don’t dump that piece of clothing just because you can see balls of thread or wool around it. Pick up your shaving stick and do justice to it by shaving the wool or thread off the fabric. You can also use a razor to shave them off. Simply run it lightly through the fabric.

2. When Your Zipper Seems Stiff…

making a bag zipper run smooth with candle wax

When your zipper seems stiff and neither goes up nor down, here’s what to do: run a candle or crayon wax, Vaseline or the end of a graphite pencil along the teeth of your zipper. This way, it loosens up and slides up and down smoothly.

3. Lemon for the Brown Circles on Your White Shirt

how to remove armpit sweat stains

You know those yellowish, brown patches around the armpits of your white shirt? Yes, those ones that remain when you sweat. Sometimes, those stains hardly go no matter how hard you try. They remain on your white shirt and make you feel reluctant to shout hallelujah in church so others don’t notice what’s down your sleeve.

Anyways, there’s a solution to get rid of those yellowish, brown patches anytime you see them.

And here’s it: Before you wash that particular shirt, apply lemon juice around the stained area. Then use bleach to wash it and dry it in the sun.

This way, you’ve used three bleaching elements to kill the stain — lemon, bleach and the sun.

4. When Your Feet Grows Fatter Than Your Shoes

stretching shoe with ice in the fridge

Perhaps, you’ve suddenly put on weight around your feet and it feels like your shoes can no longer accommodate you.

Don’t place that order for new shoes yet. Don’t even give out that old pair that’s suddenly too tight for you. Hold on a second. Try this tip first.

Add water into two ziploc bags, seal them and put them into your shoes. Then put your shoes with the water in the bag into the freezer. When the water freezes overnight, it will also expand your shoes without causing any damage.

Furthermore, this tip also comes in handy for smelly shoes.

5. Blowdry Your Shoes if They are too Tight

lady's shoes are too tight

If your shoes are too tight, don’t give it out without trying these top fashion hacks.

Wear a pair of thick socks and wear the shoes. Then use a blowdryer at medium heat for 20 to 30 seconds around the tight areas. Make sure you keep rotating the blow dryer so you don’t dry out or burn the leather.

If you don’t want to do the above, wear the shoes for a while around the house. They’ll loosen up in due time before you wear them out.

6. Use Baby Powder to Get Rid of Oil Stains

removing oil stains with baby powder

Once you notice an oil stain on your trousers, don’t fret or worry about getting rid of it. Simply sprinkle baby powder on the stained area before washing it off.

7. Don’t Feel Like Ironing? Use a Hair Straightener

straightening clothes with hair straightener

For days when you notice a little wrinkle on your shirt and you feel lazy to plug the iron, set the board and start ironing, use a hair straightener instead.

It helps to get rid of little wrinkles. Just make sure you clean off any buildup of products on the plates. Also, you should be careful of temperature settings. That is, use high heat for thick fabrics and low heat for lightweight ones.

8. No Shoe Polish? Go For Banana Peels

polishing shoes with banana peel

You’re set to go out and then you notice you’ve run out of shoe polish. Don’t fret. Just get banana peels and use the inner lining to polish your shoes if you’re in a haste.

Once you’ve used the peel on both shoes, use a soft cloth to give finishing touches to your shoes. And presto! Your shoes are polished already.

9. Fold Inside Out to Avoid Creases When Packing

Asian lady folding clothes

When packing for a trip, if you don’t want your clothes to look like you’ve not worn them for ages when you unpack, fold them inside out.

10. Clear Nail Polish for Loose Sunglasses

When you wear your sunglasses and it feels like they no longer fit your face, that means they are now loose. Don’t put them in the trash can yet. Apply a clear nail polish around the hinges to tighten it.

11. Dry Sponge for Deodorant Stains

getting rid of deodorant stains in a t-shirt

You want to keep body odour far away and to do this, you’ve worn enough deodorant to keep you covered. But then you notice those telltale deodorant stains on your shirt. Oops! You don’t have to go about showing people that you used a deodorant, you know. The fragrance already is enough.

What then what do you do?

It’s not difficult. Simply use a dry sponge to scrub the area where the stain is. Make sure the sponge is clean though.

12. Use Clear Nail Polish to Keep Your Buttons in Place

strengthening shirt button with nail polish

When you notice a button on your shirt is surviving on a thin thread, if you don’t want to stitch it, apply clear nail polish on the threads. If there’s no nail polish, white glue will also help to prevent the threads from getting frayed.

With these top fashion hacks, you’ll be able to pull through when there’s a wardrobe emergency. Plus, you won’t have to ditch your good clothes and accessories every now and then as a result of a little hiccup. These tips will always save your face when the need arises.


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