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5 Proven Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Dye Your Hair

When I first went on low cut, I had many people suggest to me to colour my hair. The thought of it feels good. You know, colouring your hair is another stylish way to make a fashion statement while on low cut. I fancied the idea for a while but had to drop it when I consulted my hairstylist and she dissuaded me from it. If you’re contemplating colouring or tinting your hair, hold on a second and check out these reasons why you shouldn’t dye your hair.

Why do People Colour Their Hair in the First Place?

Don’t get this post wrong. Dyeing your hair isn’t bad at all. In fact, it offers benefits and that’s why many people opt for it. But despite these benefits, the fact that it poses challenges to the overall health of your hair can’t be denied.

Regardless, these are some of the reasons those who colour their hair do so:

To Cheat Nature

Our aging parents do this. Once the gray hair starts coming out, they opt for hair dye to hide it. This way, they don’t have to go about with gray hair all the time and look really old.

To Alter Your Appearance

Colouring your hair makes you look different instantly. It gives you that daring look if it’s a bold colour. It also gives people the impression that you’re audacious and not afraid to go beyond limits.

To Look More Attractive

Sometimes,your natural hair colour may look drab and dull. Adding a little tint to it, gives you that spark and makes you more attractive.

As a Form of Costume

If you’re an entertainer or into showbiz, you may want to colour your hair for specific reasons. For instance, an actor could colour his hair to play a certain role and an artiste could do so for a particular music video too.

Do these benefits of dyeing your hair fascinate you? Cool. But before to you embrace the idea, keep reading to see the reasons why you shouldn’t dye your hair.

5 Proven Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Dye Your Hair

When you dye your hair, the chemicals penetrate into your hair cuticles to change its colour. This process also alters your hair structure and gives it a different texture too. Below are the reasons why you shouldn’t dye your hair:

1. It Leads to Hair Loss

The harsh chemicals present in permanent hair dye can make your hair dry and brittle thus leading to hair breakage. This specifically occurs to ladies since most men don’t grow their hair too long.

Although this is a temporary situation, it may worsen over time if you keep colouring your hair.

2. It is Linked to Cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, over 5000 chemicals are used to produce hair colourants. And although not all of them have been proven to cause cancer, a good number of them tends to do so; especially the ones in permanent hair dyes.

To be on the safer side, wouldn’t it be nice to avoid these harsh chemicals by not colouring your hair at all?

3. You Could Get an Allergic Reaction

Hair dyes contain chemicals that could damage your scalp. You never can tell, you just may be allergic to any of these chemicals. And when you add it to your hair, the result would be a reaction that’ll keep you regretting.

4. Proper Maintenance Consumes Time and Money

If you want to really colour your hair and maintain it in such a way that your hair remains healthy, you’ll have to spend time and money going to the salon. Doing it yourself poses more risk that’s why a professional hairstylist would help. And you know their help doesn’t come for free. You’ll have to get more colours each time you visit, treat your hair and pay for their services.

Why bother in the first place if this will be a bother to you?

5. There’s Nothing Wrong with Your Natural Hair Colour

Be proud of your natural hair colour. There’s nothing wrong with it. And for emphasis, I’ll reiterate. Unless you just feel like looking different or you’ve decided to make a certain hair colour your signature style, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your natural hair colour.  Hence, you should rock your natural hair colour with pride. Is it gray, brown or black? Own it. It’s yours.

If these reasons why you shouldn’t dye your hair don’t deter you and you still want to try it out, keep following our content. We’ll show you the latest hair colouring trends soon enough.


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