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How To Achieve Afro For Your Natural Hair

The Afro is the most classic of natural hairstyles and comes out extremely gorgeous on type 4 kinks. Over time, it has been tweaked and styled to suit a plethora of personalities, both male and female. It also is a protective hairstyle and can be easily done. Wondering how to achieve Afro for your natural hair? This article is here to help you out.

Afro for your natural hair

The Afro hairstyle was really common in the 70s. It made a serious comeback in 2010 when the natural hair movement started gaining ground as many black women flaunted bold Afro everywhere.
Initially, it was a surprise as it received some resistance up until around 2012. Now things have changed. As the natural hair fad seems like it has come to stay, it isn’t something absurd to see ladies flaunting their natural Afro these days. Even big companies incorporate natural Afro into their ads for women.

Afro for your natural hair

Would you like Afro to be your next hairstyle? Keep reading to know how to achieve an Afro for your natural hair.

For this hairstyle, you need:

Hair moisturizer (homemade whipped Shea butter can be used)

Pick combs & rat-tail combs

Satin bonnet to shape your Afro (this isn’t mandatory).

Afro for your natural hair

How to achieve an Afro for your natural hair

  • Unravel your previous protective style – braid out, twist out, et cetera.
  • Apply your moisturizer generously all over your hair and scalp.
    -Separate your curls.
  • Start fluffing your hair from the roots to the tips
  • Use the rat tail comb to brush your edges, pick out the hair around your edges and the nape of neck.
  • Repeat until you get the desired results.
Afro for your natural hair

You can as well watch this demo where Eveh Ogban shows you how to achieve an Afro for your natural hair.

Photo credit: Eveh Ogban, Naturally Curly, Sally Beauty and Amazon


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