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How to Revamp Your Old Weaves

Weaves are very serious investment, especially the expensive ones. And if you know how to revamp your old weaves, they’ll last long.

No matter the type of weave you buy or the amount you spend to get them, there is a limited time to which they can last.

They may look so sleek today but a time will come when they begin to get tangled and dull. When this happens you may be tempted to trash the old weave. But if you spent a lot to get the weave, you’d think twice about doing that.

The best thing to do when your weaves and wigs start looking old is to revamp them. You can do this without taking your weaves to the salon if you follow this guide on how to revamp your old weaves.

Weaves are to be used and reused if maintained properly. In order to maintain them, you need to know how to treat and revamp your weaves.

Revamping your old weaves brings them back to life and gives them a fresh look.

If you do not know how to revamp your old weaves, worry no more as this article is specifically written to show you how to revamp your weaves.

Why Weaves Get Tangled, Old and Dry

There are many reasons weaves lose their sheen and begin to look old, full and tangled. The most common reasons are:

Low Quality of Weave

If your weave is of poor quality, it will look dry, frizzy and unattractive within a short while.

Exposure to Hard Water

Hard water damages human hair quickly. If your human hair is exposed to hard water often, it will lose its colour and look so dry.

Exposure to the Sun

This is inevitable as we go out every day of our lives. The sun damages your weaves making them so dry.

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Materials Needed to Revamp Your Old Weaves

Before proceeding to revamp your old weaves, you need to get some materials ready and they are:

  • Lukewarm water
  • Plastic bag
  • Deep conditioner
  • Moisturizing shampoo
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Wide-toothed comb/ Hairbrush
  • Small bucket/ bowl

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How to Revamp Your Old Weaves

1. Detangle the Weave

You can use your hand to detangle the hair and remove knots that could be in the weave. Then make use of the wide-toothed comb or hairbrush to further detangle the hair. When you’re combing the hair, be sure to start with the tip of the hair and proceed to the top so as not to pull out strands of the hair off the weft. Comb the hair up until it is tangle-free. Do not add water while detangling the hair but if the weave is in a really critical condition, you can add a little conditioner to make it easy to detangle.

2. Get Your Lukewarm Water Ready

Since you cannot determine the nature of the weave — whether it is heat-resistant or not — use lukewarm water to be on the safe side. Lukewarm water suits any kind of weave; be it synthetic or human hair.

3. Soak for 30-35 Minutes

Add shampoo to the water and soak the hair for about 30-35 minutes to allow the dirt settle. Then wash out and rinse. When washing, do not be hard on the hair as it will only tangle the weave some more.

4. Immerse the Hair in Deep Conditioner

Soak the hair in a very large quantity of deep conditioner. Make sure you condition the hair for a very long time.

5. Brush and Apply Conditioner Again

After conditioning the weave for a long time, brush it out to make it tangle-free and apply the conditioner again.

6. Put in a Plastic Bag

Afterwards, put the hair in a plastic bag without rinsing the conditioner out. The heat from the plastic bag moisturizes the hair faster. You can leave the hair in the plastic bag for about 20 to 30 minutes. For better result, leave the weave to stay overnight in the plastic bag. You can as well let it sit for 24 hours.

7. Rinse and Apply Leave-in Conditioner

Rinse the weave with lukewarm water then apply your leave-in conditioner. Be sure to make use of a good leave-in conditioner as there are some leave-in conditioners that make the hair look good and after a while, the hair returns to its dry and frizzy state again. So make use of a leave-in conditioner that can settle for a long period of time before the hair turns dry again.

8. Air-dry the Hair

Allow the hair dry naturally. Do not apply heat because heat is most likely to ruin your weaves. Air-dry the weave or wig as the case implies. If you need the hair urgently, you may have to blow-dry it. When blow-drying the hair, use a very low heat, possibly the lowest heat. Do not blow-dry the weave as though you are blow-drying your natural hair.

9. Brush Out

Brush the weave once it is dry. You can make it into any wig of your choice. If it is already a wig, if there are excesses, trim them out. If it is a long hair and you no longer want it long, you can give it a blunt cut or a straight look using a flat iron or turn it into a bob wig using a curling iron. You can as well make the hair curly by making use of rollers.

Note: The fact that you treat your weaves well doesn’t mean they’ll look good and sleek forever.

It all depends on the quality of hair you buy.

So, if you want something that will serve you for a long time, invest in quality hair like the wigs from XrsBeauty Hair.

And don’t forget to use the tips outlined in this post to revamp your weaves at least once a month to make it look good always.

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