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6 Tips on How to Wear More Colours

Do you ever want to wear a particular outfit but drop it because you feel like you won’t be able to combine the colours correctly? I understand that feeling and that’s why I had to write this style guide on how to wear more colours.

Fashion can be really fun if you open your heart to explore. But how do you explore when you restrict yourself because you don’t know how to wear more colours?

lady in a blue jumpsuit

 If you seldom wear different colours, you must be suffering from what I call fashion colourphobia. But not to worry. There’s a remedy for you. 

After reading this post you’ll get rid of that phobia because you’ll be wearing more colours henceforth than ever before.

Let’s dive in.

Why You Should Wear More Colours

man wearing orange outfit with black shoes

1. Colour is Life

If our creator had deemed fit, He would have made the trees, sea, flowers, sun, stars and all other creatures colourless. But I guess He thought that life would be boring that way. And so He made everything in different colours, including man.

Now the world is filled with spice because while we have different complexions of Africans, we also have the white race. Moreso, there are different colours of eyes, hair, animals and what have you. 

Colour adds life to things. That’s why fashion designers don’t stop at flat sketches. They go further to colour their clothing or accessories ideas because they know that only when there is colour will people be able to appreciate their art better.

2. It Enlivens Your Mood

When next you feel like life is boring, look at something or someone of beautiful colour. You’ll feel your spirit come alive immediately. This is because colour doesn’t only make things come alive. It also makes you come alive too.

Perhaps, this is why Jacob gave Joseph a coat of many colours — to keep him happy and bright when dark moments come.

3. Colour Pops You Out

When you know how to wear more colours and you combine them well, you won’t blend in. You’ll stand out from the crowd because:

  • Not everyone has the boldness or knowledge needed to rock colours. So when you do so correctly, you win the stares and admiration.
  • Colours are also a form of statement pieces.

How to Wear More Colours

lady in colorful outfit

Before you start rocking more colours, you need to understand how to choose the best colours for your skin tone. It’ll ensure you don’t look awful in your colour choice. Nevertheless, once you’ve figured out the colours for your skin tone, use these tips on how to wear more colours:

1. Wear Multicoloured Clothes

Ebuka wearing colorful outfit with white shoes

When you wear multicoloured clothes, you wear three or more colours at once. And that’s not all. Multicoloured clothes give you a colour palette to work with. This way, when you want to accessorise, you have a base of colours to choose from. Or better still, accessorise with neutral colours.

lady wearing green top with multicolored palazzo

2. Go for Other Neutrals Rather Than Black

guy wearing red outfit with white shoes

Black isn’t the only neutral colour available. There’s navy blue, white, grey and many others. Black is good but you’ve been wearing it for too long, don’t you think? Why not leave your comfort zone by trying out other options? This is one important tip on how to wear more colours you shouldn’t forget.

guy wearing blue shirt with white trousers

3. Wear Bold Accessories

lady in colorful outfit

You can also decide to wear mild colours of clothes and play with colours as you accessorise. For instance, you could wear red, pink, yellow, cobalt blue or any bright colour of shoes, bag, jewel, scarf, etc. This way, you stand out and look chic effortlessly.

gut in black top and pants wearing yellow shoes

4. Don’t Go Overboard

pretty lady in a hot green dress

While trying to wear more colours, you don’t have to go overboard. Take your time and choose wisely. Don’t just grab on any colour of clothes, shoes or accessories and get going. Make sure they suit your skin tone and blend in with everything you’ll be wearing.

Victoria in pink dress with statement sleeves

5. Wear Bold Colours

lady wearing purple outfit as a bold color

Don’t be afraid to wear purple, red, green, pink and other colours you don’t wear on a normal day.

lady wearing red jumpsuit

Remember colour has a way of making you standout and happy. So, go ahead and wear those bold colours you see your fave style influencers wear.

6. Get Inspo From Social Media

Ebuka in a yellow outfit with black hat and shoes

Go to Pinterest, Instagram or any other social medium that you can comfortably find images. There you’ll see how people combine colours boldly. Screenshot or download the ones that catch your fancy. This way they serve as a bank of inspiration or mood board for you. So, when it’s time to dress up, you look at them and get inspired to wear more colours.

lady in yellow outfit

If after reading this you still feel like you need more guidance when it comes to combining colours, that’s not a problem. Just read our style guide on how to combine colours in your outfits. It’ll put you through.

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