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10 Top Modeling Agencies in Nigeria 2020

What would fashion be without an expression? A silent gong, maybe. Modeling is the expression of fashion. It is an art of breathing life into clothes, shoes and everything that comprises the world of fashion. Modeling is a big game. Imagine a world where fashion designers produced with nobody to show how creative their designs are. How mundane it would be to not have models strut or pose in the beautiful works of our designers to show forth how it fits. While modeling to some is for fun, to others, it’s a career —another dimension of their very being. But just like every career, modeling has a beginning and the best bet for beginning as a model in Nigeria is to join any of the top modeling agencies in Nigeria.

There is a plethora of modeling agencies in Nigeria. Many of them have raised stars that have strutted international runways, posing in the handiworks of world designer labels. This article would be endless if we decide to write on all the modeling agencies in Nigeria. With that in view, let’s narrow down to the top modeling agencies in Nigeria. If you are interested in modeling, you can contact any of these agencies and begin your career.

Top Modeling Agencies in Nigeria

1. Few Models

Few Models - Modeling Agencies in Nigeria
Photo credit: @fewmodels

Founded by Bolajo Fawehinmi in 2015, Few Models is one of Africa’s leading scouting agencies. Since its inception, it has been widely known for the discovery of many talents across Africa. Few Models is an active modeling agency developing and nurturing the careers of both local and international models.

Few Models - Modeling Agencies in Nigeria
Photo credit: @fewmodels

 Few Models has won the recognition of top local and international organizations such as Vogue, Elle, Business of Fashion (BOF), Forbes, Guardian Life, Thisday and many others. Although the agency began on a small scale, it has grown to become Africa’s fastest-growing agency with over 22 scouts worldwide.

Furthermore,this agency has raised international newcomers in the industry like Olamide Ogundele, Amarachi Ironkwe, Ruth Akele, Eniola Abioro, Ayobami Okekunle, Bola Edun, Elizabeth Ayodele, etc., who have and are still walking on international runways.

2. Beth Model Management

a Beth Model Management

Established in 2004 by ex-model, Elizabeth Elohor Isorho, Beth Models is one of the top modelling agencies in Nigeria. This agency encompasses four divisions which are Women, Men, Commercial and Talent. It has a prestigious reputation of discovering over 2,000 models in 14 years.

a male Beth Model Management

The agency aims to promote models indigenously and internationally by working with both local and foreign brands. With partners in New York, London, Paris and Milan, Beth focuses on discovering new talents and transforming them into working superstars. Some of the supermodels whose career Beth launched are Mayowa Nicholas, Victor Ndigwe, Davidson Obennebo, Nneoma Anosike, Chika Emmanuella, Jeffery Obed, Glory Egwede, Nora Omeire and a couple of others who have spent more than a decade in the fashion and modeling industry.

3. Fowler Model Management

Fowler Models - Top Modeling Agencies in Nigeria
Photo credit: @fowlermodels

Fowler Model Management is a talent agency built on the ideology that beauty and talent are innate individuals and need nurturing to serve humanity. The agency has been able to harness and produce the best out of models by discovering, developing, managing and giving them all the support they need to accomplish their career goals.

Fowler model - Top Modeling Agencies in Nigeria
Photo credit: @fowlermodels

4. Isis Model Africa

Isis Model Africa model on the cover of the STYLIST

Isis Model Management was founded by Joan Okorodudu, an ex-beauty queen. This agency has grown to become a leading force in the fashion and modelling industry. It is famous for producing the greatest number of beautiful personalities who have strutted both local and international runways.

Isis Model Africa model on the cover of VOGUE Arabia

5. Catch 22 Model Management

Catch 22 Model Management is a modelling agency in Nigeria incorporated in the year 2015. Its services cut across the high fashion world, commercials and corporate events. As the name implies, the mission of Catch 22 Model Management is to groom new faces into well sought after supermodels who can compete in the international market. The agency has impeccable scouting, grooming and development program guaranteed to put fresh-faced models on the path to success.

Catch 22 Model Management curvy model

6. Pages Model Management

Pages Model Management female model

Pages Model Management is an agency that is focused on only female scouting and boutique. The agency is dedicated to identifying, developing and sustaining the careers of its models. It works closely with its models towards ensuring their success. The agency is knowledgeable and has contacts in different fields in the industry, including High Fashion, Commercial, Magazine Editorial as well as resources in talent development.

Pages Model Management female model on make up

7. MyBooker Model Management

MyBooker Model Management models

As at the time of writing this article, My Booker is the leading and only exclusive ALL MALE modelling agency in Nigeria. Founded and run by Uchenna Okwudima, an experienced talent scout and renowned international placement agent, MyBooker is recognised as a formidable national and international agency.

MyBooker Model Management - Adamu on the runway

MyBooker Model Management was created in 2017 as an exclusive high-fashion boutique modelling agency dedicated to identifying, developing and sustaining the careers of talented personalities and placing them internationally.

With a vibrant experienced staff of renowned talent scouts, bookers, photographers, and international placement experts, MyBooker is set to give a full new meaning to what modelling is in Nigeria and Africa in general.

8. Exquisite Models International

Exquisite models international - Modeling Agencies in Nigeria
Photo credit: @exquisitemodels_

Exquisite Models International is one of the top modeling agencies in Nigeria. It is known for discovering and grooming many of today’s newest faces adorning the mass media of fashion, television commercials, commercial print and international runways. Exquisite Models International sustains a good relationship with its models and boasts of its staff’s incredible work experience in the fashion and entertainment industry. The agency has a major presence in the Western region and displays its power with their formidable talent and an enviable list of clients. The agency is renowned for placing its models at the forefront of foreign marketplaces in Europe, Australia, South America and the Orient.

Exquisite model -
Photo credit: @exquisitemodels_

9. Wave Model Management

Wave Model Management - Modeling Agencies in Nigeria
Photo credit: @wavemodelsng

Wave Model Management is a high fashion agency based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The agency caters to the needs of established and aspiring models, standing as a link between models and the fashion, advertising and entertainment industry. The agency was opened with the underlying belief that models and clients should be treated with utmost care and is living up to the standard. Wave Model Management prides itself as the premier model agency in the south-South region of Nigeria.

Wave Model Management - Modeling Agencies in Nigeria
Photo credit: @wavemodelsng

10. Y-ray Model Management

This agency does everything advertising. It provides fashion and modeling services to agencies, companies and individual clients. Their talents include smart and beautiful kids from one year to fifteen years, youths and adults from 18years – 70years.

The agency trains models for billboards, TV commercials, calendar, brand promotion, fashion shows, ushering, TV presentation, music video appearances (Video Vixen), bridal trains, etc. It as well provides jobs to models locally and internationally.

These agencies can help groom you in the art of modeling, be it runway or commercial. While you dream to become the star that you are, remember all that matters is action. So contact any of the top modeling agencies in Nigeria by visiting their website and begin your career as a supermodel.


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