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Model of the Week: Priscilla Azeh

When everyone refers to you as Agbani Darego because of your body type, then probably your ambitions would tilt towards Darego’s. This is the case of Priscilla Azeh, our model of the week.

Priscilla Azeh

Priscilla Azeh, as you can see, is a true definition of Svelte – she is elegant and slender. This Akwa Ibom-based commercial model took up the career working under Savanne Model Management in 2015 and since then, she’s worked with designers like Posh Gold Collections, Verge, Lesa Tash, Christiana Williams and photographers such as Ani Johnson, Marshal Udoh, Hama Daniels, Familiar Stranger and Kode Blacc. She is currently studying Home Economics in the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom.

As we all know, combining modelling with academics could be very hectic and this, according to Priscilla, is the reason she hasn’t achieved her desired height. She is so much in love with her career that she is willing to take it slow and steady up until her graduation because she has the conviction that this will take her to the top some day.

Priscilla Azeh

Several times, she’s had causes to shed tears and give up on her dreams but her independent and ambitious nature only propels her to strive harder to become better.

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Her svelte nature earned her the sobriquet Agbani Darego at a young age of 12, and as you would guess, this birthed her love for modelling. Also, being in front of the camera is something Priscilla Azeh has grown to love. She hopes to become an actor and a TV presenter as the likes of Nancy Isime and Ehiz.

Her dreams do not stop there. Priscilla wants to be on the cover of magazines, billboards and as well get endorsements to become an ambassador for different brands. She draws inspiration from Tyra Banks and Angela Phillips hoping to be like them sometime in the future.

You can follow Priscilla Azeh on IG @priscilla_azeh.

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