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Model Of The Week: Grandprince Ita

Grandprince Ita is a commercial model based in Uyo. He has worked with photographers, designers, makeup artists and stylists such as Dima Makeovers, TSGI Studios, Nectar Studios, Kanara Studios, Exclusive Arts, Jhart NG, WD and Andrei Esin.

He is an ex-pageant king. In 2016, he contested for Mr. Akwa ibom Teen and won, later on went further in 2017 to participate in The Nigerian King in Lagos and emerged as a finalist.

Currently, he is a final year student of the University of Uyo studying Theatre Arts. He has been able to efficiently manage his time to combine academics with modelling so one doesn’t thrive at the expense of the other. Modelling, to him, is an art; a beautiful experience of which he’s tasted the cool, bad and ugly phases.

Grandprince Ita is also an On Air Personality, a TV presenter and a red carpet host. He has authored a book titled, ‘Life Is A Border‘, and he is the CEO of The Wedding Stalker, a registered company that deals with every single thing in regards weddings.

Many a time, he’s been discouraged from modelling because of his height but that has only helped him guide himself on what area of modelling to stick to. Grandprince Ita believes in the axiom, ‘whatever will be, will be’ and lives life as it comes while hoping for the very best.

You can follow Grandprince Ita on instagram via @grandprinceita

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