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How to Wear Sneakers with Suits

Some years back pairing suits with sneakers was considered absurd and a total fashion blunder. It was a fashion rule that was not to be broken; attributed to persons perceived to lack style and good dress sense. Well, times have changed and so have trends. Sneakers have gone beyond being athletic shoes that serve for sports and physical activities. They can be styled and paired with any outfit ranging from jeans, gowns, skirts and even suits. This then makes it a necessity for fashion lovers to know how to wear sneakers with suits.

Wearing suits with sneakers is now considered a statement made by bold and daring fashion influencers and enthusiasts. Foreign celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, David Beckham, Robert Downey Jnr. (Iron Man), Kanye West and Naomi Campbell several times have shown us how to wear sneakers with suits. Even though the trend is now regarded as normal, there are things to consider if you want to really know how to wear sneakers with suits so you don’t end up being dragged to a fashion court. To successfully pull off this combination, the following tips should never be forgotten.

Tips on How To Wear Sneakers with Suits

1. Ensure Your Suit Fits Slim

Knowing how to wear sneakers with suits involves making sure that the suit you wear doesn’t look bigger than you. Your suit should fit perfectly to give you that suave look. No matter how expensive the suit is, if it doesn’t fit, it will look like a hand-me-down or give people the impression that you borrowed it.

2. Keep it simple

This as a whole is already a fashion statement on its own. Avoid flashy accessories capable of making your outfit look mismatched. Stick to natural materials. If you plan to wear this to work and you don’t want your boss to notice you’re putting on a pair of casual shoes, match your sneakers with your suit by making them the same colour. If this doesn’t suit you, then opt for black sneakers as they usually go unnoticed compared to white or other colours.

3. A Tie Isn’t Necessary

When pairing suits with sneakers, wearing a tie is not necessary as you can always pull off this look with or without a tie by trying out other tops. That is, besides wearing a button-down shirt, you can always opt for turtle necks, slimfit polos, T-shirts or lightweight sweaters. This makes you look less formal especially if you’re attending a casual work event.

4. Check the Length of Your Pants

If you don’t necessarily want your sneakers to pull a lot of attention to you, check the length of your trousers. You can wear your pants half or one and a half inches above the top of your sneakers. You can as well opt for tapered pants to make sure your pair complements each other.

Fashion has a lot to do with pushing boundaries so long as it suits your style. Following these tips on how to wear sneakers with suits makes you equipped enough to pull off any trend of your choice, be it daring or unconventional. Not everyone can be confident enough to pull off suits with sneakers but if you are, then you’ve got some fashion potential.


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