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10 Denim Tips: How to Maintain Your Jeans

Denim is one fabric that is fun to wear yet it remains a serious investment that requires care and high maintenance otherwise you stand the chance of losing its quality. To prolong the life of your denim fabric, you need to know how to maintain it. These ten denim tips will help you know the right way to wash your jeans, when to wash them and other general tips on how to maintain your jeans.

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How to Maintain Your Jeans

Wash them inside-out

To prevent your jeans from fading, always wash them inside-out. This helps to preserve their colors and allow the dirtiest part which is the inside to be more exposed to the water and detergent

Use the neck method

When you go shopping and there’s no room or time to try them on in the store, use the Neck Method. The Neck Method guides you in tellIng your size by placing the waistline of the jeans around the diameter of your neck. If the waistline meets comfortably at the back of your neck, then it is your size.

Lowest heat for washing machines

 If you have to use a washing machine, reduce it to the lowest heat and take out the jeans before they get completely dry. Lay flat or hang upside down when spreading.

Wash jeans twice before adjustments

Before taking your new jeans to the tailor for adjustments, wash them twice. This is because they will always shrink in length when washed.

Air-dry if too tight

If your jeans are too tight, air-dry them while hanging them from their belt loops, and tug the damp waistband by hand. 

Do not cluster denim

Denim fabrics need breathing space so do not cluster them together on a shelf and don’t hang denim jackets in a crowded wardrobe.

How to fold them

To fold your jeans like a pro, lay a pair on a flat surface, fold in half from left to right. Grab the stacked legs, and fold them in half so the hems of the legs line up with the waistband. Then fold the legs again in half. 

Stay six months before washing raw denim

Raw denim, that is, jeans with no washes and fading, can take up to six months before they break in and they shouldn’t be washed until then. This is because they conform to the body and when you wash them, you lose most of the shape.

Wash in hot water to fade out

If you want to fade out your denim, wash them once in hot water.

Use white vinegar to maintain Dark denim wash

To maintain the wash of your dark denim, while doing your laundry, add half cup of distilled white vinegar to your final rinse cycle.

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If you follow these ten tips, you’ll most certainly know how to prolong the life of your denim as these tips will help you maintain your jeans.

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