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10 Crop Tops for Every Fashionista

Crop tops are wardrobe staple for women especially the younger generation. They are a perfect head-turner for everybody to achieve that glam look. Although crop tops are often perceived by some older people as indecent, they are really very comfortable and fitting outfits that put your body on a ravishing pedestal of style and beauty.

Crop tops are savvy fashion trends that appeal mostly to young fashionistas who love to show off their hourglass figure and waistline. They are simply free-spirited design wears that can be worn perfectly with anything. The most important thing is to have a grasp of how to style them.

Crop tops are very versatile wears that one can never exhaust. They come in different types and prints, from the plain material, printed fabrics, chiffon, lace, leathered, crotchet, woven, etc.

Crop tops as the name implies are two inches above the waist sassy top or sweater that are worn on skirt or trousers. They are a trendy laid-back fashion that reveals the navel region while giving you an aesthetic look. They are absolute wears for the youngins and a fear-wardoff for confident ladies.

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Crop tops are of different types and varies in style, class and fabric. The types of crop tops include:

V-Neck crop top, open back crop top, layered, high neck, off-shoulder, stylish wrap, mock neck, mesh crew, chop crop top, frill off-shoulder, tank crop top, button up, spandex, scoop neck, halter, cut-out sleeve, crotchet, chain nail, bell sleeve crop top, henley, ruffle, twist front, tie crop top, kimono, hooded crop top, one shoulder, trapeze, lantern sleeve, zip-up, plunging tie-up, metallic crop top, elbow sleeve, drawstring closer, turtle neck, split trumpet sleeve crop top, tassel, criss-cross and cape style crop top. The list is endless for this wardrobe turner.

Let’s look at some of these crop tops and how they can be worn.


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The caged crop top is a simple yet classy top that can be worn for girls hangout or for clubbing. The little deep neckline reveals the upper region of the neck and gives you a comfortable look. It can be styled on a short jean skirt or a ripped denim trousers and a pair of sneakers.


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For a dance hall party or dance rehearsal, metallic crop top is a perfect outfit to rock. The metallic crop top is a rare, sexy piece to show off any figure in. They are very compatible if styled on a leather pant and ankle boot. When next you think of a kill-them wear, the metallic crop top is just your best choice all the way.

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The lace crop top is a more comfortable wear especially in sunny weather. This see-through dress with tiny openings in the fabrics allows air into the body and gives you a classic look. The lace crop top are one of the easiest dresses that can be styled differently. It gives you room to choose from a wide range of cloth combination, as you can style them on a pair of short, high waist skinny jeans, palazzo or midi skirts.


Split trumpet sleeve crop top is a very stylish top that looks more girlish on slim people. This off-the-shoulder top is a designer masterpiece and every girl’s delight. The simple yet sophisticated top can be worn with a pair of high waist jeans trousers, flare jeans or pantsal and can as well be styled beautifully with heels.

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This very stylish model-like top is a great piece for a picnic and beach party. The bell sleeve crop top is known for its vogue design and scenery. It can be styled with a felt hat, matted hat, with ripped jeans and a pair of sandals. When next you plan on going for a saunter at the beach, a bell sleeve crop top is a perfect choice fit for you.


The mock necks are relatively fashionable tops designed to cover the whole neck area while giving you comfort and saving some part of the body from cold. Mock neck crop tops are best worn without a necklace because it covers the neck and chest. You can pair them on jeans or mini skirt with a boot.

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As a result of its neck lengthening ability, it is advisable to keep your make up mild so you don’t have your dress soiled with makeup. Although they are considered as faux neck top, they still look stylish and give you a great elegant look if styled well.


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If you plan on slaying for any party, the cut-out crop would be the right top for you. This well cut out too is a priced piece for stealing the show because it reveals the cleavages while standing you out from the crowd. Style them on a pair of skinny high waist and have the  trouser tucked into the boot if you want to sweep people off their feet.

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The turtle neck crop is another fashionable girly top that is sewn to cover the neckline. Its ability to hide all the features of the neck earned it the name ‘turtle’. It can be worn for evening meetings, casual occasions and parties. Turtle neck crop tops are usually sewn as sweater for sport and dance. For sport, you can rock them with a pair of joggers or shorts with sport shoes.


This is another pretty girly top. The tank crop top is designed basically for girls who like to let in some bit of air as they slay. They are better combined with a jacket and a pair of sneakers. Some girls choose to wear it on a pant while some rock them on a mini flare skirt. No matter how you want it styled, it still gives you that chic look you desire.

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Thinking of a perfect outfit for the dry season? Kimono crop top is just what you need. The Kimono crop top is an elegant flare designed top that complements your body with a gorgeous look. These are very trendy tops that add style and sums up your body with an arousing feel. You can style it on a short flare skirt, felt hat, or skinny flare jean trousers or better still rock them on flare pants with heels.

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You should try out these crop tops for that casual occasion you plan to attend. All you have to do is to activate your confidence and wear any of these selected crop tops or check other ones in our subsequent posts and find out which one best suits you.

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