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Types of Underwear For Women

Underwear are clothes worn next to the skin, underneath outer clothing. They are like the air we breathe —we just can’t do without them all the time. Women have different underwear that suit any outfit. Some are very much alluring while others are mere simple panties. Some of these underwear are perfect for hiding visible panty lines in tight dresses.  It is important to know the different types of underwear for women and the outfits that suit them in order not to mar a great outfit.

The types of underwear for women differ in terms of coverage. While there are full coverage panties, there are panties that barely cover the butt. As you read the different types of underwear for women, you’ll also see the outfits that suit each of them.

10 Types of Underwear for Women

1. Classic Briefs

These are regular types of underwear for women. They usually come in a pack consisting of about five pieces. Classic briefs are also known as Granny Panties. They provide full coverage and can have a high or low waistband. Most classic briefs are made from cotton, nylon and microfiber.

Suitable Outfit: Low or high waist pants and loose-fitting dresses.

2. Thongs

Thinking of a good underwear for tight-fitting clothes so your panty lines don’t make a noise? Thongs are there for you. These types of underwear for women resemble a bikini as they sit three inches below the waist while the sides sit right on the hipbone.  It has a triangular shape in front and a T-shape string at the back. Thongs provide little coverage for the butt and are more common in lace and cotton.

thong underwear - Types of Underwear For Women

Suitable Outfits: Bodycon dresses, leggings, trousers and skirts.

3. Hipster

Hipsters are underwear for women that have low-cut leg holes. They come in different fabrics such as microfiber, mesh, lace, cotton, etc. These types of underwear sit on the hips just a couple of inches below the waist and are also known as hip huggers. They have a wide coverage and go with almost every outfit.

Suitable Outfits: Low waist jeans, skirts and trousers.

4. Boyshorts

Boyshorts are similar to men’s briefs. They bear much resemblance to hipsters only that they have a lower cut leg. They have no panty lines and unlike other types of underwear for women, they have a rectangular look.

Suitable Outfits: Tight-fitting dresses, flared skirts, swimwear, loungewear, etc.

5. G-strings

When you feel like going commando but still want to wear an underwear, try G-strings. These types of underwear for women are similar to thongs. The major difference is that they provide no coverage at all. The waist band of a G-string is a small string which usually connects to the fabric at the back and front. They may not be totally comfortable but they are very good in hiding visible panty lines.

Suitable Outfits: Tight-fitting dresses, pants or skirts, beachwear, etc.

6. French-cut Panties

Also known as high-cut panties, these types of underwear for women are similar to classic briefs. They have high waistbands but unlike briefs, they have high-cut leg holes that go even above the widest part of the thigh. They have lesser coverage compared to classic briefs.

Suitable Outfits: Low or high waist jeans and pants.

7. Seamless Panties

Seamless panties provide 100% comfort and are perfect for tight dresses since they have no seams or stitches on them.

Suitable Outfits: Leggings, tight dresses, jeans, pants, sheer dresses etc.

8. Brazilian Briefs

If you want to show off without showing much skin, wear Brazilian briefs. They are stylish and seductive enough for public display. They have the qualities of a hipster and a thong as the backside cuts from the butt cheeks rather than from underneath the butts.

Suitable Outfits: Swimwear, beachwear.

9. Maternity Panties

These types of underwear for women are designed to suit the changing figures if pregnant women. They are mostly made from bamboo fabrics and sometimes come with anti-odour features to keep would-be mothers fresh all the time.

Suitable Outfits: Maternity gowns and free dresses.

10. Control Briefs

Control briefs have dual purposes — they are briefs that also serve as shapewear. They come with a tight elastic waistband to keep your stomach in. They usually sit under the navel and create a smooth feel around the abdomen.

Suitable Outfits: Tight-fitting skirts, dresses, pants and leggings.

Now you know ten of the different types of underwear for women. If there’s any you don’t have, be sure to remember when next you go shopping for panties.


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