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Types of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

Jewelry is a collection of ornaments that adorns the body and adds glam to any outfit. They are worn for various reasons most especially beauty purposes. There are different types of jewelry for both genders but women have been very consistent when it comes to including jewelry in their dressing-up routine.

Not every woman wears jewels, so to speak, regardless of this, there are essential pieces of jewelry every woman should own. From earrings to toe rings, this article will educate you on the several types of jewelry every woman should own so when next you go shopping, you know where you are lagging behind.

Stones Used in Making Jewelry

fine woman wearing diamond earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring
  • Amethyst – an invaluable purple stone.
  • Baguette – a diamond or any other stone that has a long narrow shape.
  • Aquamarine – a bluish-green stone.
  • Garnet – a dark and transparent red stone.
  • Beryl – a stone that has a pellucid green, blue or yellow colour.
  • Agate –  A semi-transparent, uncrystallized variety of quartz, presenting various tints in the same specimen, with colours delicately arranged in stripes or bands.
  • Gem – a beautiful and expensive stone used in making the different types of jewelry every woman should own.
  • Jet – a hard black shiny stone.
  • Carbuncle – a deep red precious stone.
  • Emerald – a bright green precious stone for expensive jewelry.
  • Quartz – a hard shimmering stone used in making wristwatches.
  • Diamond – a glimmering glass-like stone also for expensive jewelry.
  • Lapis Lazuli – a bright blue stone.
  • Jasper – a red or brown stone that can also serve to decorate rooms.
  • Ruby – a clear, deep red precious stone.
  • Turquoise – a greenish-blue stone.
  • Moonstone – a translucent gemstone used in making the different types of jewelry every woman should own.
  • Onyx – a smooth stone with black and white colours in it.
  • Opal – a milky-white stone that reflects light.
  • Sapphire – a clear deep stone for the expensive types of jewelry every woman should own.
  • Solitaire – a gem set on its own. It could be a diamond in a ring, bracelet or any other piece of jewelry.
  • Topaz – a clear yellowish-brown gemstone.

Types of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

1. Earrings

Beautiful African lady rocking gold loops earrings

Earrings are those types of jewelry every woman should own that adorn the ears. They can be made with gold, silver, steel or glass. Earrings are of various types. Some of them include:

woman wearing ruby and diamond earrings


Studs are small round earrings. They come in all shapes and sizes mostly in the form of pin dots. Studs never discriminate; they suit just any and every woman. They are one of the quintessential types of jewelry every woman should own. They are moderate and perfect for framing your face.

Long Drops

These earrings are long as the name implies. They are usually at least two inches from your ear lobe. They bring that smooth and fluid effect to your ear lobes and face as a whole


These are earrings that are circular or semi-circular in design, generally in the form of a hoop of metal that can be opened to pass through an ear-piercing. Be they silver or gold, hoops are always fitting and attractive.


Chandeliers are carved rubies, emeralds, diamonds that are intricately twisted with shiny gold wires dripping from crescents that have a common center. Chandeliers are very good attention grabbers.

Pearls on a wire

Pearls on a wire earrings are basically earrings that have pearls dangling from a wire. They help make pronounced the hollow on your cheek and give your face a brighter look.

2. Necklace

African woman wearing gold necklace

Necklaces are those types of jewelry every woman should own that adorns the neck. Some come with pendants, stones or lockets hanging from the chain while some are just the chain or band alone.

african woman wearing necklaces - Types of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

Adding a pendant to your necklace draws some attention to your neck and if the pendant extends to your chest region, it can only get better. You can as well fill up your necklace with pearls or any shimmering stone.

Necklaces can be worn with any attire — be it jeans, native wear, ankara or athleisure — and are suitable for both small-breasted and big-breasted women.

3. Bracelet

woman wearing bracelets - Types of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

Bracelets are ornaments worn around the wrist. If it is rigid and has no clasp, then it is a bangle. If it is worn on the ankle, then it is an anklet. Bracelets add glimmer to your outfit.

woman wearing bracelet - Types of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

When shopping for bracelets, be sure to go for the ones that suit your style but having a gold, diamond or silver bracelet in your jewelry box keeps you ready to accessorise at all times.

4. Rings

woman wearing many rings

Rings are round piece of jewelry worn around the finger. Some ladies wear them on the nose and toes.  Rings aren’t just a symbol of commitment; they are very fashionable types of jewelry every woman should own.

woman wearing rings and laughing

Rings are capable of making you sparkle even when you aren’t wearing earrings or a necklace. Whether you’re going to work, church or hanging out with friends, you can flaunt your beautiful fingers with a very stylish ring.

When you go shopping for rings, choose the ones you feel very much comfortable in; something you wouldn’t want to take off your finger all the time.

5. Diamond Wristwatch

woman rocking a diamond-encrusted wristwatch

How would you like a piece of jewelry that glitters your wrist and helps you know the time? A diamond wristwatch is the right jewel for this. It’s simply a wristwatch made with diamonds. It’s a fabulous piece and one of the essential jewels for the stylish woman.

diamond wristwatch - Types of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

6. Brooch

woman wearing pin brooch - Types of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

A brooch is a decorative piece of jewelry usually attached to garments to hold them close together. It is usually made of metal mostly silver or gold.

brooch - Types of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

Brooches have a hinged pin you can use to fasten them to clothes. With just a brooch, you can add style and personality to almost any outfit.

Is there an aforementioned piece of jewelry that isn’t in your jewelry box? Don’t you think you should consider adding them in? Dressing up and adding to your outfit any of the different types of jewelry every woman should own gives you a boost to your style and makes you the exact complete package.

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