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10 Must-have Fashion Accessories for Men

If fashion is for both genders then there should be fashion accessories for men, don’t you think?  Of course, there are. Men have many accessories to garnish up their outfits just as women do.

Irrespective of this, some men don’t like the idea of wearing jewelry or any other accessories. If you’re one of those men, get rid of that feeling already.

These little add-ons are carriers of class and prestige. And when you add them to your outfit, you amplify your look in a suave manner.

So, are you ready to start accessorizing as a man? Read this piece to the end to see the ones to start with and how to wear them properly to achieve any type of outfit.

What are the Accessories for Men?

Accessories are little things you add to your outfit to complete it and make it more unique. They are those add-ons that throw more light on your outfit. 

Fashion add-ons are a gift to every wardrobe. They can transform a simple shirt and a pair of trousers into a very stylish celebrity look. 

Don’t be reluctant to try out any of the fashion accessories for men you’ll find as you read on. They just may be what you need to command respect with your outfits.

10 Must-have Fashion Accessories For The Stylish Man

Here they are:

1. Wristwatch

man in suit wearing a simple wristwatch

Almost every man owns a wristwatch and the good thing about it is that wristwatches never go out of style. 

Apart from telling you what time of the day it is, a wristwatch portrays you as a classic man. Wristwatches always come in handy as you can combine with any outfit including native wear

When choosing a wristwatch, remember that the style of your wristwatch tells a lot about you, whether it’s a plain wristwatch or a skeleton wristwatch.

A plain wristwatch

plain wristwatch for men
A plain wristwatch

Plain wristwatches, as the name implies, have simple and plain designs. They come in neutral colors suitable for minimalist outfits and any other casual wear.

A skeleton wristwatch

skeleton wristwatch for men
A skeleton wristwatch

On the other hand, skeleton watches are expensive. They add style and value to your looks. This style of wristwatch looks better with a suit or other formal attire

You should have at least two wristwatches among your collection—one you wear every day and the other one for special occasions.

But if you wanna have a variety of options to choose from on different days, buy different wristwatches. 

2. Bracelets

The Dream rocking 2 beaded men's bracelets

Bracelets have become wardrobe staples for both genders. These must-have fashion accessories for men act as subtle details to your outfit. 

They come in different styles such as beaded, thin cord, solid metal, chain bracelets, etc. 

cord bracelets for men
Cord bracelets for men

You can wear just one bracelet or as many as you like to create more effect. 

You can as well stack beaded bracelets and cord bracelets on your wrists. Some advise that you leave one wrist unoccupied if you wanna do this. But if you feel comfortable wearing bracelets on both wrists, go for it.

beaded bracelets for men
Bead bracelets for men

Bracelets are your surest way to enhance your style and show forth your personality as a man. Go add one or two to your accessory collection.

3. Rings

man in suit rocking a marriage ring

You don’t wear rings? Why? Because you think it’s for married couples?

Oh! Please, drop that stereotype. Don’t be like the men who aren’t confident enough to wear rings just because they’re yet to take a woman down the aisle.

Rings don’t exist for emotional commitment alone. They’re a style statement too.

 If you’re ready to give this accessory a shot, don’t wear more than three at a time. You can even combine your ring with a matching bracelet to give you a classier look.

4. Sunglasses

black man wearing dark sunglasses

Wanna block sun rays from penetrating your eyes while adding more style to your look? Wear a pair of sunglasses.

Even when you feel like hiding your identity, sunglasses come in handy. They’re very stylish fashion accessories for men. 

Initially, these shades only served to protect the eyes from the harsh UV rays of the sun but now they’ve become classy add-ons that transform your outfit from a zero rating to a hundred. 

different shades of sunglasses for men

Sunglasses are statement pieces that you should invest in. But before shopping for sunglasses, you must know the types of sunglasses and how to rock them

Rule of thumb: Go for sunshades that are the opposite of your face shape. 

For instance, if your face is round,  rectangular sunglasses will suit you more. And if you have a strong jawline, round sunglasses will look better on you. 

5. Belts

man rocking leather belt

Can a man do without a belt? I doubt. 

Belts are everyday men’s accessories. They make your trousers fit perfectly around your waist. 

Some people argue that your belt and shoes must be of the same color. 

men's leather belt

But since you shouldn’t restrict yourself with fashion rules, the general rule of thumb is that your belt should match your shoes when in a formal environment. And when in an informal setting, you can mismatch all you want. Just make sure the colors complement each other.

6. Hats

black man rocking a baseball hat with stylish shades

Not every man has the confidence to wear a hat.  And I wonder why because this is the one accessory you need to make a fashion statement.

Even when you are dressed in traditional attire such as ankara, etibo, worko, or senator, you can pull off a hat to complete your look. 

hat styles for men

You don’t have to wait until you’re having a bad hair day before you wear a hat. Grab one these fashion accessories for men and add a touch of personality to your outfit. 

From beanie hats to bucket hats, wide-brimmed hats, baseball caps, etc. You have a variety of options to choose from.

7. Wallets

man wearing brown wallet in the back pocket of his jeans

Wallets protect those little yet very important properties of yours. They mostly come in brown, black, and oxblood colors.

different collors of men's wallets

They hold your money, credit cards, identity cards, passports, complimentary cards, etc. 

For formal outfits, opt for slim wallets as bulky wallets are best used casually.

8. Shoes

man wearing leather shoes

Shoes may not be your typical accessories but they are very important pieces for men. 

Just like the types of shoes for women, men’s shoes also come in different types. There are leather shoes, flip-flops, pool sliders, sneakers, trainers, and other functional footwear for men.

mean shoes

It’s not enough to buy a good pair of shoes. You also need to know how to wear men’s shoes to create impact. 

9. Necklace

man rocking gold chain with dark shades

Most men wear silver or gold necklaces with or without pendants. If you want to add a pendant to your necklace, use a simple pendant as large pendants are very much distracting.

men's necklaces with arrow pendants

A common pendant among men is the cross-shaped pendant. It is small and simple except for the loud blings stylish Nigerian musicians and other celebrities wear.

10. Suit Accessories

If you want your suits to have more impact, add these accessories whenever you wear them:

Pocket fillers

pocket filler for men's suit

These fashion accessories for men are otherwise known as pocket squares. Apart from being a statement piece, pocket fillers have a meaning they stand for — if you are seated beside a sad woman, offer her the pocket squares to dry her tears.

When choosing a pocket square, go for one that blends in with or contrasts your other accessories. For instance, you can wear a plain tie and a patterned pocket filler.

It doesn’t have to match (but should complement) your tie. 

Tie Clips

tie clip for men

The original purpose of the tie clip was to clip your tie to your shirt. Although they still serve that purpose, they go further to add that extraordinary touch to your gentleman look. 

Tie clips come in different styles. And you can use either gold or silver colors for formal occasions.

Ties/Bow Ties

cream polka dot tie on a white shirt with suit

Ties are mostly for formal gatherings while bow ties are suitable for weddings, dinners, and other evening events. They make you look stylish as ever.

When wearing a tie, ensure the tip of your tie touches your belt line. It shouldn’t go higher or lower.

black bow tie on a white shirt on a black suit

Also, the thin part of your tie tail should be shorter than the fat part. And to prevent it from flapping around, tuck it inside your shirt or hold it with a tie clip.


cufflinks for men

These are buttons or studs used to hold a sleeve cuff together. Every gentleman who wears a shirt needs at least one pair of cufflinks. You shouldn’t be left out.

And that’s a wrap on the fashion accessories for men. When wearing any of them, ensure they not only complement your clothes but also suit your skin tone. 

Above all, avoid over-accessorizing. It can be distracting, you know. So, keep it simple always, otherwise, you’ll wind up making a noise Instead of a style statement.

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