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10 Tips on How to Make a Fashion Statement with Every Outfit

Imagine you found yourself in a gathering where no one was permitted to speak but was expected to interact with others. How would you introduce yourself to new connections? This is why you need to know how to make a fashion statement.

Doing this announces you even without your doing any talking. It further positions you as a stylish individual, helps you grab attention, stands you out from the crowd, and earns you respect.

You just have to ensure your fashion statement is a sensible one. And how do you do that?

If you’ve been reading Svelte Magazine for a while now, you’d have observed that fashion/style statement is one of the gospels we preach. That’s why we thought it wise to write this article and show you how to to make a fashion statement with your outfit without doing too much.

Take your time and read. And be sure to save the ideas here at the back of your mind.

They’ll come in handy when you have a special event and don’t wanna blend in with the crowd.

Ready to see how style statements work? Let’s get started then.

What Does it Mean to Make a Fashion Statement?

According to Merriam Webster, this means to be fashionable in a bold way.

The keywords there are fashionable and bold. And that implies that making a fashion statement involves being stylish and confident enough to express your style. 

One reason is that you’ll be pulling a ton of stares and attention to yourself; some from those who admire you and others from those who don’t understand your look. Hence, you should be bold enough to pull it off.

While your style says who you are without having to speak, fashion statements announce who you are. 

Hence, you should resolve to always make a fashion statement with your outfit. Even if it’s a casual outing with friends, a photo shoot, or a fashion event, you deserve to stand out from the crowd and get those stares of admiration.

But that will never happen if you don’t know how to make a fashion statement. So, shall we see the tips already?

How to Make a Fashion Statement with Your Outfit

If you want to know how to make a fashion statement, you first need to understand the basic principles of fashion. It is from the basics that you explore and carve out your statement.

Let’s look at them in detail:

1. Wear a Statement Piece

lady wearing fashion statement dress

This is the easiest way to make a fashion statement. All you need do is to rock a statement outfit and get going. But what are these statement pieces?

They are eye-catching wardrobe essentials you need to stand out and make the details of your outfit more pronounced. These pieces come with standout details and are always bold and unique. Moreover, they are the first thing people notice about your outfit.

man wearing style statement outfit

You can create your bespoke statement pieces by collaborating with a good tailor or seamstress. You can also patronize ready-to-wear brands known to create statement outfits like Ria Kosher.

To know more about these outfits and how to rock them, read our style guide on statement pieces. But if you’ll like to do that later, let’s proceed.

2. Wear Bold Colours

Colors don’t just brighten your mood. They also pop you out of the crowd. But if these colors are always in muted tones, that will almost never happen. 

Hence, don’t be afraid to wear bold colors. If you would wear black on a normal day, switch to white instead. Don’t be scared to try yellow, pink, red, orange, blue, etc. You just need to know how to find the best colors for your skin tone and rock them well.

lady in a red dress

When we talk about colors, I’m not referring to your clothes alone. You can wear dresses with muted tones and wear more colors with your scarf, shoes, handbags, and other accessories.

3. Wear Bold Accessories

Sometimes, all you need to transform your look and make a style statement are your accessories. So, never forget to add one or two to your look.

This could be a bold necklace, cool sunglasses, a beautiful handbag, or a pair of shoes with a distinct design.

Enamel pins are also one of the boldest accessories that you can wear. There are enamel pins with all sorts of different designs, from skulls to flowers to animals. And they come in all sorts of different colors. You can even get them in different finishes, like matte or glossy.

Even if there’s nothing standing out about your clothes, these accessories will still make a statement for you.

4. Go Eccentric if it’s Your Style

Anyone with an eccentric style automatically makes an effortless fashion statement. 

It’s almost innate how they never conform to conventional standards of fashion choices. Although people who don’t understand may think you suck at dressing well, ignore them and suit yourself.

Wear your baggy pants and shirts. Wear your bold colors and accessories. Combine them in the ways you alone understand. It’s your style and not theirs. Just be sure to know what you’re doing and defend it at any level.

5. Mix Prints

This is something not everyone can pull off but once you can, you immediately get attention.


Some people still think it’s a faux pas to mix different prints together. They see it as a stringent fashion rule that should never be broken. But is that so?

lady wearing mixed print ankara blazer with a hat

Mixing prints creates a beautiful sight to behold. Why would anyone limit themselves just because of some silly rule that no longer stands?

You can mix two or more ankara prints. You can also mix floral, polka dots, stripes, etc., in your outfit. 

We have a detailed style guide on how to mix prints in your outfits. Do check it out if that sounds like something you’ll love to do as you learn how to make a fashion statement.

6. Leave Your Comfort Zone

lady wearing brown monochrome outfit

Making a fashion statement is synonymous with placing yourself in the spotlight. If you aren’t ready to leave your comfort zone, don’t bother learning how to make a fashion statement.

But if a unique look is what you want to achieve, then take a deep breath and explore fashion beyond the walls of your comfort.

Man wearing comfortable clothes

Wear what you wouldn’t wear on a normal day so long as you wouldn’t look crazy. For instance, if you’ve been matching two or more colors together, why not go monochrome? It’s minimalist yet says so much about your sense of style.

Even if you wanna wear jeans, you’ll look much better if you use our tips on how to wear jeans and make a style statement.

7. Make a Statement with Your Hair

How about you wear a hairstyle that makes you stand out? You can do this by dyeing your hair, going for a really nice haircut, using colorful hair extensions, or choosing a beautiful coiffure.

man with nice haircut for men

The cool haircut for men and the latest hairstyles for ladies will do that for you. Just get a good hairstylist and don’t let them pick your edges.

8. Smell Nice

lady wearing bold blue suit

I know they won’t see this in your pictures but what about those you’ll meet face-to-face?

If your outfit is nice but you ooze an unpleasant smell, you’ve only succeeded at ruining your efforts.

So, what’s the way forward?

lady wearing monochrome outfit

Buy and use deodorants and wear your perfume correctly always. You can also get a signature fragrance to stamp your identity in people’s nostrils.

Looking good also entails smelling good and both are serious business.

Start Making Your Fashion Statements Already!

Fashion is art. That’s one of the reasons I hardly criticize what anyone wears. It’s their style and as far as we are concerned, fashion is a movement of expression. So long as you can defend what (and why) you’re wearing (it), it shouldn’t be a problem. 

So, start wearing things that help you make a fashion statement. You don’t need to spend too much to do that. So long as you know how to look good on a budget, you’re self-confident, and you have a personal style worthy of emulation, you’re good to go.

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