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10 Coolest Haircuts for African Men

All men love to look good and as such, when it’s time to pay their barber a visit, they waste no time in doing that. However, some men have gotten used to having a particular haircut all the time such that whenever they step into the salon, their barber doesn’t need to ask them which cut they want; they go ahead at once because they already know. If you’re one of these men, it’s about time you changed your look by trying out any of these cool haircuts for African men.

10 Best Haircuts for African Men

1. High Bald Fade

high bald fade haircut on an African man

This is one of the nicest haircuts for African men that shaves the back and side hair short while the top is quite high. The back and sides are short almost to the point of being bald while the top remains high.

2. Skincut

skincut hairstyle on a black man handling a pair of clippers

Celebrities like 2Baba and Banky W have popularised this haircut. Having a clean shave doesn’t necessarily mean you have a receding hairline. Personally, I regard men with skincut as being self-confident. You know it really takes some guts to take off all your hair. However, before having a skincut, your hair should be wet then you moisturise with shaving oil and a shaving cream to prevent bumps.

3. Short-All-Over

short cut with waves on a black man

This is simply a short haircut. You just have to keep trimming it regularly to prevent your hair from looking unkempt. It is suitable for looking smart yet stylish.

4. Buzz Cut

buzz cut for men

Otherwise known as the military haircut, this is one of the coolest haircuts for African men that’s shorter than the short-all-over cut. Since it’s short, it takes the attention to your facial features.  This style requires low maintenance. It is the ideal modest style especially if you love to appear simple and don’t want to worry about maintaining your hair.

5. Comb-over haircut

man wearing comb over hairdo

If you love to wear calm yet urbane hairstyles, then go for the comb-over cut. This is a nice haircut for African men that maintains your hair length and gives you a conservative look. However, if your hair is thin, blow dry it to add some volume.

6. Box Fade

African man with a box fade haircut

This style features tapered down sides with an acutely-defined rectangular top. This way, the style looks pretty dramatic. But if you want something calm, you can make the top shorter in length while the sides remain tapered.

7. Afro Fade

black man afro fade haircut

If you want to add a bit of drama to your hair, go for this style. It features tapered sides just like box fades but the top is usually allowed to grow as it likes. That is, you can twist the top, add curls or make use of a locks brush to make it look funky. This style is becoming popular among youths.

8. Fade With Part Line

man wearing fade with a part line

You can as well add a part line to your fade. This adds more details to an erstwhile simple haircut, thereby framing your face better.

9. Geometric

geometric haircut on a black man

If you’ve got really full and thick hair and you want to look different, you can opt for this style. It features strong angles on one part of your hair which is usually a bit shorter than the other part. This is quite a dramatic yet one of the coolest hairstyles for black men.

10. Coloured Haircut

man rocking colored haircut

Whichever style you choose to wear, adding a dye to your hair gives it more drama. For instance, you could dye the top of your Afro fade while the sides retain the natural colour of your hair.

You can look more handsome when trying out any of these haircuts for African men by grooming your beards. They don’t have to be thick all the time, you know. Simply trimming your beards neat and shaping your sideburns can make you look irresistible even if you have a clean shave on.


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