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5 Must-have Types of Lipsticks

All to enhance your beauty, there are many types of lipsticks in the cosmetic world. And if you’ve been using just one of them, it’s really about time you changed your style and explored the many options available to make your lips more lush and succulent.

What is a Lipstick?

different shades of lipsticks from Zaron

It’s a cosmetic product that contains oil, emollient, wax and pigment which give texture, colour and protection to the lips.

When it comes to choosing any of the types of lipsticks, there’s a lot to consider. Besides knowing the right shade for you, you have to also consider the purpose, duration, safety and the right occasion for the lipstick. But before looking at the types of lipsticks, let’s know a bit of how this makeup essential came about.

A Brief History of Lipstick

The history of this makeup essential dates back to when humans painted their lips for aesthetic, status and medicinal purposes. Ancient Sumerians were the first people to wear this cosmetic product more than 5000 years ago. They crushed and used gemstones to decorate their lips and eyes while Egyptians crushed cochineal beetles to derive carmine which they used in painting their lips red.

While Egyptians wore this cosmetic product as a symbol of status, in ancient Greece, it was initially reserved for prostitutes up until it expanded to the rich between 700 and 300 BCE.

In England, this makeup essential became prevalent in the 16th century. Then, lipsticks were made by blending beeswax and red stains from plants together. However, this type was first invented by the Chinese.

Important personalities like Queen Elizabeth and some actors popularised the trend of an absolute white face and bright red lips in England. Regardless of this, this makeup essential remained exclusive to rich citizens and prostitutes in England. It however became an accepted cosmetic for all in 1920 after Maurice Levy invented lipsticks in cylindrical containers in 1915.

Types of Lipsticks

1. Glossy Lipstick

glossy lipstick on the lips

If you want to make your lips glow, apply a gloss lipstick. These types of lipsticks make your lips look glossy. They add a watery and shiny look to your pout and remain the perfect choice for thin or dry lips. They also glow bright, make your lips appear fuller and help to hydrate them. You can apply a gloss with any other lipstick to give it a shimmering look.

2. Matte

matte lipsticks on the lips

These types of lipsticks don’t shine or look glossy. Rather, they give your lips a flat, firm and smooth look. If your lips are parched, this lipstick will help you conceal it. Also, matte lipsticks that contain Vitamin E and aloe help to protect your lips. Before wearing matte, you should apply a lip balm first to fill up any crack on your lips.

3. Moisturising Lipstick

moisturizing lipsticks on the lips

If you want to prevent your lips from getting dry, wear a moisturising lipstick. These types of lipsticks are designed to moisturise your lips. They also make your lips smooth and soft as they contain glycerin, aloe and Vitamin E.

4. Stain/Long-wearing/ Transfer-resistant Lipstick

stain lipsticks on the lips

If you’re usually busy during the day and can barely afford the time to retouch your makeup, wear this one. They are low maintenance lipsticks opportune for busy working class ladies. This type of lipstick also suit any occasion where you wouldn’t want to reapply stuff to your lips after leaving the house. They are designed to last up to four or eight hours. However, some types have to be reapplied if you eat or drink something oily.

While this lipstick lasts long, its disadvantage is that it can make your lips look dry. To prevent this, you have to moisturise your lips before using these types of lipsticks by applying a lip balm. But there’s good news —some transfer-resistant lipsticks have a moisturising element in them to keep your moist.

5. Sheer/Satin Lipstick

sheer lipsticks on the lips

These types usually have moisturising oils to prevent your lips from looking dry and give them a glossy look. Satin lipsticks contain much oil which makes them appear lighter on the lips compared to how dark they look in the package. They suit any occasion or dress. However, they don’t stay long on the lips as they need to be retouched throughout the day to retain the sheen.

Presto! Now you know some of the types of lipsticks. Is there any we missed out? Let us know by dropping a comment below. But for the meantime, got any place you’ll be visiting soon? Why not wear any of these cosmetic products and appear like the modern, stylish woman that you are.


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