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5 Types of Underwear for Men You Never Knew of

Fashion is not just what you wear for the world to see; it’s what you wear underneath too. And as there are many types of underwear for women, men’s underwear are also of different types. Nowadays, men do not stick to boxers and briefs alone. They try out other options among the types of underwear for men.

However, if boxers, for instance, are the only underpants you wear, then I’m afraid you’re gradually becoming a boring man. We don’t want this to be your fate. That’s why we’ve curated five types of underwear for men that’ll offer you comfort and at the same time make you look sexier for your spouse.

What to Consider Before Buying Any of the Types of Underwear for Men

Before purchasing any men’s underwear, you should ensure it:

  • Keeps the insides of your trousers clean
  • Supports your genitals
  • Makes you comfortable
  • Absorbs moisture around your groin
  • Regulates the temperature of your lower body
  • Prevents heat or injury caused by friction between your genital and your clothes

Types of Underwear for Men

1. Boxers

pink boxer shorts on a man

These types of underwear for men were inspired by the loose-fitting shorts professional boxers wear. They were made to be comfortable for these professional boxers and allow them freedom of movement while they fought in the ring.

boxer shorts - Types of Underwear for Men

Boxers make your lower body look bigger especially if you’re slender. They have elasticated waistbands to fit your waist properly. However, they don’t have elasticated leg holes that hug your skin. And since they are loose-fitting, they don’t place any emphasis on your groin at all.

2. Briefs

black briefs on two men

These are short underpants for men that cover the buttocks and genitals but offer no covering for your thighs. That is, unlike boxers, they don’t have extra fabrics and are not loose. They are designed to be tight and snug on your body.  Briefs come in different designs and they have low, medium and high rises suitable for any outings. 

briefs underwear for men

Briefs have a cut that flatter the contours of your body. They show off your physique and emphasise your “package” by framing it. The waistline minimises your waists and most of the time, the fabrics used in making them are fast-drying ones.

3. Boxer Briefs

army green boxer briefs on a man

As the name implies, these types of underwear for men are a combination of briefs and boxers. Unlike briefs, this one has extra fabric that extends to cover one-third or half of your thighs. They prop your genitals and make you feel very comfortable. These are very versatile underpants —not too tight, not too loose.

boxer briefs - Types of Underwear for Men

Boxer briefs are suitable for everyday use. They can also be worn for athletic purposes. Although many people tend to refer to this underwear as briefs, the major difference is that while boxer briefs extend to your thighs, briefs don’t.

4. Jockstraps

jockstrap underwear on men

These are men’s underwear designed for those who engage in thorough sport activities. It has a pouch in front to give you support, an elasticated waistband and two leg bands that fall to the sides of the waist. The leg bands are also connected to the waistband. To prevent injuries around your genitals during rigorous exercise, cups are inserted into the pouch. However, while jockstraps cover the front, they offer no coverage to your backside.

jockstrap underwear for men

5. Trunks

trunks underwear on a man

These types of underwear for men are similar to boxer briefs but aren’t the same. They have a square-cut and are often shorter than boxer briefs yet longer than briefs. Since they are shorter than boxer briefs, they allow you flaunt your body.

trunks underwear for men

You shouldn’t buy men’s underwear because they are cheap and affordable or because they look good on a model. You should buy because you like the style, the comfort it offers and the purposes they serve. Remember you’ll move about and as well sit in a particular position for a while. So your underwear has to complement your everyday activities.  

Most importantly, instead of buying underpants that may fade or tear quickly, go for quality over price. This way you’re assured it’s an investment that’ll last you for a while.


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