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How to Find Your Perfect Lipstick Shade

Imagine you’ve got an event to attend and you have to do your makeup yourself but then you keep getting confused on the best lipstick colour that would suit you. Two things will definitely happen if you don’t decide on the right lipstick to go for: you either choose the wrong one and end up looking awful or you continue to dilly-dally and go late for the event.  With the many shades and palettes of lipstick available for makeup, choosing the right colour to wear can be quite overwhelming. What better option have you than to know how to find your perfect lipstick shade?

Choosing the Right Lipstick Color For You

Lipstick shades - How to Find Your Perfect Lipstick Shade

Lipsticks are must-have makeup essentials for every lady and when it comes to finding your perfect lipstick shade, you have to take some factors such as skin tone and skin undertones into consideration.

1. Know Your Skin Tone

skin tones - How to Find Your Perfect Lipstick Shade

To know how to find your perfect lipstick shade, you have to first determine your skin tone.  Your skin tone is your complexion. It is the depth of your skin and to determine your skin tone, you have to look at the skin around your jawline. The types of skin tone include:

  • Fair or Light: If you have a pale or lucid skin that burns easily when in the sun,  then you have a fair skin. Lipsticks that work best with fair complexion are coral, nude, light pink, peach, beige and dusty red colors.
  • Deep: If your skin is dark and you never experience sunburn, the perfect lipstick shade for you are brown or purple shades like caramel,  plum, or wine.
  • Medium: If you tan easily but don’t have a sensitive skin, you have a medium skin tone. Lipsticks for this skin tone are berry,  rose, cherry red, and mauve.
  • Tan: If your skin looks tan or olive, you hardly burn yet look tan in any season. Colours for this tone are deep pink, bright red and coral.

2. Determine Your Skin Undertone

skin undertone chart - How to Find Your Perfect Lipstick Shade

Undertones refer to the base of your skin. It isn’t the same thing as your skin tone. There are three types of undertones: cool, warm and neutral. You don’t just have to know your skin undertone to know how to find your perfect lipstick shade alone; if you want to dress with style, you also need to figure out the type of undertone you have.

To know your skin undertone, look at the veins inside your wrist. If they are green then your undertone is warm. Blue or purple veins means that your undertone is cool. If you can’t tell if your veins are green or blue, then you likely have neutral undertones.

You can as well try the jewelry trick to know your undertone. If gold jewelry looks better on you, your skin undertone is warm. If silver works best for you, then you’ve got cool undertones. But if both gold and silver suit you, then you are on the neutral side.

Lipstick Colours for Different Undertones

For a fair skin tone with cool undertones, go for raspberry, nude and soft mocha while warm undertones go for peach and pale pinks.

If you have a medium skin tone with cool undertones, try pink or cranberry while warm undertones go for copper or bronze.

For a deep skin tone with warm undertones, copper or bronze would do while cool undertones go for ruby or wine.

For a tan skin tone with both undertones, any colour except brown and purple will look great. You can as well try orange, coral or deep pink.

If you’ve got a neutral undertone, a wide variety of lipstick colours will suit you but you can try pink colours for fair skin, mauve shades for medium skin, and berry hues for deep skin.

Working with Your Perfect Lipstick Shade

How to Find Your Perfect Lipstick Shade

As you now know how to find your perfect lipstick shade, always remember to keep it subtle unless you want to make a statement with bold lips which is great. Also, when choosing the right lipstick colour, always go for colours you feel great in regardless of if it follows the rules or not. You may want to try a lipstick colour that isn’t in line with the above rules but so long as you feel confident and comfortable in it, go ahead and rock it.

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