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How to Wear Jeans and Make a Style Statement: 10 Tips You Must Try

Everybody loves a pair of jeans. It’s the most popular go-to casual wear. But regardless of its popularity, not everybody knows how to wear jeans and make a fashion statement.

Only a few do.

They’re the ones we all describe as stylish.

But if you aren’t among them, that’s not a problem.

lady wearing jean crop top with jeans

You too will know how to style jeans like a pro once you’re done reading this piece.

Not just jeans though but everything denim-related.

Let’s go!

How to Wear Denim

Davido wearing white shirt on jeans

Ready to rock your denim like a true fashionista? Use these styling tips and thank me later.

1. Pair Your Jeans with a Top

lady wearing black top with jeans

To make a style statement with your jeans, the first thing you need is a good top.

It could be a collared shirt, T-shirt, crop top, sweatshirt, cardigan, etc.

man wearing T-shirt with ripped jeans

For instance, this Ria Kosher top will make a nice combo with a pair of high-rise dark wash jeans.

Lady modeling Ria Kosher top

Once you’ve settled for a good shirt to pair with your jeans, go ahead and choose your accessories.

2. Wear a Denim Skirt

lady wearing pink shirt with jean skirt

The tip above applies in this case too. 

First, decide on the jean skirt you’d wear. It could be mini, midi, flared, or possibly maxi.

lady wearing top and jean skirt

Then pair with a befitting shirt or top that accentuates your style.

3. Layer with a Jean Jacket

man wearing jeans jacket

To create a coordinated look, let your denim jacket be the same colour as your jeans or denim skirt.

lady wearing denim jacket with jeans

And if you don’t wanna wear the jacket per se, hang it around your waist or shoulders for a more casual look.

4. Layer with A Blazer

lady wearing orange blazer with jeans

Use your blazer to create a smart casual look with your jeans.

old man wearing white blazer on jeans

It’s a nice combo for casual Fridays at work or a simple outing with friends.

5. Create an Afro-urban Outfit

B'Red rocking denim jacket imbedded with ankara prints

Another tip on how to style jeans is to combine it with African prints or simply pair with afro-urban fashion.

smiling lady wearing jeans with a touch of Afr-urban fashion taste

You can combine it with outfits ranging from sweatpants, hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, bum shorts and other streetwears.

The result will be an afro-urban look you wouldn’t trade for anything.

6. Rock Jeans Shorts

lady wearing top with jean shorts

A pair of shorts made with denim is another way to wear jeans.

lady wearing black T-shirt with jean shorts

The tips for skirts also apply here.

7. Combine with Ankara

lady wearing ankara top with jeans

Seen latest ankara styles you’d like to don? Why not combine them with jeans?

Ankara and jeans combination can be used to achieve dresses, skirts, ankara palazzo, and other styles.

lady wearing denim dress with a touch of ankara

You can as well pair your jeans with ankara tops or kimono.

Thankfully, we have a guide on ankara and jeans combination. Do check it out if this option is your choice.

8. Denim Dresses

lady wearing jeans dress

Another tip on how to wear jeans is to rock them as dresses.

smiling lady wearing sleeveless jeans dress

All you’ll have to work on are your shoes, bags, and other accessories.

9. Wear a Denim Dungaree

lady wearing jean dungaree

Dungarees are a fashion statement on their own.

And when you know how to style them, you create an effortlessly chic look without knowing.

lady wearing denim dungaree

There are many ways to style dungarees. Read up our guide and learn about it.

10. Accessorize all the Way

man wearing white shoes on jeans

Furthermore, you can pair your jeans with sneakers, heels, flats, knee-high boots, sandals, etc.

There are many types of shoes for men and also shoes for women that go well with jeans.

lady wearing pink blazer and jeans with handbag

But don’t stop there.

Go ahead and add your sunglasses, scarf, wristwatch, and other accessories that can transform your entire look.

man wearing black Tee on ripped jeans

And you’ll have a denim attire worth gracing the cover of magazines.

lady wearing white top and jean skirt

Now that you know how to wear jeans in stylish ways, wouldn’t you like your jeans to last longer in your wardrobe?

man wearing jackets with jeans

Start by using these tips on how to take care of your jeans

They deserve the best from you.

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