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7 Chic Ways to Wear a Blazer Like a Style Icon

Every wardrobe needs a classic staple; one you can wear to create different types of outfits for occasions. With a blazer, you’ll definitely achieve this. But the problem isn’t in having a blazer. It is in knowing how to wear a blazer in a fashionable way.

Of course, not everyone knows how to style a blazer. Perhaps, you do. But how many blazer styling options do you know? Stop counting.

It’s not like you know so many of them. If you did, you wouldn’t bother reading this article. You’d scroll past it maybe.

But since that isn’t the case, since you want to know how to wear a blazer like a style icon, let’s get into the deets already.

What is a Blazer?

lady wearing white blazer with brown pants

A blazer is a jacket that resembles a suit jacket but has a casual cut and feel. Apart from its style purposes, it’s something high school students, airline staff, sports club members, etc., wear as a uniform.

Brief History of Blazers

members of the Lady Margaret Boat Club rocking red blazers

If you weren’t fashion-savvy, what would come to your mind when you heard the word blazer? Something that blazes, right?

Let’s say fire or the colour red.

Actually, the name blazer is related to the red blazers of the Lady Margaret Boat Club (1825) which is the rowing club of St. John’s College, Cambridge. The flannel jackets of the club members were red, and since red blazes like fire, hence the name.

While the blazer has evolved to be more stylish than the red flannel jacket of the Lady Margaret Boat Club, the name remains. And now, it has evolved to refer to any less formal jacket regardless of its colour.

Difference Between a Blazer and a Suit Jacket

lady wearing yellow blazer with jeans shorts

Not everyone knows the difference between a blazer and a suit jacket. If you’re not everyone, that’s good of you! But if you’re not not everyone, it’s no biggie.

You’re about to get schooled on the difference between a blazer and a suit jacket. Just keep reading.

Blazers are less formal than suit jackets. Unlike suit jackets, blazers are usually unlined. They have no pads and the lapels have no stitches around the edges.

In addition, blazers are designed to be paired with a different colour of bottom. It isn’t the same for suit jackets. Those ones are a part of an ensemble which are the same colour.

Also, while a suit jacket’s fabric is sturdy and resistant to wear or tear, the blazer is light. It is also comfortable and breathable to wear over multiple clothes.

One thing that makes blazers less formal is the fact that you can use any suitable fabric to create it. You don’t have to restrict yourself to fabrics with conservative patterns.

You’re permitted to go wild with your colours and patterns or use a solid colour. This isn’t permissible with a suit jacket which is specifically tailored for formal, business matters.

And finally, when sewing a blazer, the technique is similar to that of a shirt— especially around the shoulders. Whereas a suit jacket uses a complicated sartorial technique.

How to Style a Blazer

lady wearing white blazer on shorts with hat

Blazers are mostly used to layer your outfit especially when the weather is cold or when you want to achieve a different look.

If you don’t know how to wear a blazer, here are the most stylish options to choose from.

1. Wear it on a Pair of Jeans and Top

lady wearing red blazer with jeans

You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans and a top. Whether it’s a crop top, t-shirt, or collared shirt, a blazer gives you a smart casual look once you add it to your outfit.

man wearing grey blazer with jeans

2. Wear with a Pair of Pants

man wearing red blazer on black pants

A blazer combined with a pair of pants and a shirt or camisole is one of the outfits to wear to work.

lady wearing blazer on a palazzo pants

It’s also a great business casual outfit and something to wear to job interviews too.

3. Wear with a Skirt

lady wearing checked blazer with matching skirt

Blazers are versatile fashion items and as such, any type of skirt will look better with it.

lady wearing brown blazer with matching skirt

If your choice is a midi skirt or a mini skirt, we have articles on how to rock them.

Do check them out and enhance your style.

4. Wear as a Dress

lady taking a pose in a Ria Kosher blazer dress

Apart from using a blazer to layer your outfit, you can also rock it as a dress.

It has buttons already. Just fasten them and slip on your shoes. 

lady wearing white blazer dress

And tada!

That’s your blazer dress.

5. Wear it Over a Dress

lady wearing a blazer on a midi dress

If you aren’t comfortable rocking a sleeveless dress or you simply want to give your dress a formal feel, layer it with a blazer.

lady wearing a black blazer on a short dress

It works for tight-fitting, flared, and any type of dress regardless of its length.

6. Pair with Shorts

man wearing blue blazer with shorts

You can also rock your blazers with a pair of shorts.

lady wearing blazer with shorts

It helps to add more accents to your look.

7. Go Monochromatic/Analogous

lady rocking pink blazer with matching pants

Another tip on how to style a blazer is to make your outfit the same or different shades of a particular colour.

This is also one of the ways to mix and match colours in your outfit.

wearing silver blazer and silver pants

If you’re yet to try a monochromatic attire, start with your blazer. You’ll like the results.

A blazer isn’t the only option for layering your clothes. There are others too. And if you want to incorporate them into your outfit check out our guide on how to layer your outfits.

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