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Latest Ankara Gown Styles Every Lady Should Rock

When my friend, Cynthia, told me she’d wear a dinner gown made with ankara to a red carpet, I wasn’t surprised. I knew that that was just one of the many ankara gown styles.

And if you’re like my friend, Cynthia, who wants to appear different in an afrocentric way to a special occasion, don’t leave this post just yet.

You’ll find the best ankara gowns styles here.

So, go prepare your gallery already.

Because you’ll be using your screenshot button soon enough if you don’t want to download any of them.

Ankara Gown Styles that Deserve to be in Your Wardrobe

lady wearing long ankara gown

Got a wedding or any social event coming up? 

Would you like to turn up in ankara?

Worry not about the perfect style to choose. These ankara gown styles are a good start.

1. Flared Dress

lady wearing ankara flared gown

Flared dresses can be long or short. Its beauty lies in the flare.

This helps to add more details to your lower body and hide your physical flaws.

lady wearing long flared ankara gown

For example, if you have a straight or apple body type, wearing an ankara flared dress will create balance around your lower body.

2. Smock Dress

lady wearing ankara smock dress

I love this dress because of how it stretches and hugs your body tight.

It’s made by sewing lines with the smock thread onto your ankara fabric.

You can give your smock dress any type of neckline or sleeve you want.

lady wearing ankara smock dress with a slit

Two things remain stagnant:

  • its elasticity to welcome you even when you put on weight
  • and fittings that flaunt your shape.

3. Ankara Shirtdress

lady wearing ankara shirt dress

Need something chic with buttons that can also pass for a shirt?

lady wearing ankara shirt dress with hat

Then get an ankara shirtdress.

They never go out of style and are suitable for casual Fridays at work too.

4. Shift Dress

lady wearing combined ankara shift dress with glasses

These ankara gown styles don’t have an explicitly defined waistline. Regardless of your body type, you can rock it and look really nice. 

girl wearing ankara shift dress

5. Blazer Dress

lady wearing a short ankara blazer dress

If you’re a fan of ankara office wear, then you’ll like a blazer dress.

Apart from rocking it as a dress, you can also pair this ankara gown with a pair of pants when you want a different look.

lady wearing ankara blazer gown

This style is great for formal gatherings. 

6. Ankara Peplum Dress

beautiful lady wearing peplum ankara outfit

This is another ankara dress that can pass for formal wear depending on your neckline or sleeves.

And that’s not all.

With an ankara peplum dress, you can be sure no one is gonna see your belly fat.

lady wearing ankara peplum dress

The over-the-skirt feature of this dress will hide any unsightly fat around your belly, minimize your waist, and accentuate your hips.

7. Ankara Long Dress

dark lady wearing ankara maxi dress

Maxi dresses are really detailed. They come in handy when you feel like protecting your legs from dust.

They are also easy statement outfits too to pull off.

lady wearing long ankara gown

In addition, they offer you comfort and style so you don’t sacrifice one for the other.

If an ankara maxi dress is your choice, read up our guide on how to style maxi dresses.

8. Ankara Kimono

lady wearing short kimono dress

This may not be a dress but it is actually. While it serves as something to layer your outfits, you can also rock it as a gown and get going.

lady wearing long ankara kimono dress

9. Wrap Dress

smiling lady rocking ankara wrap dress

If you’re plus-sized looking for something else to hide your belly fat, go for these ankara gown styles.

Wrap dresses have a front closure created by wrapping one side across the other.

smiling lady rocking ankara wrap gown

They further create a V-shaped neckline and flatter your curves.

Go for this style already.

10. Ankara Short Dress

smiling lady wearing ankara short dress

If you want something that would flaunt your thighs and beautiful legs, you don’t need to be told what to do.

Ankara short gowns should be your go-to.

lady wearing ankara short dress and taking a pose

You can have it loose-fitting, tight, or flared if you want.

11. Ankara Midi Dress

lady wearing ankara midi straight gown

And if you want something that extends below your knees to graze your mid-calf, ankara midi dresses would work.

lady wearing ankara midi flared dress

Its length makes it suitable for both casual and formal environments.

Moreover, you can always have it flared or tight-fitting depending on your personal style.

How to Style

lady wearing ankara dress

To style any of the ankara gown styles isn’t difficult.

For gowns of short and midi length, if you don’t want to rock them with your heels or flats, wear sneakers.

How you choose to style is dependent on the occasion you have.

Be that as it may, heels, flip-flops, cover-toe flats, sandals, and sneakers look great when paired with the ankara gown styles.

And don’t forget to add your jewelry, handbag and other necessary accessories for women to your look.

There you have it!

The ankara gown styles that deserve to adorn your body.

These dresses aren’t limited to a particular neckline, sleeve, or hem.

You can have any of them as off-shoulder, sleeveless, or even V-neck.

You can also embellish them with lace, jeans, organza, or net.

There are many options to choose from.

You don’t have an excuse not to slay.


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