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Outfits for Traveling — What to Wear When You are Traveling

Apart from eating and breathing, another thing we humans can’t do without is moving about. Sometimes, these movements may be long distance. And when that situation comes, you need to wear the proper outfits for traveling.

Perhaps, you may say to yourself:

I’m only traveling. It’s not like I have an appointment with the president.

Of course, you don’t have an appointment with the president (or maybe you do, I dunno), but if you don’t know what to wear when you are traveling, you won’t only look unkempt throughout your journey.

You’ll also feel uncomfortable too.

And to prove this, high-end fashion designer, Carolina Herrera, advised in 2015 that

“If you dress up at the airport you will actually be taken care of perfectly. You’ll be the one who the stewards look after the most.”

Even though she said that six years ago, her advice still holds water today.

You don’t want anyone misjudging you by your appearance, do you?

So, ensure you wear the proper outfits for traveling anytime you have to leave your state or country for another.

They aren’t just for style purposes alone.

Neither are they strictly to help you command respect.

They are also there to ensure you remain comfortable while sitting on a plane or bus for long hours.

Let’s look at them in detail, shall we?

Outfits for Traveling That’ll Make You Stylish and Comfortable

man with luggage and proper dressing ready to travel

When dressing up for a trip, the goal isn’t only to look your best but to also be comfortable.

In essence, you should always marry comfort with style when deciding on what to wear when you’re traveling.

If you aren’t comfortable, it will tell on you.

According to Lifehack, 93% of a person’s impression is based on how the other person looks and sounds. 

If you look bad or your discomfort is obvious to all, you’ll only be leaving a bad impression.

But with these outfits for traveling, you’ll have no issue.

You’ll be comfortable, stylish, and even get compliments from other passengers.

Speaking of other passengers, they won’t perceive you as being too showy or disturbing.

They’d instead respect your dress choice and make a mental note to take a style cue.

Some argue that fashion doesn’t matter; that Mark Zuckerberg, as rich as he is, cares less about what he says.

That may be true.

But do you also know that there was a time in Facebook history when he wore a tie every day to work to symbolise how serious his goals for that year were?

Dressing well matters all the time including when traveling.

Ready to see the outfits?

Here they are:

1. Outerwear

lady rocking black leather jacket

The weather may be cold while on your journey and when you arrive your destination. But with an outerwear, you’ll get all the warmth you need.

Just make sure the jacket, cardigan, sweater, or pullover, you use to layer is lightweight. This way, when it gets hot, you strip off a layer and add it to your luggage.

A man layering his outfit

Moreover, to achieve a chic look, read up our guide on how to layer your outfits. It also comes in handy when it’s time to travel.

2. Comfortable Trousers

lady wearing comfortable orange top and trousers

Trousers shield your legs from germs that could be on the airport/bus terminals and seats.

Your trousers should never be too tight or too loose when traveling.

This is because you’ll be spending long hours on your journey.

man wearing comfortable shirt and pants, ready to travel

So, avoid skinny jeans, and other trousers that’ll make you wish you had an option to go naked.

For ladies, harem pants, palazzo pants are a good choice.

And if you want to wear jeans, ensure they aren’t too tight on you 

3. Breathable Tees or Shirt

lady wearing simple T-shirt carrying travel luggage

Remember, your primary goal when dressing for a trip is ease and convenience.

Hence, any top you wear should give you this.

Man wearing white shirt with traveling bag

Avoid shirts with complex designs that’ll require you to keep adjusting

Go for plain tees and simple shirts instead. And remember to layer if you aren’t tolerant to cold.

4. Breathable Dresses

lady wearing loose dress

Loose-fitting dresses made with lightweight fabrics will definitely make you feel convenient while on your trip.

They could be long or short. Just ensure they aren’t too tight or too short on you.

You don’t want to expose your thighs or keep adjusting the length of your dress in front of other passengers.

woman wearing a loose brown dress

Let’s say you have a meeting in another town. Then you decide to dress up from home so you can attend once you touch down.

This dress from Ria Kosher is a good fit to achieve that. 

Lady wearing flare dress by Ria Kosher

5. Deodorant 

lady wearing deodorant

As you make good wardrobe choices, how about your hygiene?

You wouldn’t want to be perceived as that person with a killer dress sense and a pungent body odour, would you?

So, always wear your deodorant when traveling.

man applying perfume

Unless your perfume is a mild one, don’t wear it.

 A passenger may be allergic to a particular fragrance and your perfume may trigger an unwelcome reaction.

6. Compression Socks

lady dressed to travel with compression socks

When on a long trip on a plane or bus, expect to sit for a long time. And this may reduce your blood flow or give you swollen legs.

compression socks

The solution is to wear compression socks.

They’ll prevent deep vein thrombosis and stimulate blood circulation.

7. Comfortable Shoes

lady wearing sneakers, ready to travel

Comfortable shoes are relative. What is comfortable to you may be uncomfortable to another.

But in general, comfortable shoes should not be stressful to put on o take off.

Therefore, avoid heels or shoes that are too tight when on a long journey.

Michael B. Jordan carrying a travel bag, rocking comfortable shoes

Go for flip-flops, slippers, palms, sandals, sneakers, or other comfortable flats.

If you aren’t comfortable having your feet locked in sneakers for long hours, wear something else. 

8. Bag with a Secure Zipper

man carrying black backpack

Any bag you take with you while traveling should have a secure zipper.

Smiling lady posing with her travel luggage

You never can tell if a pickpocket is right behind you waiting to take something without permission.

What Not to Wear When Traveling

lady wearing short skirt
  • Excessively revealing clothes such as bum shorts, miniskirts, tank tops, or tops with a plunging neckline. They may be inappropriate at your destination.
  • Restrictive clothing such as jumpsuits without a front zipper, very tight jeans, bodysuits, etc. They can be problematic when it’s time to use the restroom.
  • High heels
  • Skinny jeans
  • An open bag
  • Pyjamas— save it for when you’re about to sleep after arriving your destination.
  • Expensive, flashy jewelry — Unless it’s your wedding/engagement ring, keep them for special occasions otherwise you may misplace them or lose them to thieves. Let them be in a safe among your luggage Instead.
  • Perfume with a strong fragrance— you never can tell who’s allergic to it.
  • Tees with offensive graphics/slogan.
  • Bright colours— they’ll only pop you out of the crowd when you’re supposed to blend in while on a trip.

Rule of Thumb: Always research your destination before embarking on your journey. It’ll help you tailor your wardrobe choices to suit their way of life. 

exposed dress, not suitable for tarveling

 There are religious beliefs and customs that guide every place. For instance, you can’t visit Middle Eastern countries with immodest clothing. It’s way too inappropriate over there.

In addition, when choosing outfits for traveling, consider the weather conditions of your take-off point and your destination. It’ll ensure you don’t feel too cold or hot as you journey.

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