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What to Wear to a Date — Date Outfits Ideas

For a second, imagine your phone just beeped. And when you checked your notifications, you saw it’s a message from your crush requesting a meeting. But before you blush all shades of grey, do you know what to wear to a date?

It may not be with your crush.

It may be that cute guy from Tinder or social media.

Or perhaps, even with your lover or spouse.

The fact that you both are already together doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put effort into looking good for him. It’ll help you both reignite the love in your hearts and ensure it keeps sparkling.

You’ve got to thrill him with your appearance so he falls in love with you more than before.

But how’s that gonna happen if you don’t know what to wear to a date?

Don’t go too hard on yourself.

As usual, Svelte Magazine never disappoints.

And that’s one of the reasons we’ve come to inspire you with some neck-breaking, head-turning date outfits.

Stay put and remember to save this page for the days when you have a date to attend.

Shall we?

What to Wear to a Date

lady wearing red jumpsuit for a date

When it’s time to prep for your date, trust me, you’ll feel like you don’t have what to wear.

This is something almost every woman experiences.

That confused look you give your wardrobe before you say to yourself, “I don’t know what to wear.”

If you regularly detox your wardrobe, you’ll have no issues picking your date outfits easily.

Nonetheless, here are the date outfits we recommend you don when it’s time to look into the eyes of that special person in public.

Whether it’s a date in an expensive restaurant, cinema, bar, beach, garden, or anywhere else, these outfits would work.

1. Jumpsuits/Playsuits

lady wearing stripped playsuit

I love jumpsuits because once you wear them, you really don’t have to worry about what to wear above or below.

The same applies to playsuits.

Depending on your date location and milieu, you can wear any style of jumpsuit or playsuit.

If you love to flaunt your thighs, rompers are your best bet. This is because playsuits don’t extend to your legs. They barely graze your knees too.

Also, if you’d like to show some skin, go for a jumpsuit or playsuit with a revealing neckline or sleeves.

By the way, a jumpsuit with a zipper in front offers comfort. You’ll find it easy to wear and take off when it’s time to use the restroom.

This Ria Kosher jumpsuit below is one of such comfortable outfits. While you stun your dates with the beautiful colours of this outfit, you don’t sacrifice your comfort too.

Jumpsuit by Ria Kosher

2. Jeans and a Top

a smiling lady wearing white top with jeans for a date

If the date is a casual one, your jeans and top will definitely come in handy.

It could be a ruffle top, crop top, a t-shirt, or any beautiful shirt.

Jeans never fail to come through for fashionistas. Just make sure you know how to recognize original jeans.

lady wearing black top and jeans for a date

You can as well add a blazer to the look to give it a smart-casual feel. 

Express your style with confidence. You don’t wanna give your date a bad impression of your wardrobe taste.

3. Palazzo and Top

lady wearing white sleeveless top with brown palazzo

Palazzos add details to your lower body. And once you know how to style palazzo pants, you’re one step closer to winning your date’s heart.

Any good top will look great with your palazzo. You can wear a turtleneck, crop top, t-shirt, etc., and layer if you want.

Just make sure your top isn’t too loose-fitting so you don’t look like you deliberately decided to hide your features.

lady wearing brown top and milk palazzo

That aside, if you don’t have a palazzo, any pair of pants would work too.

It doesn’t have to be solid colors. Floral prints, polka dots, animal prints,

multicoloured outfits are also great

4. Skirt and Top

lady wearing white top with skirt

Do you know how to wear mini skirts? Or would you rather grab on your midi skirt?

Whichever one you choose, the good thing is that we have style guides on how to wear mini skirts and midi skirts.

lady wearing blazer on turtleneck and short skirt for a date

Do check them out if a skirt and top is your preference for your date. The guide also works for other types of skirts.

5. Dresses

lady wearing an orange bodycon dress for a date

Many women love dresses especially if it’s for a date in an expensive restaurant.

And there are many types of dresses to choose from for your date. For instance, there are bandage dresses, flared, suit dresses, sheath dresses, etc.

Go for alluring colours like black, red, pink, blue, etc.

Furthermore, some workwear dresses can also be worn to a date especially if it’s something like this one below.

lady posing in a dress by Ria Kosher

So, let’s say your date is in a posh restaurant on a Friday immediately after work. There’s no point going home to change.

Just retouch your makeup and you’ll be good to go.

But if really you want to flaunt your curves, go for ruched dresses and other bodycon dresses.

6. Co-ord Sets

smiling lady wearing co-ord set and smiling

I love two-pieces because they don’t stress you when it’s time to style. Simply pick a beautiful coordinated set and you’re good to go.

lady in an animal print coordinated set outfit

But for your date, ensure it’s a chic one.

7. Shoes

lady in a red dress rocking sneakers

Depending on your date location, only wear the footwear you’ll be comfortable in.

Wear your heels but ensure they aren’t too high. You don’t want your date feeling like you overdressed or came to intimidate him.

lady in a jumpsuit rocking heels for date

Also, there are beautiful flats and sandals to rock for dates. If it’s casual and you don’t want the usual flats, sneakers would work.

8. Accessories

lady in a black jumpsuit wearing big necklace

If it isn’t a beach or a sunny environment, you don’t need to wear a hat. Go for other simple headwears instead if you’re having a bad hair day.

lady rocking sunglasses

Your earrings and necklace shouldn’t be so loud that they distract your date from your beautiful face.

And remember to wear your perfumes correctly, carry a befitting handbag, and wear simple makeup.

What Not to Wear to a Date

lady wearing shirt and short jeans

There’s a balance between looking attractive and looking inappropriate. Therefore, while you decide on what to wear to your date, never cross that line.

You don’t have to go overdressed or look like you tried so hard to look good. 

To prevent that, avoid any of these for your date:

  • Excessively revealing clothes
  • Really high heels
  • Loud makeup
  • Clothes or shoes that don’t fit
  • Outfits that are difficult to style e.g clothes with too complex straps or lacing. Wear them if you’ll be comfortable in them though.
  • Excessively ripped jeans
  • Outfits with statement details. Save them for other occasions.
  • Off-shoulder tops unless they don’t require constant adjustment from you.
  • Activewear unless it’s a date in the gym.

Remember, it isn’t only you and your date that will be at the venue. There’ll be others there for recreational purposes or even the same reason as you. So, it’s important you always look your best.

Moreso, as you decide on what to wear to a date, never forgo comfort for style or vice-versa. 

Instead, learn how to marry both together. You can do that by reading our guide on comfort and style.

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