6 Essential Tips on How to Identify Original Jeans When Shopping

Jeans is one wardrobe staple we just can’t do without. From casual attire to business casual, they enhance your style anytime you slip them on. But when it comes to shopping denim, many people don’t know how to identify original jeans. If you are one of them, that’s not a problem.

In this article are tips to educate you on how to identify original jeans. They’ll save you the pain of wasting your money on low-quality denim.

So, before you go shopping for your next pair of jeans or anything denim, be sure to read this article again.

How to Identify Original Jeans 

stack of original jean trousers

1. Check the Weight

Quality jeans are usually made from thick and heavy denim. So, when you shop, feel the weight of the denim. Is it strong and heavy enough? If not, know for sure that it isn’t original jeans. Denim should be strong and thicker than other fabrics. When you touch the jeans and it feels soft or loose, don’t buy it. It’s of low quality.

Furthermore, denim weight is usually measured in ounces. For shirts and lightweight denim, the ounce is usually between 7 to 10. For slim-fit and stretchy denim made with spandex, the ounce ranges between 11 to 12.  That aside, the original weight for denim is 13-15 ounces. However, the maximum but hard-to-find denim weight is around 19-21 ounces.

When you’re wearing jeans, there’s a shift in your center of gravity.

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2. Check the Stitch

Another way to recognize original denim is to check the stitches. Quality denim usually has uniform stitches. That is, the thread will have the same colour and the seam lines will have the same pattern. Everything about the jeans will be consistent and you’ll have no need to doubt its quality.

In addition, if the jeans is original, it shouldn’t have loose thread. The stitching also would have no open ends that allow threads to pop out. 

So, if you see any loose thread on the jeans you want to buy, dump it. I’s not quality jeans. 

3. Check for Stretch

This is necessary if you want to buy a pair of stretchy jeans. To check for stretch,  look at the label of the jeans for the elastane, spandex or lycra percentage. It should have at most 2 percent stretch quality.

And when you’re shopping stretch jeans, it is better you buy a smaller size. This is because these jeans stretch and loosen overtime. So if you get your exact size and it loosens after multiple wears, the jeans won’t fit on your body as snugly as it used to. 

Get a smaller size so when it loosens, it’ll still hug your body perfectly.

I believe life’s too short for compromises and bad fitting jeans.

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4.  Check the Quality of Zipper and Buttons

Quality jeans usually have quality zippers and buttons. Manufacturers of original jeans won’t invest in quality fabrics and then go ahead to use cheap buttons and zippers. Everything will be premium quality from start to finish.

Jeans buttons should always be tight and secure, most especially if it’s new. If the buttons are loose, that’s a sign that it wasn’t produced well. If you buy these jeans with loose buttons, they’ll fall off. And when they do, be prepared to fix new buttons.

But why go through that stress when you can easily avoid it in the first place?

Before you pay for that jeans, confirm if the buttons and zippers are good, tight and secure. Otherwise, you’ll wind up paying more for less value.

5. Check for Stains

Another tip on how to identify original jeans is to check for stains. New, original and quality denim won’t have stains on it even if they have a faded look. But if it does have stains, know for sure that it’s low quality or the seller simply wants to sell off to get money.

Although you can use vinegar to get rid of stains on jeans, isn’t it better to avoid it in the first place? 

Hence always go for original jeans with no stains. 

6. Check the Price

Although price doesn’t equate quality, but when it comes to the tips on how to identify original jeans, price matters. This is because original jeans aren’t made with low-quality materials. Furthermore, the manufacturers don’t just produce them; they usually pay attention to details too.

Therefore, before you get such value, you have to spend on it. This makes every piece of quality jeans in your wardrobe an investment that will definitely last long and give you your desired ROI.

There you go with the tips on how to identify original jeans. When next you go shopping for jeans, never forget these tips. If you do forget, simply come back to this page to make sure the jeans that catches your fancy ticks every box on this checklist.


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