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10 Hair Crimper Styles for that Nostalgic Vibe

Are you tired of the same old hairstyles? Do you crave a 90s hairstyle that’s bold and full of personality? If so, it’s time to embrace the power of the hair crimper.

This hot hair tool was used back then to create a zigzag crinkle effect. Since many Y2K fashion elements have returned, there’s nothing wrong with picking one of the most popular hairstyles from that time and rocking it like a fashionista in the 21st century. 

Picture of a ponytail  braid made  with hair crimper

A hair crimper is the secret weapon your tresses have been missing. This tool creates styles like beach waves, retro-inspired crimps, bob, and many more, as you’ll soon see. Ahead, you’ll find the best techniques for achieving your desired look, expert tips to ensure your crimped styles stay flawless all day, and top hairstyles you can achieve with this tool.

Whether you’re a 90s babe who wants to reminisce about the good old times or you just want to try out this hairdo, this post promises to be your ultimate resource.

Brief History of Hair Crimping

Picture of  Tyra Banks rocking a hair crimping style

While the earliest crimping tools date back to the late 1800s, it wasn’t until the 80s that the iconic crimped hairstyle began making waves. Veteran singer Barbra Streisand rocked it then and has been spotted in recent years with crimpy tresses. Of course, lovers of new styles jumped on it. And before we could ask Jack, this look became the emblem of ’80s counterculture cool.

Similarly, the 90s and early 2000s saw an even bigger crimping craze, with voluminous, heavily crimped manes becoming the order of the day. Britney Spears wore the hairdo to the point it became a mainstream sensation.

And now, thanks to a revival of nostalgic beauty trends and the cyclical nature of fashion, crimping has made an epic return to the style world over the past few years. Modern crimped styles feel fresh and contemporary while still channelling that retro vibe.

The Best Hair Crimping Technique For Your Desired Look

Picture of Gigi Hadid rocking the hair crimping  style

So, how does one master the art of crimping in this modern age? First, you need the right tool for the job. Several styles of crimping irons are now on the market, from the classic wave crimper to flat crimpers and even triple-barrel options.

A flat crimping iron is your best bet for tight, zigzag crimps. If you prefer looser, beachy waves, go for a round-barrel or triple-barrel crimper. No matter which tool you choose, always use a heat-protectant product on clean, dry hair before crimping.

Furthermore, the crimping technique is similar to using a flat or curling iron. Take small sections of hair and run the heated crimper from roots to ends in a smooth, even motion. Alternate the direction you crimp for a more natural, multi-dimensional look.

One fundamental crimping trick? Don’t crimp up to your roots. Leave a few inches of smoothness at the top to avoid that dreaded crimp-close-to-the-scalp look. For romantic, Bohemian waves, run your fingers gently through the crimps once they’ve cooled to loosen them up.

Crimping also looks fabulous on braids and ponytails for a textured, edgy vibe. Don’t forget to get creative and mix techniques. The styling options with this tool are endless.

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Style Tips to Help You Stay Flawless All Day

Picture of a lady rocking a  blond hair with the hair crimper

You’ll need more than just a great crimping iron to get runway-worthy crimped styles. The right hair products will help enhance and set your crimps while also protecting against heat damage.

Start with a thermal protectant spray or cream to create a barrier between your hair and the hot crimping iron. Next, use a crimping or texturizing product made specifically for enhancing waves and crimps. 

Look for formulas with flexible hold that allow some movement. Once you’ve crimped your entire head, work in anti-humidity spray to lock in the look. Some hairspray can also help hold crimps in place.

Furthermore, finish with a sprinkle of volumizing or texture powder for texture with added grit. With the right products in your arsenal, you’ll create crimped hairstyles with incredible staying power and definition.

Best Hair Crimper Styles You Should Recreate

Picture of a lady showing off her brunnete crimped hair

From casual and effortless to full-on glam, crimped hairstyles offer something nice for every hair vibe and occasion. Here are some fierce looks to experiment with:

Messy Crimped Updo

Picture of  a lady  rocking a  tousled top knot  crimped hair

For a night out, crimp your hair from roots to ends, then sweep it up into a tousled topknot or low bun. Let tendrils hang loose for a romantic look.

Crimped Bob

Hair Crimper: Picture of a lady rocking he crimped bob

Crimped styles look chic and modern on shorter hair lengths like lobs and bobs. The uniform wave pattern adds incredible texture and body to your coiffur.

Hair Crimper Undercut

Picture of a guy rocking the crimped undercut

Who says hair crimping only works with long tresses? No one. So, if you’re wearing an undercut, give the hair on top a new spin by crimping it. It’s like introducing your personal touch to the popular haircut.

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Lavender Goddess Hair with Hair Crimper

Hair crimper: Picture of  a lady rocking a gorgeous lavender crimped hair

Want your hair to stand out beautifully? Go for this look. It’s bold and beautiful and an effortless way to turn heads. Don’t be bothered if you don’t have a crimping iron; a straightener can also help you get your desired results. Just make tiny braids, run your straightener, and loosen. You’ll love the results.

Crimped and Braided Layers

Back view of wine colored crimped and braided layers

This style should be your go-to if you love your hair cascading down your shoulders but with a unique twist. Crimp your hair and braid for a gorgeous half-up and half-down look.

Half-Crimped Style

Picture of a lady rocking the half crimped style

Can’t decide between straight and crimped? Do both! Crimp just the bottom half of your hair, leaving the top section sleek and smooth.

Braided Crimped Ponytail

Back view of a lady wearing a crimped braided ponytail

Switch things up for a basic ponytail by crimping and braiding the length. The crimp adds killer texture and dimension.

French Crown Braid with Hair Crimper

Hair crimper: Back view of a lady wearing the french crown braid

Heat styling tools offer many options.  So, if you want a gorgeous French crown braid but with a twist? Crimp your hair and braid the top section while letting your lower section crimped tresses cascade down your back.

Hair Crimper: A Timeless 90s Trend for Ladies

Picture  of   a gorgeous lady wearing a blond crimped hair

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the crimped hair trend or just got introduced to its retro glam revival, one thing is clear: the hair crimper is a tool that deserves a permanent place in your styling arsenal.

From tousled beachy waves to tight, edgy zigzags, a quality hair crimper iron allows you to transform your look easily. Ditch the basic blowout and go for head-turning volume and texture instead. Crimped hairstyles instantly add a cool-girl vibe that commands attention. The crimping comeback is just getting started, as this vintage styling method is a trend with serious staying power. 

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