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Fairy Hair: The Y2K trend Making a Comeback

Just when we thought staples from the Y2K era, like low-rise jeans and butterfly hair clips, were done making a comeback, the fairy hair returned with a bang. If you don’t recall, it’s that sparkly strand girls used in the early 2000s to add more shine to their hair. Yes, they are here and have taken over our hair space.

Fair hair: Back view of girl rocking the gorgeous look

The gorgeous hair trend is currently sweeping over TikTok, and girlies are trying their hands on the look. They are fashionable hair accessories that can add that flirty vibe and some personality to your overall appearance. Interested in hopping on the trend? Great! But before you do so, a quick question for you: how well do you know the fairy hair trend?

If my guess is correct, then you know little to nothing about it. But not to worry—that’s why this piece is here. So, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this hair accessory before jumping on it.

What is Fairy Hair?

Backview of a girl rocking the ponytail fairy hair

To some, when they hear of fairy hair, what immediately comes to mind are the magical cartoon characters and their gorgeous sparkly hair. Well, if that’s what you initially thought, you aren’t far from the truth. This hairdo sure looks magical, but not the hairstyle of imaginary fairies. They’re, instead, sparkly strands of hair tinsel that give the illusion of shimmering hair extension.

The exciting thing about this hairdo is it can last from two to eight weeks and even withstand your routine of brushing, blow drying, or other heat styling techniques. I mean, imagine wearing shimmering hair for months. Cool, right?

This hairdo is perfect for your parties and festivals. It’s quick to install and low maintenance with no hassle at all.

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Why is the Fairy Hair Becoming Popular Now?

Full view of  a lady rocking a purple fairy hair

As a friend of mine will say, never underestimate the power of TikTok. If you check out the hashtag #fairyhair or #HairTinsel, you’ll see a lot of videos of influencers and other creators trying out the style in different colors.

The social media platform has been noted for bringing about the reemergence of past trends from the 90s, 80s, and the Y2K era. And when it comes to the fairy hair, it’s easy to see why the look is making a huge comeback. The hairdo is one way to switch up your style and add colours to your hair without dyeing it.

Say you want to attend a party, and you need that sparkly vibe. Add some glittery strands to your hair and give yourself some fairy hair. It’s a gorgeous hair accessory that never disappoints.

Can You Get Fairy Hair at Home?

Back view of a girl rocking the gorgeous hair

While we recommend you go to the salon to get the look, you can still achieve it in the comfort of your home. All you need is the hair tinsel strands, a good brush, a detangling comb, a rat tail comb, scissors, and a hair clip. 

The fun fact is that it only takes a few minutes to learn, and once you’ve mastered it, you can install it at any time.

Are There Any Risks Involved With Installing the Fairy Hair?

Side view of a lady rocking the shimmering hair look

No, absolutely not. There are no risks whatsoever when it comes to installing the fairy hair. In fact, the fairy hair falls out on its own, just like your regular strands. The hair tinsel is made of silk and adapts well to heat. So you have nothing to worry about.

However, if your hair sheds a lot, your sparkly hair extensions may not last long since they go out when you either comb your hair or shed them.

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Celebrities Rocking the Hairstyle

Full view of Beyonce rocking the gorgeous look

Remember we said this look is a Y2K staple that is making a huge comeback? So when it was in the rage in the early 2000s, we saw our favorite celebrities like Beyonce and Katy Perry slay the look like the magical fairy princesses they are.

However, back in the 2010s, the Y2K staple saw a spike in popularity when Queen Bey rocked hair tinsel at the 2012 Grammy Awards. Talk about celeb power! Now glittery hair strands are gaining more momentum, thanks to Tiktok.

How to Install the Tinsel for the Look

Side view of a lady rocking the stunning hairdo

Follow this step-by-step guide to install the tinsel for that gorgeous shimmering hair:

  • Brush your hair to detangle every knot. Then, divide it into sections with hair clips. 
  • The hair tinsel comes in different colors. Feel free to try one, two, or more hues as you’d like. So, choose and arrange your tinsels carefully by your side.
  • Take one string of tinsel and create a slip-knot.
  • Loop a thin section of hair (about one to two strands for fine hair or two to four strands for thicker hair) around the knotted tinsel to lock it in place. Be careful not to pull too tightly against the scalp. And once you’ve secured the looped section, snip off any excess tinsel tail.
  • Tie the strands two or three times to make it more secure.
  • Cut the tinsel according to the length of your hair and re-do the steps until satisfied.
  • Add some dry shampoo to your hair roots to create texture and keep your tinsel from sliding out.

How to Remove the Fairy Hair

Lady shows off her tresses with strands of the fairy hair

Removing the fairy hair is quite easy, as the tinsels fall off with your strand. But when you want to get rid of them quickly, cut them off with scissors or simply pull them out. 

However, we recommend the former rather than the latter so you don’t pull off your hair strands and cause yourself discomfort.

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Add Some Glitter to Your Tresses by Wearing Fairy Hair 

Full view of a lady rocking the gorgeous hairdo with style

The fairy hair trend has been rapidly growing in popularity. It allows people to add an eye-catching sparkle and dimension to their hairstyles. With thin, shimmering threads woven throughout tresses, the hair tinsel provides a unique textured look with a fun, youthful vibe.

This hair trend is here to stay. Its rise reflects people’s desire for low-maintenance ways to get creative with their hair and express their style. In our busy, modern lives, small touches from these glittery hair tinsels allow for an effortless flair.

Whether you choose metallic hues like gold and silver or opt for colorful strands, fairy hair is an easy way to refresh your look. The trend complements everything from beachy waves to sleek and straight styles on all hair textures.

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