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Salt and Pepper Hair: How to Style & Maintain

How do you feel when you look in the mirror and see your hair is turning gray? Let me guessyou probably feel like age is creeping up on you. Yes, you may be aging. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still look as stunning as a sweet sixteen. And if you wear hairstyles like salt and pepper hair, you’ll embrace aging instead of hiding it.

beautiful black girl wearing dark silver hair color

This hairstyle can make you look and feel younger. And when you rock it to perfection, it adds some vibrancy to your looks, getting you compliments even when you aren’t paying attention. So welcome those gray hairs as we show you how to give them a salt-and-pepper makeover.

What Makes Salt and Pepper Hair Befitting for Women?

beautiful lady wearing silver hair

Salt-and-pepper hair is a unique blend of dark and gray or white hairs. It happens when your natural hair color is black or brunette, and some white hair grows out, making it a mixture of white, gray, or silver strands, and black or dark brown hair. This salt-and-pepper color glorifies the essence of aging as your hair evolves from young to older. It’s a stylish fashion statement people rock to elevate their personalities. 

Furthermore, the look isn’t restricted to the older generation alone, as individuals of all age groups also wear this hairstyle for these reasons:

It is Low-Maintenance

This coiffure requires little upkeep. You don’t need to frequent the salon for regular touch-ups. Also, it has a stress-free routine for maintenance.

However, just because it’s low maintenance doesn’t mean it needs no maintenance. So, go for regular trims and toning sessions to add more movement and shimmer to your hair.

It’s Natural 

Almost everyone will experience the magic of salt and pepper hair. So, instead of hiding those gray strands with black dye, make a style statement with your hair because its color is in vogue. 

It’s Versatile

Salt and pepper hair complements many skin tones, outfits, and fashion styles. This makes it a versatile option if you’d like to boost your natural grays while retaining your personal style.

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What to Know Before Getting Salt and Pepper Hair

short curly black and gray hairstyle

If you’d like to turn your entire hair into this color, it’ll require some work to achieve it. But if you’re starting with a dark base color, you’ll need to bleach your hair so the gray stays on your strands. 

The best thing to do is to consult a professional hairstylist. They’ll tell you other crucial factors, such as your transition plan, lifestyle, and maintenance. But if you’d rather do it yourself, the next heading is for you.

How to Get Salt and Pepper Hair at Home

gorgeous salt and pepper hair

Follow these steps for a quick DIY salt-and-pepper look at home.

  • Color your hair with permanent hair dye in soft black for a subtle look or bright black for a bold look.
  • Spray sections of your hair with a silver hair color spray. Spritz the spray wherever you like, then wash it out at the end of the day. 

For a clean, professional look, go to the salon and let a pro colorist create a salt-and-pepper hair color for you. But if you would like to explore, do it yourself with the steps we shared above or watch this video for a better explanation:

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How to Care for Salt and Pepper Hair

smiling older lady wearing black and gray hair

How to Style Salt-and-Pepper Hair

pretty lady rocking salt and pepper hair

Styling your salt and pepper hair involves wearing hairstyles that emphasize your multi-color. The best of them are:

Black and Gray Bob Cut

 black and gray bob

Bob is one haircut that suits this hair color. It accentuates it and lets you flaunt your grays effortlessly.

Ombre Hair

back view of ombre black and silver hair color

The ombre color gradient gives this look more accents. Let your natural color be the base, then blend the statement color around the ends for a seamless transition. 

Black and Silver Highlights

back view of black and gray hihlights

Regardless of your hair color, throwing on some salt and pepper highlights will draw special attention to you. You can go for a peekaboo or full-head highlight.

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Waves and Curls

a pretty older lady wearing curly black and grey hair

Salt and pepper hair makes a stunning combo when rocked as waves and curls. No matter the hue of silver or gray you wear, you’ll always get that detailed look with your curls.

Black and Gray Balayage

balayage salt and pepper hair

The balayage style involves painting your hair’s silver or gray strands to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.

Braided Salt-and-Pepper Hair

Black and grey long braids

Any braid works with this hair color, too. Whether locs, fishtail braids, knotless braids, French braids, box braids, or tribal braids, your salt-and-pepper highlights will shine through.

Black and Gray Hair with Bangs

an older lady wearing a long hairstyle with bangs

Hide your forehead while framing your face by wearing hairstyles with bangs. They accentuate your hairstyle, giving it more deets to admire.

Pixie Cut

a lady rocking pixie salt and pepper hair

If you need something chic and timeless, try the salt-and-pepper pixie cut. It’s a functional and stylish coiffure that never goes out of style.

Long Black and Gray Hair

a lady wearing a necklace with a beautiful pendant while showing off her salt and pepper hairstyle

Long hair on its own is an attention-grabber. But when you rock it in this hair color, you become a show-stopper.

Salt and Pepper Hair Remains Ageless

older woman looking young while rocking salt and pepper hair color in curls

Once upon a time, gray hair used to be something we all wanted to hide. But nowadays, it’s become a major hair color trend. Thankfully, the salt and pepper hair trend is not restricted to a particular age group. People of all ages can rock them and make a unique statement with their looks.

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So, if it’s been on your radar, pull it off. As we mentioned in this post, you can achieve it all by yourself or with the help of an expert colorist. Whichever option you choose, one thing is certain: you’ll always have an attractive hairstyle. And if you need more ideas to tickle your style buds, check these out:

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