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35 Breathtaking Styles of Bangs for Long Hair

A gorgeous way to beautify your long hair is to add bangs to it. And thankfully, you just can’t get enough of the styles of bangs for long hair. They not only add more deets to your coiffure but also flatter your face shape and hair texture.

Jessica Alba rocking bangs for long hair

That’s not all. Fringe is also a big forehead hairstyle that shields your prominent forehead from public glare.

lady wearing blond hair with bangs for long hair

So, if you’ve been contemplating rocking this long hairstyle as I suppose, you’ll find the different styles of bangs for long hair in this post. 

lady wearing curly hair with bangs

Let’s get to it.

Things to Consider Before Getting Bangs 

lady wearing black long hair

1. Understand it’s a Serious Business

lady wearing curly hairstyle with fringes

Resist the urge to treat your fringe like it’s the least part of your hair. Just as you’ll be spending minutes brushing the back of your hair, you should also dedicate time to brushing and dressing your fringe in any of the different styles you want.

Yes, it’s serious business.

2. Be Ready to Cut Some Hair

lady wearing long brown hair with fringes

Your hairstylist will have to cut your weaves or natural hair (for Caucasian & Asian hair) to achieve the short bangs that’ll be in front. You have to come to terms with this if you wanna rock bangs.

3. Invest in Proper Maintenance

Lady wearing brown fringe hairstyle

Bangs for long hair need good hair maintenance to last long. Whether you’re using your real hair or installing weaves, you need to give it the trims to maintain its look.

Should I Wear Bangs Over 50?

old lady wearing fringe hairstyle

Yes, bangs are fun and youthful hairstyles that suit any woman regardless of age or hair type. 

lady wearing short hair with bangs

They frame your face, make it fuller, and hide your age spots and other facial flaws. 

smiling lady wearing pink hair with fringe

So, feel free to wear a fringe even when old age comes. It’ll give you a sophisticated look.

Do Bangs Look Good with Glasses?

smiling lady with glasses wearing long hair with bangs

Hairstyles with bangs exude confidence. And yes, they look great with glasses no matter the type you’re wearing.

Styles of Bangs for Long Hair

lady spotting multi-color bangs in a car

There are different styles of bangs for long hair whether curly, wavy, or straight. Let’s look at the best of them:

1. Curtain Bangs

lady wearing long blond hair with curtain bangs

These styles of bangs for long hair are parted in the middle just like curtains. They’re low maintenance and easy to grow out. They also require minimal maintenance like trims.  

lady wearing long hair with curtain bangs

Also, you can have them in layers and rock them how you like. 

2. Blunt Cut Fringe

smiling lady wearing blunt cut fringe

“All things being equal” also applies to bangs too. The blunt-cut fringe is of equal length around the edges. 

photo collage of a lady wear wearing blunt cut fringe

If you want every strand uniform and the same, go for this style of bangs for long hair.

3. Subtle Bangs

lady wearing long dirty-blond hair with subtle bangs

As the name implies, this style is subtle. Unless you look closely, you won’t tell it’s a fringe as it’s usually parted like a curtain fringe with more volume on the sides than in the middle.

This bang easily blends into the sides of your hair. And you can easily tuck them away when your forehead needs to breathe fine. 

4. Bangs with Curls

star lady wearing curly hair with fringe

This fringe goes with curly hair. 

pretty lady wearing bang with curls on curly hair

Most times, the entire hair is curly from front to back as well as the bangs.

5. Scanty Bangs

lady wearing hair in ponytail with scanty bangs

This style has little or no volume. The fringe isn’t full. 

lady wearing long hair with scanty bangs

Instead, it’s usually scanty around your forehead. It’s great for flashing bits of your forehead too.

6. Side-Swooped Bangs

smiling Rihanna wearing her long hair with side swoop bangs

Side-swept fringe usually tilts to one side of your forehead. 

smiling Megan Good wearing her long hair with side swoop bangs

It could be the left or right side. Anyone you’re comfortable with works just fine.

7. Colored Bangs

lady wearing her long hair with purple bangs

Need something bold and catchy? Why don’t you dye your bangs?

lady wearing sky blue long hair with bangs

Besides being a standout choice, it’s also an excellent way to add more colors to your outfit.

8. Full-Coverage Bangs

smiling Kelly Rowland wearing ponytail with full-coverage bangs

This one is the opposite of scanty bangs. 

lady wearing her long hair with full-coverage bangs

It’s thick with enough volume to cover the whole of your temples.

9. Layered Fringe

lady wearing long blond hair with layered bangs

This style features bangs in different lengths. 

Jennifer Lopez wearing long blond hair with layered bangs

And there’s something else you should know about layered bangs: the longer your layers are, the more styling options you’ll have.

10. Long Bangs

lady wearing her hair in a ponytail with long bangs

These bangs are longer than the usual.

Dua Lipa wearing long hair with long bangs

The length extends beyond your forehead to below your eyebrows or the sides of your face.

11. Braided Fringe

lady wearing braided bangs

Unlike other bang styles that involve using weaves, this style is different. It involves using attachment hair extensions to create short braids that’ll serve as bangs.

lady wearing ponytail with braided bangs with beads

You can add beads and other hair accessories to them. They’re a great complement for any type of African braids whether shuku, cornrows, stitch braids, feed-in braids, Fulani braids, etc.

lady rocking simple styles of bangs for long hair

There you have it. Now pick any of the styles of bangs for long hair that appeals to you. And don’t forget to take nice photos for your social media pages.

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