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37 Amazing Feed-in Braids Styles Ruling the Hair Sphere

If I told you every woman who loves to braid her hair has tried feed-in braids styles, would you believe me?

Take a trip to Instagram or Pinterest and search for this hairstyle. You’ll find tons of pictures that prove my point. Feed-in braids are one of the trendy hairstyles that aren’t leaving the beauty scene anytime soon. If you’ve been contemplating going for it, this post is the go-ahead you need.

lady with tattoo wearing feed-in braids hairstyle

You’ll look as gorgeous as you desire. But first, you need to learn more about this coiffure. Who knows, it may have some cons that may not sit well with you. In addition, you also need a bank of inspiration so you know what exactly you want to achieve. And if that makes sense to you, let’s dive in.

What are Feed-in Braids Hairstyles?

pretty lady wearing feed-in braids hairstyle

When you hear the term “feed in” what crosses your mind? Adding or inserting something continuously, eh? You aren’t wrong. That’s how it works for this hairstyle.

It involves adding extensions from the ground up when braiding. Your hairstylist starts by braiding your natural hair then adds a tiny size of hair extension and increases the size as they continue braiding. This helps to add more length and volume (or thickness) to the braids while enhancing their beauty.

backhead view of feed-in braids hairstyle

The feed-in technique also prevents your edges from excessive tension. And most braids achieved with this method come as cornrows. They could be all-back or updo. We’ll look at some of them as we proceed. For now, let’s know more about this hairdo.

Are Feed-in Braids Painful to Install?

side view of a lady wearing feed-in braids style

This depends to a large extent on the person braiding your hair.

If your hairstylist applies too much pressure on your scalp or braids too tight, the process will be painful. It can even cause hair loss or breakage too.

side view of a lady wearing feed-in braids hairstyle with beads

But you can do your part by telling your stylist not to pick your edges or braid too tight. And if they eventually do, consult our guide on how to relieve pain from tight braids. It’ll save you from the inconvenience.

How Long do Feed-in Braids Last? 

lady wearing lumpy feed-in braids

These braids can last up to three to four weeks if your hair is relaxed. But if you’re a naturalista, they should serve you for about one or two weeks.

wearing lumpy feed-in braids

This is because when your hair is relaxed, it’ll be stretched and it’ll take a longer time for your natural hair to pop out of the braids. But if you’re rocking your natural hair, especially kinky hair, it wouldn’t take too long before they start popping out of the extension. 

However, this all depends on how you maintain your braids.

What Do I Need to Install Feed-in Braids Styles?

making feed-in braids in the saloon

This coiffure is an attachment hairstyle so you’ll need synthetic hair extensions to achieve it. You can either go for a pre-stretched attachment or the unstretched one. Whichever attachment brand or type you go for, ensure you use a color that suits you.

So, if you don’t want black or brown, try gold, dark green, maroon, silver, blue, etc.

Are Feed-in Braids Versatile?

back view of feed-in braids style

Of course, they are! 

If you’re looking to wear a protective hairstyle, give this coiffure a shot. They come in different sizes, lengths, and colors. They also come in different styles as you’ll soon see.

Gorgeous Feed-in Braids Styles for You

lady wearing feed-in braids at the saloon

If you are looking for an amazing new style that’ll protect your hair for the meantime, try any of these creative and beautiful feed-in braids hairstyles.

1. Ghana Weaving

lady on facemask wearing Ghana braids

This cornrows hairstyle involves feeding in braids to make them longer and fuller. Your hairstylist begins by braiding each row small and soft. Progressively, it becomes much thicker and fuller in the middle as they add hair extensions until it tapers off at the ends.

lady wearing Ghana weaving

If this is the one you wanna go for, we have a guide on Ghana braids. Check it out to find more style inspiration.

2. Stitch Braids

lady wearing stitch braids

This style is different from other feed-in hairstyles. Wondering how? 

Take a look at each cornrow in the picture above and below. Do you see the deliberate spaces and sectioned lines in between the plaits? That’s what makes it stitch!

tattooed lady wearing stitch braids

Stitch braids are super cool even though it takes time to achieve this hairdo. The best part? The spaces from the sectioned lines always add more details to your hair.

3. Beaded Feed-in Braids

lady wearing short beaded feed-in braids style

This one involves using beads to adorn your hair once you’re done. 

lady wearing beaded feed-in braids

Like every accessorized outfit, feed-in hairstyles look more beautiful when you adorn them with beads. 

4. Colorful Feed-in Braids

lady wearing purple feed-in braids

Don’t wanna rock a black coiffure? Use any bright-colored hair extensions to achieve any of the types of feed-in braids styles. 

lady wearing colorful feed-in braids style

You’ll look good regardless.

5. Ponytail Feed-in Cornrows

lady wearing braided ponytail

This style comes in an updo fashion. It’s popularly known as Shuku hairstyles in Nigeria. 

lady wearing shuku hairstyle

If you love this option, you’ll most definitely love the other styles we curated in our guide on braided ponytails.

6. All-Back

lady wearing all-back cornrows

As the name implies, this style goes all the way to the back. Most feed-in cornrows are like this. 

It’s a great option if you want to keep hair off your face and flaunt your forehead too.

7. Side-Swooped Feed-in Cornrows 

lady wearing side-swooped feed-in cornrows 

Don’t wanna take all your braids to the back? Why don’t you swoop them sideways instead?

pretty lady wearing side-swooped feed-in cornrows 

It’s a shift from regular cornrows and will enhance your beauty while adding accents more accents to your look.

8. Long Feed-in Styles

lady wearing long feed-in hairstyle

Would you like the length of your hair to extend beyond your back down to your waist? If so, you’ll love long braids.

back view of lady wearing long feed-in hairstyle

Picture your braids waving around your back as you move. Yeah, that’s just a sneak peek into how gorgeous you’ll look if you go for this style. But you have to be ready to invest in more extensions though.

9. Short or Medium

lady wearing medium feed-in hairstyle

If you’d rather want things moderate or you don’t wanna consume more hair extensions, keep your braids short or at medium length.

tatted lady wearing medium feed-in hairstyle

10. Curly

lady wearing curly feed-in hairstyle

You can also curl the ends of your braids to spice things up. 

Victoria Willie wearing long curly feed-in hairstyle

Whether your braids are long, short, or medium, curling the ends will further beautify your hairdo.

11. Braids with Styled Edges

side view of a lady wearing braids with styled edges

Another way to spice things up is by laying your edges with edge control

top-front view of a lady wearing braids with styled edges

Even when your hair gets rough, the curls around your baby hair will keep your hair looking great always.

12. Feed-in Braids with Designs

lady wearing feed-in braids with designs

Adding more spice to your hair doesn’t stop at curling the tip, laying your edges, or adding beads. You can go a step further by adding lovely heart shapes to your cornrows.

lady wearing feed-in braids with love designs

13. Knotless braids

lady wearing red knotless braids

Did you know knotless box braids also use the feed-in technique? And that’s why they’re among the feed-in braids hairstyles. 

To achieve this style, your hairstylist will first braid a bit of your natural hair before feeding in extensions as they braid on.

lady wearing knotless braids

So if you don’t wanna go for cornrows, opt for knotless box braids. It’s still feeding in.

Wear Feed-in Braids, Care for Your Natural Hair Too

smiling lady wearing gold and brown feed-in braid hairstyle

Don’t forget to moisturize your scalp even while your braids are on. And if you don’t want your hair to get rough fast, sleep with a silk or satin bonnet on or use a silk pillowcase.

lady wearing black and white feed-in braid hairstyle

Above all, don’t wear these braids for so long. If you do, you risk losing your heathy natural hair to breakage and other hair maladies.

lady on the road wearing  feed-in braid hairstyle
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