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Black Women’s Wigs—The Types & Styles Available for You

Black women may not have long, flowing hair like Caucasian and Asian women, but they sure have a hair type versatile enough to be manipulated into any style. If they don’t wear African braids, they’ll either rock their natural hair or any of the trendy black women’s wigs.

And this didn’t start today.

pretty black woman wearing long blond wig

Right from the days of old, black women have always had a thing for wigs. As Dr. Afiya Mbilishaka, a hair historian, noted, our relationships with wigs began in ancient Egypt

Back then, this hair accessory was a status symbol that distinguished the upper class from the lower class. Can we still say that today?

Of course. You’ll see why I say so in this article as we look at black women’s wigs and all their types.

Why do Black Women Love Wigs?

black woman wearing a blond wig

There’s so much flexibility that comes with wearing a wig and black women, both in Africa and in the diaspora, enjoy this.

For instance, if you’re on a low cut, a wig lets you wear hair only when you wish. This way, you wear it when you want it and when you don’t want strands disturbing you, you take it off. Life is that easy.

braided wig on a stand

Furthermore, it also saves the time that would have been spent in the salon. For example, when you’re having a bad hair day, instead of spending hours in the salon, just weave your natural hair into a few cornrows, slip on your wig and get going.

In addition, wigs are also a protective hairstyle for both natural and relaxed hair. For the days you don’t wanna manipulate your hair into any coiffure, they cover it up and save your hair from harmful environmental elements, cold, breakage, or external manipulation.

pink synthetic wig on a mannequin

And the best part of it all? They’re economical. With a wig in your hair collection, you need not worry about paying multiple visits to the salon every month. You can rock them for as long as you want without going beyond the initial investment it cost you.

Types of Black Women’s Wigs

Synthetic Wigs

a smiling lady wearing curly synthetic blond hair

These are wigs made from synthetic fiber. Before the emergence of human hair weaves, most women, including A-list celebrities, wore synthetic weaves. 

But as technology keeps advancing, we’ve seen a huge switch to weaves that resemble real human hair.

Human Hair Wigs

lady wearing black human hair wig

Remember the question I asked in the introduction of this piece if wigs are still a status symbol? Human hair wigs lend credence to my answer.

These wigs aren’t just status symbols. They exude class and elevate both the beauty and appearance of any woman who wears them. One reason for this is that they are an expensive investment. 

So if you can afford one without breaking the bank, you increase your social ranking.

There are many types of human hair weaves used in making these wigs. For instance, bone straight, double drawn, single donor hair, etc. Just go for the one that suits your pocket and make it into any wig style of your choice.

Braided Wigs

braided wig on a mannequin

As the name implies, these types of wigs are made with attachment hair extensions braided into cornrows or box braids. They are mostly custom-made though you can buy a ready-made braided wig from any wig vendor. They also come in different styles, mostly featuring African braids. 

We have a catalog of braided wig styles. If this is the black women’s wig you want, do check it out.

Natural Hair Wigs

smiling black lady wearing natural hair wig

This type of black women’s wig looks like afro-textured kinky hair. They’re a great option if you aren’t a naturalista but would want to wear something kinky. You can also rock them if you are a naturalista. They’re that artificial wig that doesn’t look artificial when a black woman wears them. 

Natural hair wigs also come in different styles such as afro, ponytails, fluffy, kinky,etc. And you can have them as clip-ins to add more volume to your natural hair.

Styles of Black Women’s Wigs

1. Cornrows

black cornrows wig on a mannequin

Like the cornrows you install on your hair, these wigs are great at framing your facial features. 

You can make yours into an updo (shuku hairstyles) or let them go all to the back. You can even add details like heart-shaped designs, zigzags, side partings, beads, curls, fringe, etc., to the cornrows. Your wig will look amazing.

pink cornrows wig on a wig stand

A pro tip is to use the feed-in technique for cornrow wigs. So, hairstyles like Ghana weaving, stitch braids, or other feed-in braids will make great options here.

2. Pixie Cut

Victoria Willie wearing blond pixie cut wig

This hairstyle is generally short on the back and sides of the head and slightly longer around the top. It comes with short bangs that add more deets to its beauty.

pretty lady wearing pixie cut wig

You can have a pixie-cut wig in any color of your choice. 

3. Bob

lady wearing red bob wig

If you don’t like your hair disturbing you all the time and you don’t wanna go for pixie cut, just make the length bob. These wig styles are a show-stopper and they work for any type of black women’s wig whether braided, synthetic, or human.

lady wearing a black bob wig

You can even add a fringe in front to give it the 2010s Nicki Minaj effect.

4. Blunt Cut

lady wearing blond blunt cut wig

A blunt cut wig is one that is straight with equal ends. 

braided blunt cut wig on a mannequin

It has no layers and your wig maintains the same length all around.

5. Curly

pretty black lady wearing curly long wig

If you love to make statements with your hair, then you should invest in a curly wig. This black women’s wig features loose ringlets, corkscrew curls, or tight spirals that bounce.

pretty black lady wearing curly short wig

You can achieve a curly wig with either weaves or braids. And they can be any length of your choice.

6. Sleek

lady wearing brown sleek wig

You want something straight all the way to the back without waves or curls? Go for a sleek wig. 

pretty lady wearing black sleek wig

They’re cute and classy.

7. Wavy

pretty lady wearing long orange wavy wig

Or maybe you want curls that are neither curly nor straight? Wavy wigs are your best bet.

lady wearing long wavy wig

This style features an ‘S’ shape with loose spirals that falls in between straight and curly hair.

8. Box Braids

short box braid wig on a mannequin

Do you love box braids but wouldn’t want to spend hours in the salon? Why don’t you make it into a wig? 

box braid wig on a mannequin

It could be chunky box braids, tiny ones, or even knotless braids in any length of your choice. You can even tweak the braids to make them wavy and create watermelon braided wig instead.

9. Bold-Colored Wigs

Bold-Colored Wigs on a wig stand

The distinct feature of this style is its loud color. Whatever type or style of wig you’re going for, use a bold-colored extension to make them.

lady wearing colorful wig

Loud-colored wigs help you stand out easily. They could be blonde, red, maroon, gren, pink, purple, or even ombre.

10. Wigs with Bangs

lady wearing brown wig with bang

These wigs come with a fringe in front. They’re beautiful and even though they cover your forehead, they still bring attention to it.

lady wearing bblack rown wig with bang

11. Dreadlock Wigs

dreadlocks wigs on a mannequin

You can also make your faux locs into reusable wigs. This will save you from one of the drawbacks of this hairstyle: hair breakage.

black dreadlocks wigs on a mannequin

How to Take Care of Balck Women’s Wigs

How you maintain your wigs plays a huge role in their durability. So, use these tips and ensure yours last long enough to serve you always.

assorted hair wigs on a pink wig stand

When not in use, put it on a wig stand

Don’t just throw your wig around when you aren’t wearing them. Hang them on a wig stand or use any of those stands that can be nailed to the wall.

Doing this keeps your wig in good shape and prevents it from getting frizzy.

Wash Often

You’ll be wearing your wig on your scalp and you know what that means, don’t you? It will eventually get damp from your sweat.

That’s not all. 

Dust flying around can also clog your wig and make it dirty. So, to keep it neat you have to wash your wig. Use a shampoo and conditioner to do this. But be careful while at it lest you should pluck some braids or hair strands.

Don’t Heat-Style Often

While heat-styling your wigs makes them more presentable, don’t do it often lest you should reduce the lifespan of your weave.

So, straighten and curl your human hair wigs less often. But if you’ll be doing it regularly, use your equipment at low heat.

Don’t Over-wear Them

I know it’s your wig. But sometimes, you have to give it a break. If you keep wearing it all the time, soon the threads would start loosening, the braids would look rough, and the hair may pull out.

Revamp When Old

No matter how well you take care of your black women’s wigs they will eventually get old. And when that happens, you don’t have to trash it or give it out.

You can rejuvenate the lives of your old wigs by taking them to your hairstylist for revamping. They’ll wash and moisturize the wig and restyle it into something much better. 

But if you think taking it to your stylist would be expensive, consult our guide on how to revamp your old weaves.

It never gets old.

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