Everything You Need to Know About Bone Straight Hair

About a month ago, a new fad broke out on social media and the hair sphere particularly. This fad didn’t just come with its name alone. It came with jokes which made it trend beyond limits. You guessed right. That fad is the bone straight hair.

I remember seeing a joke on Twitter where a guy said something like, “…as she look me, I bone straight.” That is just one of the numerous jokes and pun this hair received upon trending in Nigeria.

If you’ve heard so much about this hair but keep wondering exactly what it is and why it’s on the lips of many this season, wonder no more. That’s the essence of this article you’re reading.

Therefore, don’t leave this page just yet. Stick around as we show you everything you need to know about bone straight hair.

What is Bone Straight Hair?

long black bone straight hair on a mannequin

This is a type of straight hair that is thin, sleek and scanty. This type of hair is raw and its strands are firm and well knotted from the weft to the bottom.

Furthermore, it is as delectable as it looks. It is that sleek hair for every classy woman who is a lover of good things.

Features of Bone Straight Hair

Lady wearing bone straight hair

If you’re looking for a hair that won’t give you any iota of stress, it’s this hair. If you’re looking for the hair to give you the attention you seek, this is it. If you’re searching for the right hair to make a fashion statement, search no further. Just go for this hair.

This hair is quite similar to natural straight hair because of the straightness they both share. However, there are differences between them and that’s why this article is here to enlighten you about its features. This way, you don’t get confused or call any hair you see bone straight.

1. It Requires Little or No Styling

Unlike natural straight hair, this hair requires very little or no styling and this makes it a stress-free hair. That is, you spend less time brushing and combing. Furthermore, it doesn’t tangle at all because the strands are free and firm. However, this feature has some disadvantages. You can’t switch up looks whenever you like with this type of hair. That only works with natural straight hair.

2. It Cannot be Curled

You already read that in point one above. Perhaps, one day, you could get bored of the straightness of this hair and feel like adding some curls to it. That’s pretty nice, but just so you know, curls don’t work on this type of hair. It won’t even hold the curls at all. So, just damn the thought of curling it.

If you want a hair you can always curl anytime you feel like switching up looks, go for natural straight hair. It’s perfect for curls and can even give you a deep wave.

3. It is Very Flat

When you see this type of hair, how else do you recognise it apart from the fact that it’s straight?

Well, this hair is usually very flat and silky. It is scantier than natural straight hair and doesn’t appear full compared to its natural counterpart.

4. Doesn’t Need Colouring

It isn’t advisable to colour bone straight hair. However, if you feel like you need to change its colour, note that it cannot be tinted to a bright blonde colour.

Types of Bone Straight Hair

Lady wearing black bone straight hair with sunglasses

The types of this hair are:

  1. Single Drawn: This one contains multiple lengths of hair mixed into the extensions. Thus, it results in hair that appears very thick at the top, tapers down at the middle while the ends are thin. In addition, it is cheaper than the remaining types of bone straight hair.
  2. Double Drawn: This hair usually has the same length. That is, it is thick and full at the top middle and bottom. Furthermore, it is more expensive than the single drawn type.
  3. Super Double Drawn: This is the thickest hair. It contains approximately 85-90% amount of hair strands that are of the same length. When you wear a double drawn type of hair, it gives you an illusion of your natural hair because of its density. This hair is the luxury bone straight hair and it is nicer than the remaining types. This makes it the most expensive.
Tarsha Hairs 30 inches 300 gram bone straight hair
Tarsha Hairs
30 inches
300 gram
Price: N220,000

Moreover, the inches/lengths of single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn range from 10 to 30” while their grams range from 200 grams to 300 grams.

How to Take Care of Your Bone Straight Hair

bone straight hair weaves

To take care of this hair isn’t difficult because it is very easy to maintain. This is because the hair is a stress-free one owing to the features listed above. However, remember not to curl the hair or switch up styles. Those aren’t suitable for this type of hair.

Prices of Bone Straight Hair in Nigeria

bone straight hair on a doll

The prices of this type of hair in Nigeria range from N60,000 to N300,000 and above, depending on the type, length and gram you want.

In conclusion, bone straight hair isn’t just another hair to rock. It’s an investment on its own; an investment capable of elevating your outfit and reputation. However, if you choose not to rock this type of hair due to reasons best known to you, go for any other human hair. Just be sure to maintain it well by following the tips on how to take care of human hair weaves and you are good to go.


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