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Lagos Fashion Week 2022: Notable Runway and Street Style Moments We Can’t Forget

“I feel so out of place,” the photographer beside me thought aloud and I chuckled. He was dressed in a dark blue tee combined with a pair of carton brown chinos pants and black sneakers. I understood him. It was Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2022, that time of the year to get expressive with your style.

He wore a weary smile and I smiled back at him. Not everyone there looked edgy. Besides, some of his co-photographers were also looking unadorned for the occasion. Not just them. Other attendees too. He gave a hearty laugh as he realized my observation. 

Then I reminded him we all had different styles to which he agreed. Soon, the gloomy-faced photographer began bubbling with enthusiasm as we analyzed some of the street-style looks that made LFW22 a memorable one.

As you may already know, fashion shows are a reminder there’s so much beauty in diversity and Lagos Fashion Week has been living true to that premise. This year, we saw Africa, shaping fashion’s future as the theme assured. And as typical of any fashion event, it was one of color, style, class, and pomp.

If you missed the show and need to satisfy your style buds with different looks from the event, there’s good news. 

We curated the best runway and street style looks from Lagos Fashion Week 2022. Feel free to start scrolling and be sure to save any photo that inspires you.

Victoria at the Lagos Fashion Week 2022

Heineken Lagos Fashion Week: Reliving the Goal Every Year

Lagos fashion week 2022 has come and gone but its imprint still lingers. Besides being one of the leading fashion events in Africa, the platform is one avenue for fashion and beauty creatives to collaborate and witness first-hand trends and innovations in the industry.

Exclusively produced by Style House Files, Lagos Fashion Week 2022 is sponsored by Heineken with support partners such as Lush Hair, TECNO, Bestseller Foundation, Sunlight Nigeria, Austrian Lace, MAC, and Lagos State. 

The LFW 2022 activity-filled calendar began with the Press Cocktail held at Art Hotel. It heralded the start of a series of activities which included XRetail in partnership with Zinkata, workshops for women-owned businesses with Sunlight Nigeria, Lagos Fashion Week Swap Shop, Folklore Connect, Fashion Business Series with Crossboundary, runway shows (onsite and offsite), presentations, and after parties.

The organizers as usual, also facilitated industry-driven discussions as we saw a diverse panel of experts discuss financing the African fashion industry during the FBS with Crossboundary.

experts discuss financing the African fashion industry during the FBS with Crossboundary

That wasn’t all. As you’ll soon see, the well-anticipated runway moments went down as a stupendous one. But first, let’s check out…

The Best Street Style From LFW 22 Spring 2023 Shows 

From alté style to cross-dressing, androgynous clothing, edgy looks, etc., fashion enthusiasts once again proved that gender-defining fashion was slowly becoming extinct.

Vibrant colors illuminated the vicinity with edgy silhouettes and well-constructed pieces that lent credence to the art in fashion. As Vogue described it, Lagos street-stylers put their best foot forward, mostly clad In Bottega boots and chunky platforms as those were the footwear of the day.

Guests brought the drama to the show, making statements with their bold-colored monochromatic looks, deconstructed pieces, statement coiffures, and details such as ruffles, fur, layered textures, etc. 

Feast your eyes on some of the best street style outfits from LFW 2022.

If we wanted to show all the looks that made the best street style during Lagos Fashion Week 2022, there’d be no space left for the runway looks. 

So, let’s give it a break and proceed to the runway moments.

Unforgettable Runway Moments at LFW22

Not only did renowned designers showcase their designs. Fresh talents such as Ajobi, Gëto, Orire, BABAYO, Pepperrow, and others, also graced the runway. In addition, LFW’s Green Access finalists Adaora Soludo, Themba Paulos Shezi, Nneji Akunne, Lu Adesola, Kwaku Kyere, Akoth Otieno, Peter Oshobor, Peter Acha, Essrhir Scheherazade, and Sipho Lushaba took to the runway after months of intensive workshops on industry practices.

Let’s look at some of the designs that made Lagos Fashion Week 2022 a breathtaking one:


Kadiju's collection

Kadiju opened the Lagos Fashion Week 2022 runway shows with a splendid collection that portrayed the evolution of the brand since its inception while staying true to its ethos.

a model strutting the catwalk in a Kadiju's piece

The collection features soft hues on modern silhouettes and textured fabric.


As the model began strutting on the catwalk, what greeted our ears was the sound of sweet, nostalgic music. This was in line with the collection’s goal which is to pay homage to the designer’s mother.

Munkus’s SS23 collection incorporates bold colors, striking prints, and edgy pieces that can serve any chic woman’s wardrobe.

Désirée Iyama

Désirée Iyama’s SS23 collection, titled Why Not Now, encapsulates pastel colours, accentuating silhouettes, and stunning necklines. 

The collection depicts the brand’s essence of love, joy, and femininity.


The collection featured clear-cut prints and vibrant colors such as yellow, green, white, etc. Each model looked terrific, donning the pieces with complementary statement accessories like sunglasses, hats, dangling earrings, and others. 

In addition, some looks were a mix of contrasting patterns with bow deets in front.


Ezokhetho’s SS23 collection was a display of artistic pieces with details such as ruffles, mixed prints, exaggerated sleeves, mini skirts, bold prints, and attractive colors.

We saw the models strut in standout accessories such as headwear, chunky heels, sunglasses, jewelry, etc. The collection was indeed an aesthetic one to behold.


Geto brought the urban vibe to the runway and to complement the designs, upbeat music blared through the speakers. The brand’s runway debut, titled IBERU, featured a combination of luxury and contemporary aesthetics. It examines typical fears and converts them into designs.

The fears explored in this collection include Tropophobia (as seen in the clusters of fabric gathered in the intricate drapings), Aquaphobia (as seen in the fluidity of the silks used), and Technophobia (seen in the graphically coded print designs used throughout the collection).

The collection incorporates pieces such as spaghetti straps, mesh fabrics,   exaggerated tote bags, flared pants, large kimonos, miniskirts, cargo pants, sun visors, etc.

They’re essential wardrobe staples suitable for parties, beach hangouts, or any contemporary event.

Duaba Serwa

The first model to appear on the runway was clad in a white flowing dress with exaggerated sleeves. 

The collection features crisp tailoring, expert construction techniques, handcrafted items, tie-dye, and batik expertly folded and pressed into the brand’s trademark triangular origami pleat. Each piece proved the Duaba Serwa woman is one of class, steel, and power. 


Cute-Saint’s SS23 collection tagged Omo Eko mixes its trademark textile design with vibrant colors and contemporary runway designs.

The collection pays homage to Lagos’s fading Eyo history and serves as a nostalgic reminder of its beauty.

Jermaine Bleu 

Jermaine Bleu’s SS23 collection tagged Harmony emphasizes a rich palette of color shades such as crimson, orange, pink, and brown that complement the structures and cuts of each piece.

The collection features comfy wardrobe staples you can wear to make a style statement without feeling too shouty. They include suits, blazers, slip dresses, two-pieces, etc. The accessories complemented quite alright and gave each piece the edge it deserved. 

Abiola Olusola 

Abiola Olusola didn’t just serve us clothes. The brand brought accessories to the catwalk too as the models rocked palm sandals, beaded necklaces, and crocheted bags with African textiles such as Adire and Aso-oke

Each model came strutting in a pair of flats.


The collection features relaxed yet edgy pieces which were a blend of Afrocentric and Western textiles. Bold prints and striking colors were also prevalent and they created a daring feminine aesthetic against the loose, flowy silhouettes of the pieces.

Rick Dusi 

With Beyonce’s Cozy blaring from the speakers, models sashayed down the runway in structured designs in bright metallic fabrics and tartan prints. 

Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate, Allysyn, also walked for Rick Dusi alongside Mavin’s Magixx.

Rick Dusi’s SS23 collection is the go-to item for go-getters who love to command respect with their looks. It stays true to the brand’s ethos of sartorial elegance.

Tia Adeola 

First, she swaggered in, then she positioned her hands like she was about to fly and the next we saw were mindblowing ballet moves. And in a few, the models started striding. 

Tia Adesola’s collection was birthed from her love and hope for her country, Nigeria. It encapsulates a strong color palette of green, white, and black with feather trimmings, see-through fabrics, and urban designs, featuring sleek dinner dresses, sheer dresses, bikini, two-pieces, ruffles, sequin, layered tulle pieces, etc. 

Simone and Elise

Simone and Elise’s Lagos Fashion Week 22 debut runway show flaunted a surreal array of flowing silhouettes in a beautiful blend of lucid floral and bold neon colors.


FIA’s SS23 collection, tagged SHE ROES, embodies the brand’s character, with meticulous details. The collection features contemporary designs with exaggerated shoulders and sleeves, fringe hemlines, and the brand’s signature patchwork details.

Furthermore, the pieces showcased a fusion of grey, orchid, coral, and black colors which signify strength and solidarity.

The collection celebrates women as all the models wore a pink bow on their wrists in honor of breast cancer awareness. 

Kiko Romeo 

Kiko Romeo’s SS23 was designed by Iona McCreath and styled by Jumah Jatteh.

It features hand-dyed regenerated orange peel and rose fabrics as well as the Ille Cloth, invented and commissioned by Kiko Romeo. 

Meta Kay

Meta Kay’s three designs were a mixture of colors, polka dot, loose flowy dress, and cohesive color matching.

Heru Shizi

Heru Shezi’s collection featured pieces made from up-cycled materials and dead stock fabrics with gemstones and tie-dyed prints. 

It detailed intricate cuts and expert garment construction on each piece with beaded bags.

Lulla Studio

Lulla Studio showcased a three-piece collection titled (LUL)LESSNESS. 

The collection is made with a deep reverence for the Yoruba culture, featuring striking silhouettes and vibrant colors.

Pettre Taylor

The brand showcased a three-piece collection made from fabric waste. detailed vibrant colors and prints, cut-outs, and intricately-woven designs that complement the structures and cuts of each piece.


Aorah’s three-piece collection is titled It Designs Itself. In Igbo it’s translated as Ogbanaonwe a.

As seen on the Lagos Fashion Week 2022 runway, the collection comprises pieces with deets such as loose-flowing, frayed hems, drop waist details, unique cutouts, among others.

The collection uses the Akwete fabric to create an exquisite womenswear collection brought to life with bright orange and pink colors. It’s a tribute to all the women who worked tirelesly to hand-weave the pieces in the Akwete community of Abia State.

SVL Design

SVL Design came with deconstructed pieces in rich red, purple, and blue colors.

It also featured statement accessories that included a bucket serving as a handbag, a basin with a teddy bear serving as a hat, and a matted woven zipped tote bags (aka Ghana-must-go bag).

The collection encapsulates repurposed jeans and headstock fabrics, offering contemporary feminine silhouettes, dramatic accents, and unexpected twists in the cuts.


Oshobor’s LFW22 debut, tagged Na man you be!, addressed the topic of toxic masculinity in Nigeria and praised men and women who serve as endearing father figures in society.

The collection featured symbolic pieces such as the Oja used by Yoruba mothers and the Isi Agu associated with Igbo chiefs. The striking designs were created with the brand’s signature medium, waste wool, in exquisite colors of white, red, and brown.

House of Akachi 

With Fela’s Water no get enemy blaring, one could tell the designer took inspiration from the sea as the three pieces featured feminine silhouettes in a stunning navy hue.

The collection was a discourse between water, architecture, global climate change, and fashion. Each piece was made from locally-sourced vintage textiles and dead stock.

Sahrzad Design

Sahrzad Design’s debut Lagos Fashion Week 2022 runway show was a contemporary spin on traditional handcrafted Moroccan design. 

The collection included hand-stitched embroidery and embellishments in blue, white, and orange.

Olisa Kenya

Olisa Kenya’s collection portrayed crochet wears in distinctive form-fitting shapes with complementary accessories such as bold lipstick and glittery beaded mini bags.


Fruche made an amazing comeback at Lagos Fashion Week 2022 with a lovely palette of warm pastel colors, cutouts, and ultra-feminine designs.

The collection also featured live spray-paint artistry by Dricky in a touching tribute to the designer’s late father

Austrian Lace 

Austrian Lace stole the show with the glittery lace pieces that graced the runway amid the live performance of skilled violinists.

From suits with hats to pieces with standout collars, gloves, statement sleeves, flowing attachments, fringes, etc., it was indeed a lacy exhibition. 


The brand showcased streetwear pieces featuring bomber jackets, graphic denim, mini skirts, tees, cropped jackets, T-shirt dresses, jackets, etc.

It became a mushy moment when her mom and dad walked down the runway, holding a bouquet of flowers.


Babayo showcased a fusion of western and Afrocentric pieces with Hausa-Fulani textile details.

Everything exuded Northern Nigeria vibes, from the makeup to the hairdo and even the jewel.



JZO menswear collection is themed Pan·​the·​on: the gods of a people. It featured pieces in bright colors and billowy materials with a twist on traditional masculine shapes.

Pepper Row

Pepper Row’s SS23 collection was a visual expression of the creative director’s artistic nature.

The brand presented an array of beautiful looks in pastel pinks, solid browns, and tie-dyed motifs. One peculiar thing about the accessories was that the models wore only one statement earring.

The collection is filled with chic statement pieces that don’t scream for attention but earn it.

Lush Hair 

As expected, the hair brand brought color and drama to the runway with the gorgeous statement coifure each model wore while rocking pink-colored pieces reflective of the brand color.

It was a sensational show with Denrele bringing his theatrics to the runway while rocking a statement hairdo. He added pomp, flair, and drama to the runway getting the audience screaming in excitement.


Bloke’s SS23 collection is themed A Polaroid Named Camouflage.

It features contemporary pieces that make the classic wardrobe. They include dresses, tees, two-pieces, etc., with details such as the brand name imprinted on the fabrics, cutouts, and rings.


The collection comprises feminine dresses and coordinated sets with details such as ruffles, statement sleeves, gathered hems and sleeves, smocking patterns, etc.

Every designer who showcased on the runway understood the theme of LFW2022 and doled out pieces that expressed it. They depicted fashion as what it truly is—a wearable art that embodies creativity and style.

Other A-list African designers who had a spectacular runway show during Lagos Fashion Week 2022 include Cynthis Abila, Ugo Monye, Gozel Green, Maxhosa, Awa Meitre, Elie Kuame, Emmy Kasbit, among others.

To see more looks that graced the LFW22 runway show, visit the official website of Heineken Lagos Fashion Week and sate your eyes.

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