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10 Beach Outfits for Women & How to Look Good in Them

If you’ve been thinking the beach is just a place to relax and have fun with friends, sorry to burst your bubble. The beach is beyond that. It’s also a great place to showcase your fashion style while donning beach outfits for women.

lady wearing a beach wear at a party

Whether these outfits are fully-covered or revealing, they have one goal: to make you comfortable at the beach while expressing your style.

lady with hat wearing beach outfit at the beach

So if you have a beach getaway with your girls or lover coming up and you need to turn up looking hot, you’ll find the best beach inspirations in this post. Don’t worry if you hitherto didn’t know what to wear. You’ll have enough options as you keep reading.

So, shall we?

Stylish Outfits for Women Who Want to Slay at the Beach

lady wearing beach outfit with hat and sunglasses at the beach

1. Swimsuits

lady wearing a monokini with matching bag

If you’re comfortable showing much skin and flaunting your body, a swimsuit is a superb wardrobe staple for the beach. You can go for a dark-colored, bright-colored, or one with multiple prints.

lady wearing black bikini in the water

This could be a two-piece swimsuit (bikini), a tankini, or a one-piece bathing suit (monokini). They bring a flirty vibe to the beach. And while a bikini flaunts your midriff and your thighs, a tankini or one-piece suit is more conservative,

Go for anyone you’re comfortable wearing and be sure to apply sunscreen so you don’t get too tanned and experience sunburn.

2. White Shirt

lady wearing white shirt over white bikini

A classic white shirt never goes out of style. Not only does it come in handy when it’s time to pull off formal office wear or business casual looks. You also need one when you wanna spend time at the beach.

lady wearing white shirt and bum shorts at the beach

You can wear a white shirt atop your tankini or bikini or just wear a pair of bum shorts underneath. You’ll look stylish regardless.

For more details on how to rock a white shirt, go through our style guide that shows you how to do that effortlessly.

3. Sheer Clothes

lady wearing sheer dress over bikini

You can also wear a sheer or mesh dress/bottoms atop your swimsuit or shorts. It’s akin to giving sneak peeks of your hot body without going all bare.

lady wearing sheer pants over beach outfit

4. Short Dresses

Don a solid-colored or tropical print short dress. Fr more comfort, ensure it’s a flared one so you can move freely while at the beach.

lady wearing short white dress at the seaside

Avoid dark-colored ones and fabrics such as silk and polyester as they trap heat and stick to your body. Instead, go for lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen.

lady wearing short flowery dress

Short dresses are versatile beach outfits for women. You can wear them right from the house to the beach without going to change in the bathroom. You can also use them to cover up your swimsuit. 

5. Maxi Dresses

lady wearing white maxi dress at the beach

Need something long, loose, and free-flowing that’ll cover up your body and offer you comfort? A maxi dress is your best bet. The tips we shared concerning a short dress also work here.

lady wearing maxi dress at the beach

And to show a bit of skin while rocking your long dress, go for a sleeveless or off-shoulder neckline or one with a slit around the thighs. Just like a short dress, you can also use your maxi dress to layer your swimsuit.

6. Knitwear Beach Outfits for Women

lady wearing knitted dress at the beach

Crocheted outfits are in vogue. And if you wanna pull off this trend, beachwear is an excellent way to start.

They usually come in different types. For instance, you can rock a knitted bikini, two-piece, or a crocheted cover-up piece for layering your swimsuits.

lady wearing white knitted top and pants

This is an alluring option you should consider. The holes from the crochet gives sneak peeks of your body. It becomes hotter when your crocheted beach outfit is skimpy.

7. Kimono 

lady wearing beach outfit with matching kimono

Wanna spice up your miniskirt/shorts and tank top outfit? Layer with a kimono. Some even come as part of a two-piece or three-piece swimsuit.

lady wearing black swimsuit with green kimono

It’s an excellent option for layering and adding more style to your outfit. The best part? It helps you cover up when you don’t wanna flaunt so much skin.

8. Miniskirts/Shorts and Tank Top

lady wearing white bra top with short skirt

Can’t afford to bare your buttocks with a bikini but wanna wear something that shows your midriff or thighs at the same time? Go for a mini skirt or a pair of bum shorts with a tank/crop top.

lady wearing a white tank top with denim bum shorts

Thankfully, we have guides that show you how to rock a mini skirt and a pair of bum shorts. If this is your chosen option, check either of them out right away.

9. Rompers

lady wearing green romper at the waterside

Playsuits are also one of the beach outfits for women you should consider. They exude comfort, relaxation, and elevate your sex appeal.

lady wearing romper

They’re a great option if you don’t plan to play with water. You can wear them right from the house wthout changing up when you arrive at the beach.

10. Flared Pants/MaxiSkirts and Crop Top

lady wearing white tank top on maxi skirt

If you wanna enjoy the looseness of a maxi dress without wearing one, opt for flared skirts or pants and pair either of them with a crop or tank top. 

lady wearing a matching top and flared pants

Do this and you’ll love your outfit.

11. Co-ords

lady wearing matching crochet bra top and pants

Coordinated sets make dressing up easier. They come as matching tops and bottoms in different styles. That is, both the trousers, shorts, or skirt and the top or jacket are made with the same color of fabric or print.

lady wearing matching top and maxi skirt

You can wear them as an ensemble or rock either the top or bottom with another piece. Your options are limitless.

Your Beach Outfits for Women aren’t Complete Without Accessories

lady wearing bikini with matching kimono and headpiece

Yes! You heard that right. Your beach outfits won’t make total sense if you don’t accessorize.

So, don’t go sunbathing, swimming, or chilling at the beach without a hat or a pair of sunglasses. 

lady wearing white dress and straw hat at the beach

Furthermore, the best shoes for the beach are flats such as slippers, flip-flops, sandals, crocs, pool sliders, palm slippers, etc. 

lady wearing beach outfit with a bag

And If you’re gonna wear jewelry, ensure they aren’t chunky lest they should affect your comfort and movement.

Finally, it’s not everything you should wear to the beach. For instance, a pair of tight jeans or heels would not only be inappropriate. 

You’ll also feel uncomfortable in them and won’t be able to enjoy yourself as you intended.

And that’s not all. We included the rest in our guide on what to wear to the beach. Feel free to check it out before your next beach hangout.

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