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43 Crochet Outfits Ideas That Will Make You Change Your Wardrobe

If you’ve never come across crochet fashion in this age, you need to check well. Perhaps, we left you behind in the days of Adam and Eve. This is because this method of garment construction has been existing since the 16th century. And there are many modern crochet outfits ideas today ranging from underwear to tops and bottoms.

Is there some upcoming event you have in mind? Would you like to make an unforgettable first impression in the minds of other guests?

Of course, you would!

That’s what most fashion enthusiasts like, right? To wear statement pieces that announce their presence.

If this is you, then we must confess. You are the reason we birthed this post.

And we assure you. These crotchet outfits ideas will arouse your style appetite. So, keep your money ready because you’ll be tempted to change your wardrobe after reading this article.

But first, let’s learn some things about crocheting.

What is Crochet?

4 ladies wearing different color crotchet outfits

This is a needlework made by looping thread with a hooked needle. It involves creating different stitches with different numbers of loops on the hook. Just as there are crochet hairstyles, there are also crochet outfits.

Once you know how to stitch, you’ll find it easy to crochet garments. You just need to get some yarn and a few needles. Then put the thread into holes in certain parts to create the different shapes and designs. Once you’re done, everyone will appreciate and admire your work.

Crocheting Versus Knitting

Crotcheting versus knitting

Although crocheting and knitting are similar, they aren’t the same. While both use yarn to make outfits, knitting uses two knitting needles while crotcheting uses one crochet hook.

Furthermore, another difference is that the stitches for knitting are loops while those of crocheting look like small knots.

And while crocheting comes in handy when you need bulkier stitches, knitting is suitable for items that need delicate stitches. For instance hats, scarves,etc., for crocheting and soft sweaters for knitting.

Crotchet Outfits Ideas

4 ladies in colorful crotchet outfits

Nowadays, Nigerians aren’t lagging behind in the crochet craft. All about social media are crochet designers doling out masterpieces that would make your style buds salivate. Some of them include Elexiay, Edwin Okolo, Ore Akinde, Lola Faleti, Jojolette etc.

lady wearing crotchet cap and sweater

Every one of their creations is proof that crocheting has gone beyond being a pastime, as it was back in the day, to a career as a whole.

The beautiful thing about the crochet outfits ideas is the fact that they can be achieved in different patterns and shapes. And you can combine with any colour of your choice to suit different seasons.

Types of Crochet Outfits Ideas

1. Two-piece

smiling lady wearing yellow crotchet two piece

A skirt/ trousers and top crochet outfit is a successful attempt to grab attention. And the beautiful part is you can always rock the pair with any other top or bottom.

white lady wearing pink crotchet top and midi skirt

They’ll always look good.

lady wearing yellow crotchet top and skirt with a wide brimmed hat

2. Crochet Bottoms

lady wearing multi-colored crotchet trouser

Skirts, trousers or sweatpants made with the crochet technique are perfect for casual wears. You can always pair with tees, shirts or even crop tops.

lady wearing white crotchet long skirt
lady wearing a crotchet skirt

3. Crochet Tops/Cardigan

couple wearing matching crotchet sweaters

Looking for something to pair with your skirts, jeans, palazzos, bum shorts and other trousers? Try crochet tops and sweaters. They mostly come with standout details that accentuate your torso and frame your feminine features.

lady wearing a black crotchet top
lady wearing light blue crotchet top

4. Crochet Dresses

lady wearing white crotchet gown with hat

If you want something you can easily slip on and get going without bothering about any top or bottom, this should be your choice.

lady wearing long brown crotchet dress

Crochet outfits ideas for dresses can be of any length. If you want it maxi or skimpy, you can have it. And they do a good job in flaunting your curves.

lady rocking crotchet midi gown

5. Crochet Lingerie

lady wearing yellow crotchet bikini

How about you spice up what you wear underneath with these crochet outfits ideas? You know, you’ve been wearing cotton and lace underwear for a while now. Don’t you think it’s about time you wore some crochet lingerie?

lady wearing purple crotchet top and shorts
lady wearing blue crotchet lingerie

6. Crochet Jumpsuits

beautiful white lady wearing multi-colored crotchet jumpsuit

Jumpsuits and rompers aren’t left out when it comes to crocheting. You can give yours a halter feature to show off your back too.

African lady wearing handmade crotchet playsuit
lady wearing milky crotchet jumpsuit

7. Crochet Accessories

different colors of crotchet hats

These include hats, bags, shoes, earrings and every other fashion accessory achieved through the crocheting technique.

pink and white crotchet canvas
gold crotchet bag

The above crochet outfits ideas are très chic. And if your climate is cold, you can wear them to suit the weather. Once you don any of them, you’ll not only be perceived as a stylish lady but one who moves along with time. However, all you need is a dose of confidence to ensure you successfully pull it off.

Notwithstanding, which of these crochet fashion do you love the most? Drop a comment and let us know.

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