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5 Helpful Hair Care Tips for Harmattan Season

It’s that season of the year when dry weather and cold become a fad. This not only affects your skin but also your hair. And if you don’t use the hair care tips for harmattan season, you just may put your hair in danger.

If you’re like most people, you probably just concentrate on your skin and forget about your hair. Well, this is good but when your hair begins to feel parched and cause you pains when you comb, don’t complain. Just accept that it’s totally your fault for neglecting your hair in the first place.

However, since we’re nice, we don’t want that to be your lot. That’s why we’ve brought to you the hair care tips for harmattan season. Use them to have a healthy hair during harmattan. You’ll have us to thank later.

Hair Care Tips for Harmattan Season

To take care of your hair during harmattan season, you have to dedicate a conscious effort to the following:

1. Moisturise Regularly

During this season, everywhere usually feels dry. And if you don’t moisturise your hair with natural oils or hair cream, your hair would get so dry. You may not feel it until it’s time to comb your hair especially if you’re a naturalista.

You can moisturise with a leave-in conditioner or any product that contains water. Then use a sealant to lock in moisture

Furthermore, you can as well massage your scalp with oil. This will make sure the product penetrates your scalp so it stays well moisturised.

2.  Avoid Heat Styling Equipment

Now isn’t the time to style your hair with heat equipment. Regular usage of this equipment in normal weather conditions dry out your hair. Imagine doing it often during harmattan. Your hair will simply get dry and eventually break.

Therefore, you should avoid using any heat equipment on your hair this season.

3. Deep Condition Your Hair Regularly

You should as well deep condition your hair this period. It is one of the hair care tips for harmattan season. You can use hair mayonnaise, coconut milk or aloe vera juice to deep condition. Even if it’s once a week, it’ll ensure your hair stays healthy always.

4. Wear Protective Hairstyles

The good thing about protective hairstyles is that while they protect your hair from certain environmental elements such as cold or heat, they as well spur its growth.

Hence, this is one tip you shouldn’t joke with. As the harmattan breeze blows, wear any of the many protective hairstyles. They’ll enhance your beauty and protect your hair.

5. Cover Your Hair Often

If you aren’t wearing a protective hairdo, use a headwear to cover your hair. You may choose to wear a satin hair bonnet at night or a headwrap during the day. They’ll help to retain moisture and protect your hair from the unfriendly harmattan weather.

You have no excuse to neglect your hair this season because we’ve just shown you the best hair care tips for harmattan season. Use them now and any other time when the dry and dusty cold-hot harmattan wind blows.


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